A full suite of tools to beat your Amazon competitors

A complete up to the minute view
of your products’ prices.

See current pricing data across all your listings and all your marketplaces.

RepricerExpress Buy Box and Top 20 notifications

Buy Box & Top 20

Quickly jump to listings that are Buy Box winners or in the top 20 sellers.

RepricerExpress price change updates

Price changes

See how many products have changed price in the last hour, 24 hours and last seven days.

Filter your repricing data

Filter your data

Quickly filter your data with clickable results per marketplace.

RepricerExpress system status updates

System status

See at a glance when repricing last took place and when new listings were last imported.

Click straight through to Min and Max prices

At Min and Max

Products at Min, Max and lowest price are only a click away.

RepricerExpress channel overview

Channel overview

See your Amazon channel statuses and number of SKUs repricing on each.

Every single product price and history a click away

Easily filter, find and edit your products’ pricing in bulk or one by one.

RepricerExpress has powerful filtering features

Powerful filtering

View the products you need to see with powerful filtering and search options.

RepricerExpress bulk editing features

Bulk editing

Switch repricing on/off, change rules and update Min/Max values in bulk.

Quick links to inventory filters

Quick links

Jump to common filtered inventory views with the click of a button.

RepricerExpress has bulk import/export features

Bulk imports/exports

You can make bulk changes to your listings via CSV files.

RepricerExpress currency settings for up-to-date repricing on international listings

Currency settings

Automatic daily currency rates keep your international pricing up-to-date.

Access historical import and export files

File history

Access your most recent imports and exports and re-download files.

RepricerExpress product overview

Product overview

Click on a product to see its pricing on every one of your channels.

RepricerExpress product competition detail

Product competition

Click on a product to see its price and position against the Buy Box and other sellers.

RepricerExpress product history

Product history

Click on a product to see its price history over the last week.

Compete on Amazon according to your rules

RepricerExpress gives you the tools to customise your pricing strategies to fit your own unique needs as an Amazon seller.

RepricerExpress repricing rules templates


Start repricing super-fast with template rules that are tried and tested.

RepricerExpress Buy Box features

Buy Box options

Compete exclusively with Featured Sellers and price only against the Buy Box holder.

Custom repricing rules

Custom Pricing

Create as many rules as you like and apply to groups of listings.

RepricerExpress allows you to create Min/Maxs quickly

Min and Max values

Quickly create Min/Max values based on your current listings.

You can compete with Amazon differently to FBA and other merchants.

Compete with flexibility

You can compete with Amazon differently to FBA and other merchants.

RepricerExpress includes shipping costs in your pricing

Shipping included

RepricerExpress takes account of competitor shipping costs for competitiveness.

Filter your competitors

RepricerExpress offers unlimited flexibility in how you filter your competition according to…

Filter competition according to Item Condition

Item condition

Choose which item condition you wish to compete with.

RepricerExpress allows you to include or exclude certain sellers from your competition

Include/exclude sellers

Include or exclude particular sellers from your competition.

Filter competition according to Seller Rating Percentage.

Seller rating

Choose the minimum seller rating you would like to compete with.

Filter competition according to Seller Feedback Count.

Seller feedback

Choose the least number of Seller Feedback your competition must have.

Filter competition according to where products ship from.

Ship from location

Include or exclude sellers based upon the countries the item is shipped from.

Filter competition according to when products are dispatched.

Dispatch time

Exclude sellers with dispatch/ship times above a certain number of days.

Intelligently increase prices

RepricerExpress has smart options to increase your sales and profitability when common scenarios arise.

RepricerExpress can increase your profits in the Buy Box

If Buy Box winner

Try to keep the Buy Box and increase your price for more profit.

RepricerExpress can put your repricing to sleep and raise prices during quiet trading times.

Sleep mode

Pause repricing in the evening and reset to max to push competitor prices up.

RepricerExpress allows you to compete against the next best seller if you can

Common scenarios

Adjust your repricing under common scenarios to maximise profits.

Speed, security and reliability

Setup Amazon repricing in less than 20 minutes with RepricerExpress super-fast setup.

Super-fast setup

You could be set up and repricing your listings in as little as 20 minutes.

Continuous repricing across all RepricerExpress plans.

Reprice continuously

RepricerExpress continuously monitors prices 24/7 and reacts accordingly.

Amazon sellers can avoid throttling limits using RepricerExpress

Avoid throttling

If you want to avoid throttling choose RepricerExpress for 24/7 performance.

Try repricing in Safe Mode without affecting live listings.

Safe mode

Try repricing in Safe Mode without affecting live prices then switch on when ready.

RepricerExpress is hosted on enterprise-level servers with full encryption and automatic backups.

Secure infrastructure

Your data is hosted on enterprise-level encrypted servers with automatic backups.

RepricerExpress has experienced developers with over 11 years of repricing history.

Built by the experts

11 years of e-commerce software development has gone into RepricerExpress.

RepricerExpress is a proud member of Amazon

Amazon partner

We’re a proud member of Amazon’s Partner Network and don’t engage in web scraping.

RepricerExpress can help you use Amazon’s own safety net of Min/Maxs to avoid pricing errors.

Amazon safety net

We can help you use Amazon’s own safety net of Min/Max to avoid pricing errors.

Avoid deactivation of listings on Amazon by uploading your Min and Max prices.

Avoid deactivations

Use RepricerExpress to create Min/Max prices and avoid deactivation of listings.

Made for Amazon sellers

RepricerExpress allows repricing across eight Amazon marketplaces from one repricing account.

Multiple Amazon marketplaces

Reprice seamlessly across eight Amazon marketplaces from one RepricerExpress subscription.

RepricerExpress uses Amazon’s newest Subscriptions API for superior repricing performance.

Integrated with Amazon Subs API

RepricerExpress uses Amazon’s newest Subscriptions API for superior repricing performance.

RepricerExpress integrates and works with your existing systems as it directly communicates with your Amazon account.

Works with your existing software

RepricerExpress integrates directly with your Amazon account, so no other setups are required.

RepricerExpress is trusted by over 2,000 Amazon sellers of all sizes.

Trusted by sellers

Join over 2,000 happy Amazon sellers who collectively reprice 74+ million listings daily.

RepricerExpress has experienced support staff that can help with your Amazon repricing needs.

Famous support

Our experienced team is famously helpful and super-responsive to any questions you may have.

RepricerExpress has integrated help screens and walkthroughs to assist Amazon sellers with their repricing.

In-built help

Every screen has in-built help and tours to help you without ever having to leave the app.

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