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25 08, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. A patent that helped Amazon take over online commerce is about to expire: Keith Collins at Quartz reports that Amazon's 1-Click patent will expire on 11 September 2017. If you’ve bought anything on the internet with one click in the past 20 years, it's likely it was on Amazon or a platform that pays Amazon a lot of money to license its patented and trademarked “1-Click” technology. Continue reading... Amazon launched 22 years ago this week. Here's what shopping on Amazon was like back in 1995: Caroline Cakebread reports that it was in 1994 whilst living in New York City that Jeff Bezos came up with the idea to sell books online. Amazon officially opened for business on 16 July 1995, as an online book seller. With 1 million titles in its catalogue, it advertised itself as "Earth's biggest bookstore". In 2016, some 21 years later, Amazon recorded $136 billion in sales. Continue reading... Whole Foods shareholders vote in approval of Amazon deal: Lauren Thomas at CNBC reports that Whole Foods shareholders

23 08, 2017

7 Back-to-School Selling Tips

Back-to-school shopping can be one of the most lucrative times of the year for merchants, but only if you know how to do things right. And with a little help from RepricerExpress, you, too, can become one of those famed rockstar sellers everyone’s talking about.   1. Keep Selling Simple and Steady Let’s look at Christmas for a second. Each year, there are fads that rise to the tops of everyone’s list. Because of this, gearing your selling towards this requires constant upkeep and tweaking so you can stay on top of everything. Back-to-school shopping is the opposite of that where nothing really dramatic or new happens each year. Kids are always going to need paper, notebooks, jumpers, shirts, sneakers, backpacks and writing instruments, so organise a framework that reflects this and focus on other elements.   2. Let Your Buyers Know You Have Back-to-School Gear Whether you dabble in a wide variety of products or like to keep it intimate, you need to tell your buyers that you have back-to-school gear available. And hey, even if you don’t think you do, you can definitely

22 08, 2017

10 Reasons to Stop Manual Amazon Repricing Immediately

No matter if you’re a small seller hawking a few items a week or a big-time merchant who handles thousands of orders, repricing should never be done manually. It takes too much time, mistakes are too easy to make and there are better solutions out there — like RepricerExpress! Here are ten reasons to stop manual repricing today. 1. Waste of Time If you’re the kind of seller who dabbles in single digits, then you may think manual repricing is for you. After all, why pay someone to do it when you can just handle it yourself? This line of thinking can get you into trouble because it’s habit-forming; as your business grows and you expand your inventory, manual repricing will take up more and more of your time and you’ll have to make that sacrifice somewhere else.   2. It’s Not Very Interesting At first, searching for market prices for your products is easy and interesting because of the novelty of it. You’re doing it for the first time and it’s all so fresh and exciting, yeah? Fast forward a couple of months to

21 08, 2017

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Part of selling online is knowing how to squeeze every last dollar out of every last rock. It’s not enough to simply put up a bunch of listings and call it a day. Now, you have to find new and creative ways to increase your revenue and the Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the top ways of doing so. If you’re unfamiliar with it, RepricerExpress breaks down all the details so you don’t have to.   How the Amazon Affiliate Program Works First, you register for an Amazon Associates account in the country of your target audience. For example, if you live in the U.S. but want to target an audience in another country, then you’d sign up in that country. And if you want to target more than one audience, then you’d simply sign up in all the countries you want to target. You also have to fill out all the necessary tax forms, so keep that in mind for all the country-based audiences you want to target if you’re unfamiliar with their tax customs. From there, Amazon gives you a bunch of

18 08, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon recalls dodgy solar eclipse shades that offer no eye protection: Andrew Silver at The Register reports that Amazon has "proactively" recalled solar eclipse glasses that "may not comply with industry standards". An Amazon spokesperson told The Register that "safety is among our highest priorities" and it decided "out of an abundance of caution" to contact affected customers and refund potentially fake eclipse glasses. Continue reading... Aldi partners with Instacart to battle Amazon in the US: Anna Nicolaou at The Financial Times reports that Aldi is partnering with Instacart, the Silicon Valley unicorn, to deliver groceries to American doorsteps, as the German discounter looks to slice into the US food market. Through the deal customers can buy Aldi groceries, including fresh fruit and vegetables, online for delivery in as little as an hour. The move comes as grocers across the US prepare for the looming threat of Amazon. Continue reading... Amazon takes on the corner store with Instant Pickup: Heather Kelly at CNN reports that Amazon is taking on the convenience store

17 08, 2017

5 Amazon Seller Hacks to Dominate the Marketplace

Guest post by Will Mitchell from Startup Bros Our last blog post about how Amazon’s algorithm ranks products was a huge hit, but everybody kept asking us one question…Are there any quick hacks you can use to rank a new Amazon product FAST? I’m happy to report that YES – there are several. Here’s the most effective tricks, hacks, and schemes you can use to rank your new product on Amazon quickly…here's five of the best Amazon hacks for sellers to help you dominate the marketplace.   Hack #1 – Winning the Buy Box As an Amazon seller, you need to know how to win the Buy Box. This is a crucial part of successfully selling on Amazon, especially if you’re not creating and manufacturing your own products. Here’s an example of what it means to win the Buy Box: Of the 20 sellers for this product, only 4 of them are shown on the product page. You can bet that these four sellers are getting most of the sales for this listing… If you’re one of the 16 losers for this product, what could you do to

16 08, 2017

7 Ways to Secure Your Ecommerce Website

Securing your ecommerce website is probably something you never think about, especially when you’re worried about coming up with the perfect product description and making sure items ship out quickly and safely. But making sure your website is secure can be just as important — if your website is compromised, then so is your business and the potential for your income. Learn how to do things the right way with RepricerExpress.   1. Implement Best Practices From the Get-Go If you’re lazy about updating operating systems on your phone and/or computer or installing patches, now’s the time to break that habit. Your website needs to be secure both for your and your buyers’ protection and for your own peace of mind, and making sure you’ve got the latest versions running is one of the most important things you can do. Turn on auto-updating to make it super easy on yourself. You’ll also want to start using two-step authentication and strong passwords (a gibberish-y combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols) to make it more difficult for hackers to access. Lastly, secure your email

15 08, 2017

How to Get a #1 Physical Product Bestseller on Amazon

Guest post by Joshua & Shimmy Morris In this article. you'll learn how to absolutely and positively get a number one bestseller on Amazon. This works with any product and it's an extremely powerful strategy if done correctly. When you have a bestseller badge, it shows up wherever your listing is ranking. Even if somebody searches a completely unrelated keyword to your niche, if you show up, your listing displays a bestseller badge. The little orange badge of magic will increase your clicks to your listing, increase your conversion rates and that effectively boosts your rank and sales for every single keyword. So let's talk about how this is done!   Category sniper tactic Imagine Mike Tyson started boxing in the lightweight division. He would knock everyone senseless in a matter of seconds because he is a heavyweight boxer. We are going to do exactly this in Amazon by changing our product category. Every product niche has several (usually a handful) of product categories that you can list in. For example, the niche 'dog lead' (I love this example) can be listed in the following

14 08, 2017

How to Sell Jewelry on Amazon

Selling jewelry on Amazon is sort of like poetry: it’s huge and has been around for what seems like forever, but most people don’t trust themselves to know what’s good and what isn’t. As such, many merchants are wary of delving into the jewelry world, even though millions of people shop for it online each day. But thanks to RepricerExpress, you don’t have to be anymore! We’ll offer the most important bits and tips you need to know about selling jewelry online.   Here’s Why Jewelry Should Be At Least A Consideration For You It’s one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts, with a BBC article citing the oldest jewelry being around 100,000 years old. You’ve got history on your side and you don’t need a sales report to tell you jewelry has solid, timeless appeal. It’s got universal appeal, too. No matter what country or culture you talk about, jewelry is a big part of it, so it’s a pretty safe bet no matter which country you’re selling in. Jewelry also crosses gender lines. While it’s easy to think of jewelry as ‘womanly’,

8 08, 2017

Interesting Amazon Seller Suspension Story

A full-time Amazon FBA seller shared his suspension story on Reddit this week. It's pretty interesting and worth a read if you've got a few minutes spare. "I grew my FBA account from humble beginnings (about 1K in sales for the first couple of months) to more substantial sales (over 60K / Month) in 11 months. I started like most of you, listening to The Amazing Seller Podcasts on my commute to and from my desk job every day. I'd sneak an earbud in, and listen to every episode from the beginning, taking copious notes and following every link Scott shared. I listened to all the interviews, and ate them all up! I knew that I could be the next big seller on Amazon, all I needed was the right product. Eventually, after sourcing tons of products from Aliexpress and other companies, I tried my hand at private label, had some success, but I really found my niche in wholesale. That's where I started making enough to make a living. I added more and more products, growing my company, all from anywhere and anytime I