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12 05, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon drops free shipping minimum to $25 as Target goes the other way: Laura Heller at Forbes reports that Amazon has lowered the minimum order price to receive free shipping to $25 as its price war with Walmart heats up. The previous minimum of $35 was only established in February after Walmart dropped its free-shipping minimum to $35 from $49. Amazon didn't formally announce the change but the new information is on the website. Continue reading... Amazon Echo Show: Home assistant lets people watch users through camera: Aatif Sulleyman at The Independent reports that Amazon has just launched the Echo Show, its latest Alexa-powered home assistant. Like existing versions of the Echo, it plays audio, responds to voice commands and is capable of controlling compatible smart devices around the home, such as lights and thermostats. The Show, however, is the first in the range to feature a display. Continue reading... eBay UK Spring 2017 Seller Release: Active Content (and impact to sales): Chris Dawson at Tamebay reminds eBay sellers that if you haven’t

11 05, 2017

Understanding Amazon Sales Rank to Maximise Profits

When you first start selling on Amazon, it takes a while to figure out sales rank (also known as Amazon Best Sellers Rank). There's no shame in this—it's one of the most confusing aspects of selling on Amazon and one which is constantly changing and rarely explained in detail. But if you want to build a successful Amazon business it is vital that you understand it. Hopefully (fingers crossed), this post and the resources within it will help you gain a better understanding of Amazon sales rank. What is Sales Rank? Sales rank or best sellers rank is the ever-changing number Amazon assigns to products to signify how well a product is selling compared to other products in the same category or sub-category. The product with the sales rank #1 is the best selling product in that category, sales rank #2, the second best selling product and so on. Every manufacturer wants their products to be ranked number one in a category or sub-category. Sellers use sales rank differently to how buyers use it. Sellers look at it to see how quickly an item will

10 05, 2017

3 Ways to Increase Your Average Selling Price on Amazon

Guest blog post by Stephen Smotherman from Full-Time FBA Your ASP (average selling price) is the average amount of money you make in sales per item you sell on Amazon. ASP is calculated by dividing the dollar amount of sales by the number of items sold. To find your ASP, follow these steps: Log in to Seller Central. Hover over Reports. Click on Business Reports. Check out your Sales Snapshot – your ASP is the amount listed for “Avg. sales/order item.” Raising your ASP can benefit your Amazon FBA business. You can save a lot of money on FBA fees. You can save time, money, and effort on prepping and shipping items. You can give yourself more wiggle room for price fluctuations. You can increase your Amazon disbursements. But HOW do you go about raising your ASP? It may seem easier said than done, but the reality is you can take a few steps to impact your ASP and give your Amazon FBA profits a boost. Here are our suggestions for increasing your ASP: 1. Set a minimum selling price parameter A while back, we

9 05, 2017

What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence and Ecommerce

Guest post by Michelle Deery, a team member of Heroic Search in Tulsa Google have got their self-driving car, while Elon Musk is musing on the fact that we could all be living in some sort of augmented reality not dissimilar to The Matrix. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) thing sounds pretty harebrained, doesn’t it? But as you’ll find out in this article, AI is just like every other new thing - scary at first, but perfectly natural once we get used to it. And for ecommerce store owners, it’s also pretty frigging awesome. Allowing you to increase conversions and sales, if used correctly. Why Hasn’t Your Ecommerce Store Adopted AI Yet?               According to Malcolm Gladwell in his mega-successful book The Tipping Point, we as humans prefer to wait until someone else takes the lead before we follow. He uses the example of a person in need of help in the street. We can clearly see that the person needs help, but we often shuffle around the incident sheepishly and continue walking. Why? We’re waiting for someone else to make the first move. When it

8 05, 2017

3 Expert Tips for Getting Amazon Product Reviews

This post is a snippet of a great article on Full-Time FBA by Karon Thackston, Amazon Copywriting Guru at Marketing Words Back in October 2016, Amazon banned incentivised reviews which completely changed the game for sellers trying to get more product reviews. As a third-party seller on Amazon, it's important that you abide by their guidelines otherwise you could end up having your seller account suspended. Why are Reviews Important? Reviews are vital to a product's success. They offer reassurance and social proof that people thought this product was worth buying and it was! Overall, positive reviews lead to increased product visibility and more sales! But, people are busier than ever. So, how do you get people to take time out of their busy schedule to leave a product review for you? Tips for Getting More Product Reviews Firstly, you need to personalise your communications. The email you send should "offer something useful and improve their experience even after the sale". Put the customer first and they might just leave you that all-important review. Secondly, Karon advises that you avoid bombarding buyers with too many

7 05, 2017

Funny Amazon Product Reviews

Customer feedback is an important part of the selling process but can also be a source of some great humour from buyers. We stumbled across these funny customer reviews on Amazon for some quirky products that we thought you might like—caring is sharing after all. As far as we're aware, no seller was harmed during the feedback!! Ever found it really difficult to peel a banana and eat. No? Me neither, ladies and gentlemen l present to you the Hutzler 571 banana slicer! Some of our favourite pieces of feedback include: "What can I say about the 571B Banana Slicer that hasn't already been said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone?" "Gone are the days of biting off slice-sized chunks of banana and spitting them onto a serving tray…. Next on my wish list: a kitchen tool for dividing frozen water into cube-sized chunks.” "As shown in the picture, the slices are curved from left to right. All of my bananas are bent the other way.” Other products from the range include the Hutzler Snack Attack Carrot and Dip to-Go and the Hutzler Egg Scrambler.

5 05, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon to create 400 new UK jobs in Cambridge to bolster AI and drone delivery business: Josie Cox at The Independent reports that Amazon has unveiled plans to hire 400 people for a new development centre in Cambridge. Amazon said it's recruiting “extensively” for machine learning scientists, knowledge engineers, data scientists, mathematical modellers, speech scientists and software engineers. Continue reading... Amazon debuts a marketplace for digital subscriptions: Leena Rao at Fortune reports that Amazon has debuted a marketplace for people to shop for digital subscriptions including newspapers, magazines and online fitness classes. The new site called "Subscribe with Amazon" already has Dropbox, The New Yorker, Fitbit's fitness classes Fitstar and meditation app Headspace available on the site. Continue reading... Amazon now has an estimated 80 million Prime members in the US, up 38% year over year: Matt Linder at Digital Commerce 360 reports that according to research by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Amazon now has an estimated 80 million Prime customers in the United States, up 37.9% from 58 million this time

3 05, 2017

How to Turn on Amazon Two Step Verification

It has been reported that professional hackers are targeting Amazon third-party sellers with the aim of changing your bank information and potentially stealing huge sums of cash. Hackers are also using stolen Amazon credentials to log into older, dormant Amazon seller accounts in order to post fake deals, steal cash, and ruin that Amazon seller account. In order to improve your Amazon account security, it's advisable to turn on two-step verification using the six simple steps below. 6 Steps to Enable Two-Step Verification Go to Advanced Security Settings. Click Get Started to set-up Two-Step Verification. Add your primary phone number (this phone must be able to receive SMS messages) or download and configure an authenticator app and click Send code. Enter the code that was sent to your phone number or generated through the authenticator app and click Verify code and continue. Do either of the following: (1) Add a backup phone number and decide on a delivery format (text message or voice call). (2) Download and configure an authenticator app. This will allow you to generate security codes when you're unable to receive messages to

2 05, 2017

How to Source Amazon Products From China

China’s one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with products available for quite cheap. It can be a potential goldmine for merchants looking to fill their inventories and make a potentially tidy profit. But as RepricerExpress will talk about, there can be language and cultural barriers to overcome. Here’s how you can make it work for you. Research, Research, Research to Find the Supplier That’s the Best Fit Finding a supplier is a bit like dating: a lot of it comes down to fit and feel. And at the top of your list should be deciding if you want to deal with a trading company or a manufacturer because it matters when getting the best deal. If you’re not sure of the difference, here it is. Trading Company: They tend not to have a very strong in-depth technical knowledge of their products, but they can possess better English skills and decent service. However, if a problem crops up, know that they’ll likely take the side of the manufacturer, not yours. You can find out if the supplier is a trading company by just asking

28 04, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon to create 1,200 jobs at first UK warehouse to use advanced robotics: Mark Sweeney at The Guardian reports that Amazon is set to create 1,200 new permanent jobs as it opens a new warehouse in Warrington where staff will work alongside the online retail giant’s robots. The fulfilment centre will offer "competitive wages and comprehensive benefits" and will take the company's UK staff to more than 18,000. Continue reading... The Grand Tour season 2: when will it be on Amazon Prime? The Telegraph reports that although Amazon is yet to announce an official release date, Jeremy Clarkson confirmed via a Facebook Live Q&A in February that the second instalment would be released "this year". James May also confirmed, adding that it would "go out this year at the same time the last one went out – whenever that was". As the first series of The Grand Tour premiered on November 18, 2016, another autumn release looks likely. Continue reading... Will you sell on Amazon Australia? Chris Dawson at Tamebay reports that