Project Description

ProfitSourcery finds products which can be purchased from well-known UK based online retailers and sold on Amazon for a profit after fees.

ProfitSourcery searches through millions of products from thousands of retailers every month to find products which can be purchased online and sold on Amazon with an ROI of 30% upwards after Amazon & FBA fees are taken into account. Customers on the top Accelerator plans only see products in the top 1% of fastest sellers in each category.

ProfitSourcery customers receive a unique randomly supplied list of profitable products every day to their browser based dashboard. Each one of these products is supplied alongside a wealth of information allowing customers to make well informed purchasing decisions.

Only two in every ten thousand products we analyse meet our profit margin and sales rank criteria. Finding these products yourself would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, it would take hours of tedious work trawling the web. ProfitSourcery delivers a new list of products to your dashboard every day; all that’s left to do is decide which ones provide the best opportunity for you.

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