12 12, 2018

How and Why to Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

Guest post by Thomas from LandingCube If you haven’t heard, Amazon is taking over the world. They already account for around half of all product searches online. Making it the number one platform for individual ecommerce sellers starting out. And Amazon’s only getting bigger, expanding their operations within in the US, and abroad. Taking that into account, it might surprise you to hear that top Amazon sellers are all driving traffic to Amazon. Capturing and driving external traffic to your Amazon listing is a great way to get a leg up over your competition while building your business into more than just another Amazon store.   Why Drive External Traffic? Amazon is the first point of call for millions of shoppers, worldwide. So why not rely on organic Amazon traffic? There are several reasons why driving external traffic is a must for Amazon stores: Get Seen Ahead of Your Competition Optimising your Amazon listing for organic sales should always be your first point of call. But the problem is, all your competitors are doing this too. With more and more jumping on the FBA bandwagon,

11 12, 2018

Make Online Selling Decisions with Data, Not Emotion

Making emotions-based decisions is what separates us from robots, when all other things are equal. But it’s not always the best strategy. Leading with data, especially when it comes to big, monumental decisions, can be the razor-thin difference-maker between just hanging on and actual success. RepricerExpress takes a look at when and why you should be using data, not emotions, to make decisions when selling online.   Researching and Deciding Which Products to List There are two ways of approaching deciding which products to sell: items you like and would/do buy for yourself, and items with a cushy profit margin. Sometimes the former works out and you can make good money from it, but sometimes you’ll have to go with the latter until you reach a point of stability where the former is possible. A decent profit margin is about 25%, calculated after how much you’ve spent on the products and their advertising. Using this number, it becomes very easy to see how data can pave the way. Maybe you love silk sweaters, but if they’re only bringing in a 10% profit margin, it’s a

10 12, 2018

How to Prepare for Selling on Amazon in 2019

So, Christmas is coming and we aren’t far off getting to that last chance to send items into Amazon so that our customers can receive their items before Christmas Day. That means that we are probably putting in the grind right now to get as many items, probably toys, sent in as soon as possible. Within this very busy period, sellers will probably overlook how they need to prepare for after Christmas and 2019. I’m going to give you a few tips to help you prepare for January and the after-Christmas slump in sales. I’ve learnt these things from experiencing Q4 2017 on Amazon and will be implementing these into my own business when the time comes.   Steps to take in December We are going to be sending our last toys shipment on the 14th December and this is because by the time UPS process it and send it to Amazon, Amazon process it, it sells, and gets delivered to the customer it will most likely be just before Christmas. After 25th December, toy sales will slow down massively and so you want to

7 12, 2018

The Top 5 Amazon News Stories of the Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon robot sets off bear repellent, putting 24 workers in hospital: Jasper Jolly at The Guardian reports that Twenty-four employees at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey were taken to hospital after a robot accidentally punctured a can of bear repellent. The 255g can containing concentrated capsaicin, a compound in chilli peppers, was punctured by an automated machine after it fell off a shelf, according to local media. The incident happened on Wednesday at a warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey, on the outskirts of Trenton. Continue reading... Amazon Prime customers bought 2 billion items on one-day delivery in 2018: Steven Musil at CNET reports that Amazon Prime subscribers, who pay $119, £79 or AU$59 annually for perks such as free shipping and access to music, movies and TV shows, purchased more than 2 billion items on the site with one-day or faster delivery, the internet retailer said Sunday. And the most popular item on the speedy Amazon Prime Now service was bananas. Continue reading... Amazon 'testing cashierless technology for

4 12, 2018

3 Things to Consider Before Drop Shipping on Amazon or eBay

Guest post by Manish from E2M Solutions When many online entrepreneurs start the research process for launching an online business, they are often given the advice to look into drop shipping. On the surface level, drop shipping sounds almost too good to be true. Essentially, it allows you to run a profitable online business without ever purchasing or even touching your inventory. Someone else does all the hard work, while you sit at home on your laptop keeping your website running. Furthermore, you can even use drop shipping to run your Amazon or eBay store, eliminating the need to create a website of your own for ecommerce. However, drop shipping is not all feathers and unicorns. There are certainly some risks that come along with it, and if you are not prepared to handle them, it could eat significantly into your profit margins. Before you decide to partner with a drop shipper for your online business, be sure that you weigh the pros and cons. Let’s discuss everything that you need to take into consideration beforehand.   1. Niche Store or General The type of

3 12, 2018

How to Deal With an eBay Account Suspension

If an eBay user violates eBay’s policies, they can have their account suspended, which leads to an interruption of sales and the potential for more, serious ramifications. To protect yourself on eBay, RepricerExpress will explore how suspensions happen, what you can do to remedy things, and how to avoid suspension in the future.   Common Reasons for eBay Account Suspensions Saying an eBay user can get suspended for violating eBay’s policies is pretty broad, so here are the four most common reasons users get their accounts suspended. 1. Late Shipping Orders One of the biggest deciding factors buyers make when narrowing down choices between buyers is shipping time. And if you’re late on what you promised, you’re at risk of buyers complaining. But late shipping isn’t just about when a product arrives, it’s also about when you send it out. Once you’ve received payment, you shouldn’t be exceeding more than a couple hours to have it shipped out. 2. Late Tracking Number Buyers get anxious about the status of their product shipment, and a tracking number helps them see where the item is during delivery.

30 11, 2018

The Top 5 Amazon News Stories of the Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon is being investigated by the German antitrust authority: David Reid at CNBC reports that German authorities have launched a probe into Amazon's treatment of sellers on the website The cartel office in Germany said it had received "many complaints" over Amazon's conduct. The European Union is already investigating Amazon's use of data gathered from online sellers. Continue reading... Amazon's self-driving AI robo-car – THE TRUTH (it's a few inches in size): The Register reports that at its re:Invent gathering in Las Vegas, AWS teased a machine-learning inference chip called Inferentia and a small radio-controlled car called DeepRacer for executing autonomous driving models in the real-world and terrifying pets. First, the car. It's a 1/18th scale race car that's ostensibly intended to help people understand and implement reinforcement learning. It may also help with customer acquisition, retention and spending. Continue reading... New York labour leaders: Amazon has 'record of routinely mistreating workers': Erin Durkin at The Guardian reports that as Amazon looks to come to town, New

29 11, 2018

5 Key Differences Between FBA and Seller Fulfilled Prime

How to ship items is one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make when selling on Amazon, and there are two main methods: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). RepricerExpress is here to help, showing you five key differences between the two so you can make the best decision for yourself.   1. How Items are Fulfilled This refers to the whole process of picking, packing, and shipping, as well as the costs associated with each. FBA: Amazon takes care of the whole thing. You’ll send stock to one (or more) of their distribution centres, and when a buyer purchases an item, Amazon will pick it, package it, and send it on its way. SFP: You won’t pay fulfillment fees to Amazon, but you will be in charge of shipping fees. That’s because all the responsibility of sending the product to the buyer rests on your shoulders.   2. The Fees You’ll Pay It’s not totally free to sell on Amazon, but the fulfillment method you choose will influence the fees you pay. FBA: If you choose FBA, you’ll be paying

27 11, 2018

How to Growth Hack Your Amazon Private Label Business

Starting a private label business on Amazon can lead to amazing things — if you know the ins and outs of getting it off the ground. If you feel like you’re spinning your tyres and aren’t sure of how to take things to the next level, RepricerExpress has some solid strategies you can use.   Make Sure You’re Selling the Right Product There are a few factors that determine if a product has a good shot of doing well. Cost: Find a product that sells between $10-50, as that’s the sweet spot for it generally doing well. Going under $10 opens it up to having a reputation for being cheap-quality, while going above $50 tells buyers it’s an investment and requires thinking about. The $10-50 range makes it much easier for customers to click ‘buy’ without over-analysing or having regrets. Size: Small and light are the magic adjectives here. The easier and less expensive it is to ship, the more enticing it is to buyers. Try to keep things in the 18 x 14 x 8 inches size. Competition: If you’re having to battle with

23 11, 2018

The Top 5 Amazon News Stories of the Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon hit with major data breach days before Black Friday: Miles Brignall at The Guardian has revealed that Amazon has suffered a major data breach that caused customer names and email addresses to be disclosed on its website, just two days ahead of Black Friday. The ecommerce giant said it has emailed affected customers but refused to give any more details on how many people were affected or where they are based. The firm said the issue was not a breach of its website or any of its systems, but a technical issue that inadvertently posted customer names and email addresses to its website. Continue reading... Amazon reverses decision to block international sites in Australia: Sam Byford at The Verge reports that as a result of customer feedback, Amazon is no longer going to block users in Australia from accessing or other international versions of the site. In July, Amazon started redirecting Australian users to and stopped shipping to Australian addresses following new goods and service