15 Reasons Sellers Use Amazon Repricing Software

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There are many reasons why Amazon sellers choose to make the switch from manual repricing or another repricing service to RepricerExpress. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why sellers choose to automate their Amazon pricing with RepricerExpress, Amazon repricing software. By far, the most common reason is number one…can you guess what it is?

#1. To save time

“Because its takes a long time to manually change prices on Amazon.”
“Just giving it a go as sick of doing it manually”

#2. Cheaper than Appeagle

“We currently use Appeagle but for the $150 a month I’m not seeing that much of a change in sales. With about 1,000 items, I need something that converts while paying for itself.”

Note: Sellers can reprice 1,000 SKUs for just $50 with RepricerExpress. A saving of $1,200 per year!

“Excluding all the “exotic” ones, we ended up choosing between Appeagle and RepricerExpress. Your service is considerably cheaper than Appeagle.”

#3. Free 15-day trial, no credit card

“Firstly you’re number one on Google when you type this in: amazon pricing software. I had a look at a few and yours is by far the cheapest but looked very straight forward to set up and the trial is free rather than most companies that give you a free trial but take your card details and bill you after the period offered automatically. I must say I am very impressed with the system and it’s already saving me £££££ so very happy and keep up the good work.”

#4. Great customer service

“When l got to the website I was immediately greeted by an associate named Leigh who answered all of my questions and guided me through the process. The immediate and knowledgeable customer service was what did it for me.”

#5. To beat my Amazon competition

“Last two nights I have sat in front of my laptop trying to out manoeuvre a competitor on one particular listing… I’m hoping I can now have a life and grow my fledgling business.”

Compete and save time with managing listings on Amazon.”

#6. Maximise profits

“Looking for a solution to better maximize profits and save time.”

“RepricerExpress allows me to get the Buy Box like other software does but it continues increasing the price after getting the Buy Box to allow me to maximize my profit.”

#7. Increase sales

“Hi, we are a new entrant on Amazon and are having a hard time getting sales started. We are very big and good at eBay. But Amazon is our future I think.”

“I’m looking for more sales, and to have some of my more long term items priced competitively.”

#8. Great user interface. Easy to use.

“Liked your website – explanation of how it works – I am not technical but am going to give this software a go!”

“1. Price is cheaper than the competition.
2. The interface is neat and easy to understand.
3. RepricerExpress supports real-time Repricing.”

“I needed a repricer and from all the others I’ve seen online this one looked to be easy to work with and price is also great.”

#9. Instant repricing

“I want an instant re-pricer (the one I currently use updates 3 times a day and I’m losing sales in that time). Your product reprices instantly and has lots of extra features that would be good as I build my Amazon business.”

“I want to try RepricerExpress as before I was using Mean Repricer which wasn’t fast enough to change prices as we need it.”

#10. Recommended by a friend

“Was recommended by a friend who uses your software.”

“Trying to optimize my Amazon sales and got referred to RepricerExpress by a friend of mine who’s very happy with the product.”

#11. Win more Buy Boxes

“Goal of winning more Buy Boxes.”

“Higher percentage of the Buy Box, while protecting profit margins.”

#12. Repricing when asleep

“The sleep function allowing upwards repricing overnight has always been something I have wanted!”

#13. Essential tool for FBA

“It is necessary to reprice to be competitive on Amazon.”

Simple reason – I needed a repricer! I chose RepricerExpress because the price plans are good value (allow for a reasonable number of SKUs) and the simplicity/power balance is good.

#14. No commissions ever!

“I signed up because you are not a percentage based service and you have very useful graphs showing what I do and don’t have the Buy Box on. I also love the ability to find all of the parts I do not have the Buy Box on, export them as an excel document, and then have them treated different to try and maximize my sales.”

“I had been using Feedvisor and 300 a month plus 1% of sales is way too much for my small business esp when profit margins are low already due to crazy folks selling for so little.”

#15. Better than other repricers

Way cheaper than Feedvisor for the same coverage/work we find it best to switch.”

“Cost, continuous repricing, and the fact that you do two things that I don’t see many other repricers doing:
1. Increasing price by a small amount when I’m in the Buy Box to maximize profit.
2. Stop repricing during the night for an hour or two to raise everyone else’s prices.”

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