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16 03, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Walmart goes big into online grocery delivery, challenging Amazon: Ben Fox Rubin at CNET reports that Walmart is making a major push into online grocery delivery. After testing out grocery delivery over the past two years in six US markets, Walmart has said it will bring the service to more than 100 metro areas in the US over the coming months. "We're going to try and accelerate this program as fast as we can", said Tom Ward, Walmart US vice president of digital operations. Continue reading... Amazon's internal numbers on Prime Video revealed: CNBC reports Amazon's top television shows drew more than 5 million people worldwide to its Prime shopping club by early 2017, according to company documents. The documents also show that Amazon's US audience for all video programming on Prime, including films and TV shows it licenses from other companies, was about 26 million customers. Amazon has never released figures for its total audience. Continue reading... Amazon recalls fire-risk power packs in UK, Europe and US:

15 03, 2018

Overcoming Your Amazon FBA Fears

In an excellent series of blogs, Stephen Smotherman from Full-Time FBA discusses how he overcame some of the biggest selling fears of Amazon FBA. Some of the fears covered in the series so far include getting suspended, pricing, paying for services, selling used items, moving into new categories and negotiating a better price.   1. “Tanking” Prices Stephen advises that although prices will always be fluid, sellers can reduce the chances of their competition lowering their prices, through "making better sourcing decisions". When the demand for a product outweighs the supply, prices will increase. This is particularly true in November and December, where parents will pay over-inflated prices, to get their hands on the must-have toy in time for Christmas. Repricing software can help manage your prices—ensuring you maximise your profits in situations where your competition sells out (p.s. here's a handy tip for checking your competitors' stock levels). One of the biggest myths of selling on Amazon is that having the lowest price will mean you get the much-coveted Buy Box. This is simply not true; Amazon's Buy Box formula is much more sophisticated and

14 03, 2018

GDPR for Ecommerce Sellers

By 25 May 2018, ecommerce sellers will have another EU regulation on their hands, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To learn how it’ll impact your business and what you can do to prepare for it, read on...   The GDPR in a Nutshell Essentially, this is a new data privacy law, the most comprehensive one to date. (Here is where you can dig into all the details about it). But the summary of it is this: data collection on your customers must be stored securely, be opt-in only, be used only with their consent, and be made available to them if they request it. The aim is to make things more transparent to users, and to introduce new fines on sellers who breach the GDPR. If you use your customers’ data for things like marketing and advertising, read on because this will likely affect you.   What Actually Qualifies as Data ’Data’ can cover a pretty broad range of topics, but it typically involves anything that’s tied to them. For example, an account created on their site or an email used to purchase things

12 03, 2018

The True Challenges of Being an Amazon FBA Seller

Guest post by Kev Blackburn from LifeSuccessEngineer Being an Amazon FBA seller comes with many challenges and struggles. I call it the dark side of Amazon and it’s important to share that there can and will be some issues you could face when starting your Amazon business. Amazon is always changing things and continues to implement new instructions and policies at all times. For example, last week they announced changes to FBA fees and a new Inventory Performance Index. In the following videos, I will share and discuss whether Amazon FBA is “dying” as an opportunity for us Amazon FBA Sellers, what the challenges are and give you my experience of a real policy warning from Amazon.   Is Amazon DYING for us FBA Sellers in 2018?   Challenges, Struggles and Setbacks You Will Face as an Amazon Seller?   Policy Warning! Experiencing the Negative Side of Amazon?   The above videos hopefully shared with you another side to Amazon that should be spoken about and should be discussed. You are welcome to join our discussion within our Online Arbitrage Mastery Mastermind Facebook group. If you

9 03, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon is in talks to launch checking accounts: Carleton English at The New York Post reports that Amazon is reportedly chatting with big banks about creating a “checking-account-like product” for its customers. Details on the effort are scarce but the talks hint that there is no industry that Amazon isn’t willing to disrupt. Fresh off its acquisition of Whole Foods in August, Amazon has made moves to build its own delivery service that would rival United Parcel Service and FedEx. Amazon is also weighing up entering the health and prescription drugs business. Continue reading... Amazon working to fix Alexa after users report random burst of 'creepy' laughter: Julie Carrie Wong at The Guardian reports that Amazon acknowledged on Wednesday that some of its Alexa-enabled devices have developed a new skill: creeping out their owners with unexpected and unwarranted bursts of robotic laughter. “We’re aware of this and working to fix it,” the company told the Verge. People began reporting the problem with their “smart” speakers on social media

8 03, 2018

Seller’s Guide to Amazon Inventory Performance Index

Amazon recently announced plans to increase FBA fees and charge long-term storage fees on a monthly basis rather than twice a year. At the same time, Amazon also revealed its intention to limit storage for sellers with a low Inventory Performance Index. This blog investigates Amazon's newest seller metric further and what it means for Professional FBA sellers.   What is the Inventory Performance Index? The Inventory Performance Index, which is still in beta, is Amazon’s first step in setting a standard on inventory performance. According to Amazon: Amazon states the metric is based on "how well you drive sales by stocking popular products and efficiently managing on-hand inventory". Scores range from zero to 1,000. A score above 400 indicates that your business is excelling whilst a score below 350 indicates that there are issues and you should take action to improve your score. From 1 July 2018, Amazon may limit access to storage for sellers with an Inventory Performance Index below 350. Sellers who maintain an index score of 350 or greater will have unlimited storage for standard size and oversize items. FBA seller

7 03, 2018

Expert Tips for Using the Amazon Escalation Process

Suspension expert and former Amazonian, Chris McCabe has written a great blog on Web Retailer covering when and how sellers should use the Amazon escalation process.   What is the Amazon Escalation Process? The Amazon escalation process is used by suspended sellers to have their Plan of Action (POA) reviewed by a team higher up in Amazon's ecosystem such as the Executive Seller Relations team. Sellers using the escalation process who have their POA rejected need to make a strong case why their appeal should be reviewed again. As Chris states, "don't go straight to Jeff and pester him with daily emails". You'll lose time, sales and damage your chances of being reinstated. Another mistake sellers make is escalating their appeal too soon instead of focusing on making their POA stronger first. An escalation requires two documents: a comprehensive and viable Plan of Action and an escalation letter that draws attention to each major point included that the investigator has missed.   Key Elements of a Successful Escalation 1. Focus first on what you’re sending and not where you're sending it. The where is the easy

6 03, 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Amazon (5 Steps)

To advertise on Amazon, you must have an active professional seller account, be able to ship to all US addresses and have products in one or more of the eligible categories. Your products must also be eligible for the Buy Box something that RepricerExpress can help with.   1. Define your goals Before you create your first campaign, it’s important to know what business goals you want to accomplish through advertising. Are you trying to… Drive sales of a new product? Generate reviews? Improve sales of low-performing SKUs or clear inventory? Increase brand visibility? Establishing your goals up front will help you choose which products to advertise, decide how to structure your campaigns, and better analyze performance.   2. Determine which products you want to advertise Choose the ones that can help you meet your goals, and make sure they’re winning the Buy Box at the highest rate — ideally 90% or higher. You can find this information under the ‘Reports’ tab in Seller Central. Click on ‘Business Reports,’ and under the section labeled ‘By ASIN,’ click on ‘Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child

5 03, 2018

7 Ways to Optimise Your Amazon Product Listings

If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s likely that at some point that you’ll need to create a product listing on Amazon. This could be for a private label product, a new retail arbitrage product or a unique bundle. Having product listings which are informative and persuasive can help boost your sales and product ranking. If you make regular purchases on Amazon, you’ve probably come across examples of poor product listings which you can learn from. Typical product listing mistakes include titles spammed with keywords, confusing images and mediocre product descriptions. In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the ways you can improve your Amazon product listings and in turn, rank better on Amazon. Amazon’s product listing can be broken down into seven different components. Product title Product images Key product features Product description Keywords Product reviews Product rating Each section should lead the buyer through a process helping them decide if they should purchase your product or not. Your listing should be search friendly and ideally unique. Now, let’s look at each listing element in more detail.   1. Product Title For most

2 03, 2018

Amazon to Increase FBA Fees and Set Storage Limits

Amazon is rolling out a major update to FBA fees by charging long-term storage fees on a monthly basis rather than biannually. Additionally, they are also making a small increase to monthly inventory storage fees and limiting access to storage for sellers with an Inventory Performance Index below 350. The changes to FBA fees are outlined below.   1. Monthly Inventory Storage Fees Starting 1 April 2018, monthly inventory storage fees will be increased by $0.05 per cubic foot for standard-size and oversize items. This change will first be reflected in May 2018 charges for storage that occurs in April 2018. See the Monthly Inventory Storage Fees section for more details.   2. Long-Term Storage Fees Starting 15 September 2018, long-term storage fees will be adjusted, and the assessment dates will be changed from a biannual basis to a monthly basis. See the Long-Term Storage Fees section for more details.   3. Minimum Long-Term Storage Fees On 15 August 2018, Amazon will introduce a minimum charge of $0.50 per unit per month for items in fulfilment centres for 365 days or more. The greater of