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7 02, 2017

FBA Sellers Should Use Amazon Repricing Software

Guest blog post by Amazon FBA Seller, Jeff Roth from Scan on the Side I don’t want to go overboard on their platform but its hard not to with the positive experience we’ve had thus far. I just completed a 30 minute phone conversation with their technical support team who gladly attended to detailed questions I had on the settings and technical aspects of their platform. Other sales related questions over the past weeks have been quickly answered via email which I can say without pause does NOT happen with other FBA related businesses, a real problem in our industry. Those are user experiences that make the difference between yes and no for me and whether or not I will maintain usage of such product and RepricerExpress is on top of their game in this regard. Why FBA Sellers Should Use Amazon Repricing Software There’s no doubt in my mind that 90% of part time (and 100% of full time) FBA sellers should be using repricing software in their business model. 90% might sound high for those with potentially limited funds doing FBA part-time but what

6 02, 2017

5 Great Ways to Turn an Unhappy Customer into a Happy One

If you get an unhappy customer and they stay that way, you’re giving up too easily. You should view each unhappy customer as a challenge to turn them into a happy one, as every situation has that possibility. But if you’re not sure exactly how that’s done, then RepricerExpress is here to help turn that frown upside down. 1. Take a Deep Breath and Give Yourself a Moment There is almost never a time that’s so urgent you have to respond immediately, especially if you’re only selling online. With ecommerce, you have the chance to take a few minutes to read the message and step back for a bit so you can separate your emotions from the situation. Go do something totally unrelated from what you’re currently doing, like rearranging your fridge, a couple of push ups, or playing with your pets. The idea is to take your mind off the email so you can return to it with fresh, objective eyes. 2. Find Out What’s Really Going On You know a neat trick I learned that helps you instantly put both parties on the

3 02, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon posts solid fourth quarter profit but shares dip over revenue: Dominic Rushe at The Guardian reports Amazon has had a bumper holiday season, with a 55% rise in fourth-quarter profit. Profits for the final quarter of 2016 rose to $749m from $482m a year earlier, the seventh straight profitable quarter for Amazon. Despite this, its share price fell in after hours trading after the retail and services giant narrowly missed Wall Street’s sales expectations. Continue reading... Amazon and PayPal in talks about payments: Dan Wilson at Tamebay reports that PayPal has been talking to Amazon about payments, presumably with a view to allowing Amazon customers use PayPal to pay for marketplace purchases. PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman said, “We have been in conversations with Amazon. We’re closing in on 200 million users on our platform right now. At that scale, it’s hard for any retailer to think about not accepting PayPal.”  Continue reading... Amazon to build $1.5bn US cargo hub: BBC News reports that Amazon has announced plans to build an air cargo

2 02, 2017

The Resellers Guide to FBA: February

Guest blog post by Stephen from Full-Time FBA February is the month where love is in the air so let me share something personal with you. I honestly care about you. Sure, I might not know you that well, but the whole reason I write blog posts and ebooks is because I really enjoy helping people, and I want to see you win with your FBA business! Ok, let’s jump into some profit building tips for the month of February. Long Term Storage Fees February 15 is the day that Amazon will be charging you their long term storage fees. These fees can potentially be huge. In fact, if I ignored the emails from Amazon warning me of these fees, this February I would have paid Amazon almost $300! This is not a small fee… if ignored, it can ruin your entire month’s profits.  (In the January chapter of A Year in FBA, l provide info about figuring out your February long term storage fees and how to avoid them – I tell you in January so you have time to make the best decisions

1 02, 2017

4 Crucial Tips for Managing Currency Conversions and International Payments

Guest blog by Talya Friedman from Payoneer In the online marketplace, with customers located in all corners of the globe, your products are being bought and used in all time zones and regions; your very own form of globalization. Though exciting, there remains still one major challenge- international payments. Selling on Amazon, the competition can be fierce. Successfully managing the online payment world can help you maintain a healthy operation, freeing up your attention for tasks like product promotion, marketing and customer service.  Below are simple but effective tips for navigating safe transfers, withdrawal methods and managing exchange rates. #1. Master Currency Conversions Dealing with different currencies can pose a challenge. Especially since currency exchange rates are based on several different factors, such as interest rates, inflation and the general public’s confidence in the current government. Since these factors fluctuate daily (in some cases, even hourly), the exchange rate changes accordingly. Meaning, when your customer pays, the amount you actually receive will differ depending on the exchange rate at the time of the conversion. However this headache can be easily solved with the use of

1 02, 2017

[Report] Top 10 Amazon Seller Suspension Reasons

Guest blog post by Thompson & Holt Here's a list of the top reasons why Amazon sellers had their seller account suspended. The results are from customers in 2016. In many cases, a customer had multiple reasons for their suspension. In these instances, the most significant reason was recorded. Inauthentic Selling Prohibited Items Negative Feedback Opening a New Account after Being Suspended Rights Owner Notice Complaint Selling Counterfeit Items Duplicate Accounts Late Shipment Rate Used Item Sold As New Not as Advertised/Wrong Item As you can from the list, there are many reasons why sellers get suspended from Amazon. All of these reasons for suspension can easily be avoided if sellers read and comply with Amazon's policies. Nobody is perfect and sometime sellers make genuine mistakes. The good news is that Amazon allow sellers to appeal their suspension and most of the time providing the appeal letter and plan of action is well written, Amazon reinstate the seller. Related: Expert Advice to Help You Overcome an Amazon Account Suspension Multiple Suspensions What is interesting is the number of sellers who have received multiple suspensions. The

31 01, 2017

Our Top 7 Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Sure, you can always teach yourself a bit of coding and create your own site from scratch, but why would you? It just takes time away that you could be using in other, more important areas. And that being said, RepricerExpress wants to tell you about these awesome WordPress ecommerce themes you can pick out that’ll catch a buyer’s eye right away. With the money you save on web dev, you can just take us out for a pint instead. 1. Haute (designcrumbs) Get the Cart66 and/or Cart66 Cloud plugin, and you’re all set to go (doesn’t work with WooCommerce, unfortunately). We love this theme because it’s so clean and stripped down, but without sacrificing any style. You never want to overload your shoppers’ eyes, and this theme draws attention to all the key places. Find out more... 2. All Around (Shindiri Studio) You know the saying, ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’? This is the ecommerce WordPress theme equivalent of that. It’s got plenty of features that tell the world you’re a professional, even if you don’t necessarily feel like one. For example, it’s

30 01, 2017

How to Avoid Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fees

Storage fees — ugh, what a pain, eh? And when they’re the result of long-term storage, RepricerExpress knows that’s the worst kind. Here's some useful advice if you want to stop having your profits hit unnecessarily and avoid Amazon long-term storage fees. Those Dreaded Alerts From Amazon Chances are, you’ve been selling on Amazon for at least half a year, if not more. If that’s the case, then you’ve likely gotten an email from them saying you’re about to be charged for long-term storage fees. Wait, what? Yep, Amazon will charge you if you have stored items in one of their warehouses for a certain period of time. When Do Amazon’s Long-Term Storage Fees Kick In? We mentioned the six-month mark, but that’s simply when Amazon sends you a courtesy email to let you know the deadline is coming up. In actuality, you won’t get charged any seriously heavy long-term storage fees until you’ve passed the 365-day mark. And while they’ll charge you for each item, they do have a bit of a bonus system in play: They’ll look the other way on one unit

27 01, 2017

3 Advanced Buy Box Strategies for Amazon Sellers

It’s no secret landing a Buy Box can be a shortcut to more sales. And more sales generally means more exposure, which, in turn, tends to lead to more sales. But do you know the most efficient and advanced strategies for getting the Buy Box? Or even how to build the sort of foundation that will open up that path? RepricerExpress does, and we’re sharing these three advanced Buy Box strategies with you. Put Out or Get Out Unless you’re that 0.01% selling a super-niche or rare item, then the Buy Box is a must. It accounts for about 80% of all Amazon sales (higher for mobile), which means if you don’t have it, you’re battling some really tough odds to land a sale. And if that percentage is any sort of indication, it’s a trend that shows Buy Boxes will be/are the way of the future. #1. Be Meticulous on Your Shipping and Handling Times Remember when Amazon Prime was first introduced and buyers could receive items in just a couple of days? And they didn’t have to pay extra for it, just a

27 01, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. eBay reports fourth quarter and full year 2016 results: In a press release issued this week (25 Jan) eBay Inc. declared a GMV of $22.3 billion for Q4 2016. Revenue for the quarter was $2.4 billion, an increase of 3% from last year. Devin Wenig, President and CEO of eBay, stated, "Q4 was a record quarter highlighted by solid performance in our eBay business. During the holiday season, eBay was one of the top consumer shopping destinations in the world and the second most visited ecommerce site in the US." Continue reading... China’s Alibaba reports a 54% increase in revenue in Q3: Don Davis at Internet Retailer reports on a revenue increase of 54% including £17.4 billion worth of sales on Singles' Day. Net income for the first nine months exceeds $5.5 billion. Net income for the last quarter of 2016 climbed 38 percent to 17.2 billion yuan ($2.5 billion), beating estimates by over 30 percent, while the top line grew an impressive 54 percent. Most of the Alibaba Group's sales and