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6 06, 2018

7 Steps To 100% Amazon Online Arbitrage Automation

Guest blog post by Kev from LifeSuccessEngineer When Amazon created the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program, it changed the future of commerce. Sellers could now outsource shipping for the first time ever. This then evolved into brand new business models such as Online Arbitrage (or Retail Arbitrage). This is the process of taking advantage of price differences from online retail stores and the Amazon marketplace. In this blog post, you are going to learn the seven steps you need to take to start and 100% automate this business model so that the business can be supporting your life to live the way you want. This could be leaving your job to make this full time or having additional income for you to enjoy life with your family and friends. You can learn the system step by step with this FREE Online Arbitrage Mastery Course. The steps I share in the video are the exact steps that I took starting in 2015 to the present date.   7 Steps To 100% Amazon Online Arbitrage Automation Step 1: Preparation Once you have learned the business model and how

5 06, 2018

An In-Depth Look at RepricerExpress Dashboard Graphs

When using RepricerExpress you will have access to a lot of graph data that offer different insights into your selling performance in terms of repricing, sales and Buy Boxes. By reviewing this data, you'll be able to quickly identify potential issues and address them. In this post, we will look at each graph in more detail and give you some tips.   1. A quick reminder on the Dashboard colours Your Repricing dashboard will give you a quick overview of your products' repricing statuses — you'll quickly be able to see how your products are priced: at Lowest, at Min, at Max, Only Seller, Best Price, Other, Not Repricing and Inactive. Lowest: Your product is currently the lowest price. At Min: Your product is currently at your Minimum price. At Max: Your product is currently at your Maximum price. Only Seller: You are the only seller selling this product. Best Price: You have not been able to compete with the cheapest seller so you are competing with the cheapest seller you can. Other: This will be used if none of the above are relevant. Other will usually show if you

4 06, 2018

5 Funding Options for Amazon FBA Sellers

Guest post by Constantina from Kabbage If you’re looking to expand your Amazon retail business, one great way to do so is by diversifying your inventory or products. However, this usually requires having additional working capital, which can be hard to have unless you look at outside sources. Deciding when (and how) you want to obtain small business funding for your business is a big, but important, step. Getting funding before you have a steady revenue can hurt your business – you could find yourself in debt and unable to pay the loan back. But waiting too long for funding can hurt your business as well – you may miss out on potential growth opportunities or miss out on vendor deals.   Funding for Amazon sellers Unfortunately, Amazon sellers may face challenges when looking for financing. Traditional lenders may not know what do for a small online business or Amazon retailers. There aren’t many Amazon-specific loans (fortunately, Amazon offers small business loans, which we’ll dive into below!). Most traditional lenders deal with brick-and-mortar businesses and require such collateral for obtaining funds. Even if your Amazon

1 06, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Here's what it means when an item is marked Amazon's Choice: Dennis Green at Business Insider UK reports that Amazon has started explaining its choice to highlight certain products. Essentially, a product marked "Amazon's Choice" is an item that many buyers have purchased and were satisfied with, as told to Amazon through reviews data. If you hover over the icon, there is a description that reads: "Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately." Continue reading... Amazon to block its US website for Aussie shoppers over new GST rules: Patrick Hatch at The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australians will be blocked from shopping on Amazon's international websites and restricted to using its smaller local platform as the e-commerce giant responds to the government's new GST rules on online purchases. The move is seen as a win for local retailers which had lobbied for the 10% tax to apply to all goods purchased from offshore retailers - not just on those greater than $1000. Amazon

25 05, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Coinstar and Amazon to let customers deposit cash to Amazon accounts at coin-counting kiosks: Taylor Soper at GeekWire reports that Amazon this week announced an integration with Coinstar, which is adding Amazon Cash deposit capability at its coin-counting kiosks. Amazon Cash debuted last year and lets people pay for products on its site without the need for a credit/debit card or bank account, and without any fees. Now at select Coinstar kiosks with bill acceptors, customers can deposit paper bills (not coins) into their Amazon Cash account for any amount between $5 and $500. There are no fees required to use the new service, which only requires a phone number for an Amazon Cash account. Continue reading... Amazon is making it harder and harder to quit Prime: Dennis Green at Business Insider reports that last week Prime members were given another perk: big discounts at Whole Foods, to be rolled out at stores this summer. Amazon keeps adding perks just when customers might quit over rising prices. The

22 05, 2018

How to Increase Sales When You Have the Amazon Buy Box

At RepricerExpress, we’ve talked before about how you can win the Amazon Buy Box. But what do you do next once you have it or a share of it? How do you capitalise on it to further increase your sales? We’ll take a look at the steps you can take to make the most out of a well-fought win.   Refine Your Keywords and Listing Description You might think that your keywords and description must be pretty good if they’ve earned you a Buy Box. And they have, don’t get us wrong. But one of the worst things you can do is rest on your laurels and not change a thing. Instead, pretend you have to rewrite things to compete anew. Your aim is to further increase your visibility so you can show off the Buy Box to even more buyers, and make it super easy for them to complete a purchase. For titles, you get 50 characters to include the product’s brand, line, colour, size, material, or any other key feature; make sure to place the most relevant ones first and make sure that

21 05, 2018

Infographic: How Big is Amazon?

We're all aware that Amazon is huge and continues to grow but just how big are they? Is there any room for more growth? To find out, check out this awesome infographic courtesy of our friend Ryan Grant at Online Selling Experiment.     Interested in trying out the leading Amazon repricing software? Check out what other sellers are saying. Free 15-day trial. No credit card required.

18 05, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon tests ad tool that rivals Google, Criteo: Spencer Soper and Mark Bergen at Bloomberg report that Amazon is taking its most assertive step yet into the digital-advertising market by testing a new display ad offering that threatens multi-billion-dollar revenue streams at Google and firms like Criteo SA. The tool lets merchants selling on Amazon’s online marketplace purchase spots that will follow shoppers around the web to lure the consumers back to Amazon to buy. The company is inviting select merchants to test the new ads later this month, according to people with knowledge of the plans. Continue reading... Amazon and Starbucks blast Seattle tax to fight homelessness: BBC News reports that Amazon and Starbucks have hit out at a decision to impose a new tax on firms based in Seattle to help fight homelessness. Amazon, the US city's number one employer, said the levy could put future expansion on hold in the region. Seattle City Council voted unanimously for the tax, saying it will raise $47m (£35m)

17 05, 2018

Should Your Online Store Have A Phone Line?

You run an ecommerce store, and you reason that everything is done online these days, so you decide you don’t need a dedicated phone line for your business. But is that really the right move...or are you missing out on potential business as a result? Let’s look at situations where you should have a customer service phone line, as well as situations where it might not be necessary, since every business’ needs are different.   You Should Have a Phone Line If… Having an 800-number front and centre on your website can instil confidence in your customers and make your business seem more trustworthy. It’s a subtle psychological trigger: having a number makes your company seem more legitimate. Having a phone number for your ecommerce site communicates to your customers that you are ready and eager to help if they have a question or issue. Let’s look at a few examples of when you should consider having a dedicated line for your business. 1. Your Audience Skews Older While there are other means of communicating with customers, like chat and email, consider your target customer.

15 05, 2018

Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Reviews: What’s the Difference?

Guest post by Seamus from FeedbackExpress Buyers don’t usually differentiate between seller feedback and product reviews. They’re usually more focused on getting a great product and getting it fast. But the difference does matter, and this post will show you why. Even if you’re selling and not buying. Especially when you’re selling.   Telling the Difference Between Feedback and Reviews To the untrained ear, feedback and reviews sound like the same thing. After all, it’s a buyer telling you what they thought of the product, right? Not exactly. Reviews consist of the following: What a buyer thought of the product An opinion that helps future buyers decide if the quality of the product is for them It appears as a score out of five stars Affects the buyer’s odds of winning a Buy Box, as well as can possibly cause their account to be suspended or expelled (if it’s continually bad) Are shown on the product’s detail page on Amazon When it comes to feedback, this is what you can expect: How good (or bad) the product’s packaging and how fast (or slow) the shipping