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17 01, 2017

3 Advanced Buy Box Strategies for Amazon Sellers

It’s no secret landing a Buy Box can be a shortcut to more sales. And more sales generally means more exposure, which, in turn, tends to lead to more sales. But do you know the most efficient and advanced strategies of getting that Buy Box? Or even how to build the sort of foundation that will open up that path? RepricerExpress does, and we’re sharing these three advanced Buy Box strategies with you. Put Out or Get Out Unless you’re that 0.01% selling a super-niche or rare item, then the Buy Box is a must. It accounts for about 80% of all Amazon sales (higher for mobile), which means if you don’t have it, you’re battling some really tough odds to land a sale. And if that percentage is any sort of indication, it’s a trend that shows Buy Boxes will be/are the way of the future. #1. Be Meticulous on Your Shipping and Handling Times Remember when Amazon Prime was first introduced and buyers could receive items in just a couple of days? And they didn’t have to pay extra for it, just a

13 01, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. 9 reasons why you should add wholesale to your Amazon FBA business: Stephen Smotherman at Full-Time FBA looks at nine reasons you should consider adding wholesale to your FBA business. Whether you choose to do private labelling, retail arbitrage or wholesale is entirely down to a seller's personal choice. This articles focuses on sourcing from wholesale suppliers. One of the key reasons sellers choose wholesale is profit potential—you can find items with great return on investment (ROI) for resale on Amazon because you buy them at a low wholesale price. Continue reading... Amazon just got slapped with a $1 million fine for misleading pricing: Jason Del Rey at Recode reports that Amazon Canada has been hit with a hefty $1 million fine by a Canadian enforcement agency for what could be construed as misleading pricing practices. The investigation centred on the practice of Amazon displaying its prices compared to higher “list prices” — suggested manufacturer prices (MSRPs) designed as marketing gimmicks to make people think they are getting a deal, even though

12 01, 2017

How to Weather the January Ecommerce Sales Tax Perfect Storm

Guest blog post by Mark Faggiano from Taxjar At TaxJar, we call January the “Sales Tax Perfect Storm” because nearly every ecommerce business with transactions in the United States will have a sales tax deadline in January whether they file state sales tax returns every month, every quarter, or annually. If you’re not terribly familiar with US state sales tax regulations, we’ve created a list of four easy steps to get ready for the big storm. Let’s dig in: #1. Find your sales tax filing due dates This list shows when January sales tax is due in each US state. #2. Report your owed sales tax for each state where you have a sales tax nexus Sales tax nexus is roughly defined as having a “significant presence” in a state. If you have sales tax nexus you will be required to file returns in that state. If you’re based in the US, you will have always have nexus in your home state, but you can also have nexus in other states due to business activities like employing remote workers in a state, selling at craft

11 01, 2017

Amazon FBA Seller Diary: 6 Lessons Learned From Selling on Amazon This Holiday Season

2016 was my second holiday season selling on Amazon. It was hectic and stressful, but at the same time effective and very educational. In today's blog, l will be sharing my experiences and lessons learned. If you're an experienced Amazon seller, some observations may seem obvious or just common sense, but they may be worth reading anyway. The holiday season is the busiest time of year for most retailers including Amazon. Everyone is buying something for someone. Manufacturers build their release schedules around the season. Whole industries exist solely to produce items and sell them to people over the holidays. In short, it can be a little bit hectic! via GIPHY 1. Preparation is Key The key to successful business during the hectic holiday season is preparation. You need to have everything ready before customers even start thinking of buying for Christmas. What are you going to sell? If you want to leap right in and sell this year’s new big thing, you need to know what it is and where to get it. Blogs and wholesaler catalogues are your friends here, but good reliable

10 01, 2017

Amazon Seller Jeff Roth talks Automated Pricing and FBA

This week we spoke to FBA seller, Jeff Roth, from Scan on the Side about repricing, FBA and managing negative feedback. Check out the interview below which is well worth a read for new and experienced sellers alike. All about Repricing How did you decide to choose repricing software? We decided to try out three popular repricers without any prior knowledge or experience with any of them. After testing out all three, RepricerExpress was a clear winner in terms of ease of use, customer service and workability. We knew nothing about any of the platforms which made our choice solely based on our experience. Related reading: Which to choose—RepricerExpress or Appeagle? How has RepricerExpress helped you? Being able to compete with other sellers in terms of the Buy Box is something that all serious Amazon sellers need to do to get sales. Manually pricing is too time consuming and ineffective for most sellers and the RepricerExpress software allows various settings depending on the listing, which was very helpful for us. Was it easy to set up? The set-up process was amazingly simple to get integrated with

9 01, 2017

10 Expert Ecommerce Predictions for 2017

This week, our friend Andy Geldman at WebRetailer shared 50+ predictions from industry experts for ecommerce in 2017. We've compiled a list on our top ten predictions for the year ahead, check them out below. 1. A big leap forward "In 2017 we will see a big leap forward. Technologies such as machine learning will do the heavy lifting, and empower “one-click” solutions to complex problems. Everything is getting easier. We are surrounded by ever-evolving new technology, and a constant need to learn new tools and systems." Victor Levitin, CEO, 2. Being the cheapest might not be enough! "Price will remain of paramount importance to online sellers, but buyers will increasingly view price in the context of seller metrics and performance. A cheap price without social proof of a trusted brand will do little for online sales. Shrewd sellers will adjust their prices by considering competitors’ seller performance, stock levels and ability to ship quickly." Seamus Breslin, Marketing Manager, RepricerExpress 3. Advertising costs will rise "The landscape has changed for Amazon sellers, especially the ones who relied on incentivized reviews. People selling “me too”

6 01, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon tops two billion products delivered via FBA in 2016: Fareeha Ali at Internet Retailer reports that sellers using Fulfilment by Amazon services grew more than 70% year over year. Amazon hooked more sellers on its fulfilment services last year, in part because of Amazon Prime’s popularity and shipping advantages, such as lower rates and faster delivery times. The company also announced this week that more than two billion items from marketplace sellers were shipped through FBA in 2016, double the volume in 2015. Continue reading... Amazon now has 45,000 robots in its warehouses: Sam Shead at Business Insider UK reports that according to a report in The Seattle Times, Amazon has increased its army of robots to 45,000 across 20 fulfilment centres. That's reportedly an increase of 50% on the same time the year before, when the company said it had 30,000 robots working alongside 230,000 people. Amazon bought a robotics company called Kiva Systems in 2012 for $775 million (£632 million). Continue reading... 50+ Predictions for Ecommerce in 2017: Andy

3 01, 2017

Seller Tips for Dealing with Amazon FBA Holiday Returns

None of us are mind readers and it’s an inevitability that some gift receivers just won’t be happy with what’s under their tree. A couple of generations ago, it would have been unthinkable to do anything but smile and thank the gift-giver; today, people have no problem asking for the receipt so they can return the gift and get something else. Whatever happens to you during the holidays, RepricerExpress never judges. Instead, we’re just here to offer tips and tricks that’ll make you even more of a superstar seller. Amazon’s New Holiday Return Policy Simply because someone asked for the receipt doesn’t always mean they’ll be returning the item right away. While staff who handle returns would probably say they don’t like the post-holiday rush of dealing with more returns than usual, they’re probably likelier to say there’s something else they dislike more: people who try and return gifts after the return window has closed. And doesn’t it always seem like the return window is never quite long enough? The holiday season, no matter what your denomination or lack thereof, is usually jam-packed with festive

21 12, 2016

Winning the Buy Box with Amazon Repricing Software

Amazon is an incredibly competitive marketplace with more than two million third-party sellers jousting with each other and Amazon itself, for sales. It's highly competitive but also highly rewarding, with the right resources and strategies. 82% of sales on the marketplace are placed via the Buy Box (even higher for mobile sales)—so winning the Buy Box on a consistent basis is a shared objective amongst all sellers. So, how can you win the Buy Box consistently? Let's find out... Overview How to Win the Buy Box Boost Your Buy Box Chances with Great Feedback Buy Box Strategies Amazon Buy Box Mistakes to Avoid How Amazon Repricing Works How to Compete with Amazon #1. How to Win the Buy Box Amazon is never likely to reveal its algorithm for awarding the Buy Box. However, there its own advice around the subject points to a number of different factors around your seller performance. These factors vary in terms of importance, with some more important than others such as price. If Amazon considers you Buy Box eligible, you will be a seller who has consistently reached the high standard it

21 12, 2016

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' last round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news of 2016. Amazon Prime launches in 200 new countries: Chris Dawson at Tamebay reports that Amazon this week announced that Amazon Prime Video is now available to customers in more than 200 countries across the globe. One of the few countries that won't enjoy original programs just as The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, is China. Amazon Prime Video is available at no additional cost to Amazon Prime in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy and Spain. Continue reading... 12 of the best Christmas movies on Amazon: Radio Times reports on the best Christmas films available to rent, buy or stream on Amazon this festive period. From all-time classics like It's a Wonderful Life to modern marvels like Frozen and Elf, check out 12 of the best Christmas films available through Amazon Prime Video. Continue reading... Ecommerce in Slovenia is growing fast: Ecommerce News EU report that ecommerce in Slovenia is experiencing growth of 35% to 40%. According to a survey by Ceneje and