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13 06, 2017

Wholesale Sources for Amazon and Other Online Sellers

One of the toughest problems Amazon and other online sellers have is sourcing great products at reasonable prices. Finding a supplier that works for you on many levels is like getting a winning lottery ticket: it can take a long time, but the reward is so, so sweet. Luckily, RepricerExpress has gotten wind of some awesome wholesale sources you can use for yourself so you can cut out the middleman that is research. Most Popular Wholesale Suppliers in the US America’s got a pretty big population, and with that comes ample choice and variety. While we still encourage you to scout them out to see if they’ll be a good fit for you, these suppliers are among some of the most-established. This supplier is one of the largest, with a gross merchandise volume of about $7 billion and over 500 categories to choose from. They offer items in all sorts of conditions, ranging from brand new to salvage. And they can do this because they deal with companies that are about to close down, are facing (or faced) bankruptcy, or even just companies with

12 06, 2017

9 Ways to Clear Old Amazon Inventory

If the idea of long-term storage fees for slow-moving stock isn’t enough to scare you off, then how about motivating yourself by making a little extra cash on those items that are just sitting around? RepricerExpress has nine awesome ways you can clear out old Amazon inventory — it’s simpler than you realise. 1. Host a Contest or Giveaway There are few better ways to get rid of old stock than to ramp up excitement over it. You can incentivise shoppers to get free or greatly-reduced merchandise by signing up through email, purchasing another item, or interacting with you on social media. This strategy is excellent to use as a stepping-stone for longer-term sales, as you’ll be sacrificing immediate sales for more users and their future attention and dollars.   2. Highlight the Items as Special Sales You know how if you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, you can spot there are items for sale by the giant red ‘SALE’ stickers on them? You can do the same online by devoting the old inventory to its own section and clearly marking the items as ‘ON

9 06, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon has lent $1 billion to marketplace merchants in the last 12 months: Reuters via Fortune reports that Amazon has stepped up its lending to third-party sellers looking to grow their business. According to Peeyush Nahar, Vice-President of the Amazon Marketplace, the ecommerce giant has doled out more than $1 billion in small loans to sellers in the past 12 months, compared with the $1.5 billion it lent from 2011-2015. Sellers have used the money to expand their inventory or discount items on Amazon. Continue reading… Amazon has killed off its unlimited data storage deal: James Vincent at The Verge reports that Amazon has killed off its generous unlimited cloud storage deal for Amazon Drive. Previously, customers could store as much data as they liked on Amazon’s servers for just $60 a year. Now, the company offers just two tiers: store up to 100GB for $11.99 a year, or up to 1TB for $60. Continue reading… Amazon shopper sent ridiculously small chair after messing up order: Mark Molloy at The Telegraph reports that

8 06, 2017

5 Insider Tips To Help You Grow Your Amazon Business

Guest blog post by Lea from Veeqo Working in ecommerce, you naturally pick up a lot of tricks of the trade. And what good is knowledge if you keep it all to yourself? That’s why I’ve put together this post, summarising some insider tips and tricks that I think are worth passing on to you online retailers out there: Sell Internationally Go Multichannel Nail your Conversion Strategy Avoid Oversells Master your Pricing I hope you can take away something useful from this - whether it’s a reminder, refresher or something completely new. 1. Sell Internationally Cross-border ecommerce is growing rapidly - we all know it. And thanks to today’s technology, retailers have access to international markets of their choosing, quite literally, at their fingertips. Sell on international marketplaces The easiest way to get started on establishing an international presence for your brand is to sell on international marketplaces. Amazon and eBay have huge networks of international marketplaces for you to access. You can list on those directly - Amazon and eBay each operate in 10+ countries, which allows you to sell directly on their international

8 06, 2017

3 Advanced Buy Box Strategies for Amazon Sellers

It’s no secret landing a Buy Box can be a shortcut to more sales. And more sales generally means more exposure, which, in turn, tends to lead to more sales. But do you know the most efficient and advanced strategies for getting the Buy Box? Or even how to build the sort of foundation that will open up that path? RepricerExpress does, and we’re sharing these three advanced Buy Box strategies with you. Put Out or Get Out Unless you’re that 0.01% selling a super-niche or rare item, then the Buy Box is a must. It accounts for about 80% of all Amazon sales (higher for mobile), which means if you don’t have it, you’re battling some really tough odds to land a sale. And if that percentage is any sort of indication, it’s a trend that shows Buy Boxes will be/are the way of the future. #1. Be Meticulous on Your Shipping and Handling Times Remember when Amazon Prime was first introduced and buyers could receive items in just a couple of days? And they didn’t have to pay extra for it, just a

7 06, 2017

Short-Term vs Long-Term Sales Strategy

Long-term, short-term, now-term — with so many different points in time, how is a seller supposed to craft a master business plan? Well, there’s no need to worry now that RepricerExpress has sped onto the scene faster than The Flash. We’ve got the scoop on what it takes to put together both a short-term and long-term sales strategy. Thinking About the Next Couple of Steps There are two words we want you to keep in mind for this section: flexibility and adaptability. We want you to do this because these are two characteristics you’ll need to formulate a successful short-term sales strategy. Being flexible and adaptable means you can take advantage right now of techniques and strategies that can provide a quick, but powerful, boost to your sales. This includes things like sales, promotions or bundles you normally wouldn’t run, but are using to get that surge — and when you get a surge like that, you can translate it to increasing your product’s ranking and longevity (as well as boosting your reputation, reviews and metrics). Don’t Forget to Think About the Future, Too One

6 06, 2017

Why You Need Amazon Product Reviews

Product reviews on Amazon can increase your sales, which, in turn, increases your need to sell more competitively and efficiently. Let's take a lot at some of the reasons why they are importnat. The Importance of Amazon Product Reviews Here’s why product reviews matter so much: They can help boost sales: Customers don’t have the luxury of inspecting a product in person and asking the merchant questions about it in real time. So, they rely on the experiences of others by reading their reviews. If you have a cadre of (good) reviews, then it helps increase your chances of ‘convincing’ a consumer to buy a product. They can help build trust in your reputation and brand: When it comes to selling online, reputation is almost everything. And if you have a good one by virtue of almost all buyers saying excellent things about you, then it stands to reason future buyers will feel more positively about taking a chance on you, too. They can help to build customer loyalty: It’s been shown time and time again that shoppers will pay higher prices for the same

5 06, 2017

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

If you’re at all hip to the social media scene, then Amazon’s Influencer Program is something you should be paying attention to. It’s a (so far) exclusive club in which influencers can get commission on products that are sold. But if you’re not quite sure what the fuss is all about, then RepricerExpress will break down the nuts and bolts of it for you. How the Amazon Influencer Program Works It’s pretty similar to how Amazon Affiliate works — users can build links and shopping ads, and then integrate them onto their own websites or blogs. When people click on that link and buy a product, the affiliate gets a commission on the product, the amount of which depends on what type of product was sold. Anyone can sign up and get started, which is the biggest differentiation between that and Amazon’s Influencer Program. With Amazon’s Influencer Program, people have to fill out an application. And even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll get into the program. They’ll have to meet certain criteria for acceptance, some of which includes: Have a large following. There’s no set-in-stone

2 06, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to this week's eFocus, RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of ecommerce and Amazon news. Amazon's newest bricks and mortar store opens in New York: BBC News reports that despite Amazon’s success in the digital world’s market, it is rare to see them within a bricks and mortar building. However, the company opened its seventh US bookshop in New York last week. Jennifer Cast, the vice-president of Amazon Books, said the company's "customer-obsessed" focus is driving the real-world expansion. Continue reading… Amazon’s drive-up grocery stores are now open to the public in Seattle: Chris Welch at The Verge reports that Amazon has opened two drive-up grocery stores to the public after testing the locations first with its own employees. Both are in the Seattle area and allow Amazon Prime subscribers to place an online order and choose a two-hour pickup window for when they’d like to drive over and retrieve it. Continue reading… Amazon patents a parachute shipping label for drone deliveries: Amar Toor at The Verge reports that Amazon has received a patent for a shipping label that includes a built-in parachute, “to enable the delivery of

1 06, 2017

3 Ways to Increase Your Average Selling Price on Amazon

Guest blog post by Stephen Smotherman from Full-Time FBA Your ASP (average selling price) is the average amount of money you make in sales per item you sell on Amazon. ASP is calculated by dividing the dollar amount of sales by the number of items sold. To find your ASP, follow these steps: Log in to Seller Central. Hover over Reports. Click on Business Reports. Check out your Sales Snapshot – your ASP is the amount listed for “Avg. sales/order item.” Raising your ASP can benefit your Amazon FBA business. You can save a lot of money on FBA fees. You can save time, money, and effort on prepping and shipping items. You can give yourself more wiggle room for price fluctuations. You can increase your Amazon disbursements. But HOW do you go about raising your ASP? It may seem easier said than done, but the reality is you can take a few steps to impact your ASP and give your Amazon FBA profits a boost. Here are our suggestions for increasing your ASP: 1. Set a minimum selling price parameter A while back, we