17 11, 2017

Guidelines for Amazon Toys & Games Sellers This Holiday Season

If you’re thinking about selling in Toys & Games this holiday season, there are a few things you need to know. Amazon has a list of holiday restrictions it puts out for 17 November to 5 January — for Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) sellers. For Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers, you can sell without these restrictions as long as your account is in good health. But for everyone else, RepricerExpress has what you need to know.   Amazon’s Criteria for Selling in Toys & Games Over the Holidays You need to meet all of the criteria below before you can sell Toy & Games on Amazon this holiday season. 1. Your first sale on Amazon must occur prior to September 15, 2017. The sale does not need to be specific to the Toys & Games store. As long as you’ve had at least one sale by now (and it doesn’t have to be in Toys & Games, it can be in any category), you’ve ticked off the first box on the checklist. But wait, there’s more. 2. You must process and ship at least 25

17 11, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Alibaba smashes Singles’ Day records with 39% sales lift: Chris Dawson at Tamebay reports that Alibaba‘s Singles’ Day records have been smashed yet again with a massive $25.3 billion of merchandise being sold. That’s 39% above the 2016 Singles’ Day sales total of $17.8 billion which was eclipsed after just 13 hours and nine minutes into the shopping extravaganza. Total GMV of $25.3 billion was generated by 812 million orders up 23% from last year. Continue reading... Source: Tamebay Amazon will become a $1 trillion giant in 2018: Shona Ghosh at Business Insider UK reports that Amazon could be worth $1 trillion (£763 billion) by the end of 2018, according to a bullish calculation by Morgan Stanley. The bank also predicted the firm could hit a $2,000 (£1,526) share price in the next 12 months. The major reason: Amazon has built several fast-growing businesses on top of its core, massive retail business. Specifically, there's Amazon Web Services, advertising and Prime subscriptions. All of these are fledgling compared to

15 11, 2017

7 Quick Tips to Help You Win the Amazon Buy Box

If you're a seller on Amazon, you'll know the importance on winning the Buy Box. We’ve put together seven quick tips to help you grab your share of the Buy Box and increase your sales and profits.   1. Become Buy Box Eligible It’s simple: although not all sellers who’ve achieved Buy Box Eligibility (previously Featured Merchant) status will win a Buy Box, those sellers who are not Buy Box Eligible are not eligible to win a Buy Box. To get there, you need to have been selling for at least three to six months (the timeline depends on which category you sell in) and have a better-than-average seller rating.   2. Have Star-Level Metrics in Your Seller Central Account Let’s say you’ve got a seller rating above 90% and really good numbers in all the categories. But you still haven’t won a Buy Box. Why’s that? It could very well be because there’s a seller you’re competing with you has better numbers in each category. Amazon uses an algorithm in determining which sellers get a Buy Box, which means it follows certain rules. And

14 11, 2017

The Psychology of Amazon Pricing

As a reader of RepricerExpress, you know we’re all about helping you optimise the price of your products. But one topic that doesn’t come up often enough is the psychology of pricing items on Amazon. There are certain Jedi mind tricks you can employ to help bring in more sales to your corner, and we’ve got five you should start testing out right now.   1. Lower the Left Digit by One Say you’ve got a price in mind, like $10. When you lower that by one to $9.99, you’re practicing charm pricing, which has been shown over and over again to increase the conversion rate. However, it’s important you focus on the left digit. A one-penny decrease between other numbers, like $3.79 to $3.78 doesn’t really matter because people don’t perceive it as anchoring the magnitude of the decrease. Lowering the left digit by one feels like a bigger decrease than any other one-cent reduction.   2. Emphasise the Product’s Prestige and Uniqueness At the opposite end to charm pricing is prestige pricing, which means you round up prices to the nearest rounded figure,

13 11, 2017

How Ryan Grant Makes Millions on Amazon

Ryan Grant is a 28-year old making millions on Amazon by raiding clearance sections at Walmart and Target and reselling these items on Amazon for a profit — a process known as retail arbitrage. Four years ago, Ryan decided accountancy wasn't for him and quit his job to focus on retail arbitrage full-time. Currently, his Amazon business makes six-figure profits every year. Read Ryan's story below.   How it all started One of the first ways Ryan made money on Amazon was by organising events on campus where he would buy old textbooks from other students. Ryan made around $10,000 each year doing this. To save time, Ryan turned to Fulfilment by Amazon, which enabled him to ship all the books in bulk and meant Amazon would take care of the best. At weekends, Ryan could be found scanning items using Amazon's app and checking what profit he could make by reselling online. "I was putting in about 10 hours per week and I was making in the ballpark of $1,000 per month." Once Ryan knew he could make the same money reselling on Amazon

10 11, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon. This 28-year-old's company makes millions buying from Walmart and selling on Amazon: Zack Guzman at CNBC reports on how our friend Ryan Grant makes millions. Only four years after quitting his accounting job to flip purchases full-time, his business is making well into the six figures in profits per year. As a student at Winona State University, he organised textbook buyback events on campus twice a year. He listed the books on Amazon and shipped them out to customers around the country for a profit of up to $10,000 a year. Continue reading... Related: Check out Ryan's excellent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit Amazon adds its own discounts to third-party seller products: Steve Dent at Engadget reports that Amazon is cutting the prices of third-party seller items at its own expense to be more competitive with other online sites. The items are labelled as "Discount provided by Amazon". The discounts are less than 10 percent and appear to only be applied for sellers that use Amazon's fulfilment service. Continue

9 11, 2017

7 Top Holiday Pricing and Sourcing Strategies for FBA

Guest post by Stephen from Full-Time FBA Q4, it’s one of the best letter/number combinations for an FBA seller. Q4 stands for the Fourth Quarter of sales for the year. In the business world, Q4 indicates the months of October, November, and December, but for the Amazon world, our biggest sales come in November, December and January. Traditionally, when it comes to sales, Q4 brings a huge increase. It’s not a stretch to say that a person selling on Amazon could potentially triple or quadruple their payouts in Q4.  I’ve experienced Q4 five times as an Amazon seller, and I can testify to this. In fact in 2012, I was awarded by Amazon as a Top Holiday Seller. This meant that my sales ranked in the top 25% of all Amazon sellers and my customer satisfaction ratings were excellent (A+) during that period. (Note, 2012 was the last time Amazon handed out this distinction). Here are some thoughts I have as we are currently in Q4. These are suggestions that helped me get awarded Top Holiday Seller in 2012, and have caused me to increase my

9 11, 2017

Amazon to Discontinue Sponsored Product Ads on the Right Rail

According to CPC Strategy, Amazon have discountinued Sponsored Products Ads that appeared on the right rail. Amazon have not released an official announcement but have confirmed the discontinuation of Sponsored Products right rail ads to CPC Strategy. Sponsored Products are a powerful tool for driving traffic and increasing sales for Amazon sellers. The discontinuation of Sponsored Products right rail ads will: Allow Sponsored Product advertisements to blend in more seamlessly with organic listings. Make the Amazon shopping experience more consistent across mobile and desktop. Give Sponsored Product ad placements the opportunity to occupy even more space at the top of the SERP. Increase click volume and click through rates for these ads. H/t to CPC Strategy

8 11, 2017

[Infographic] 4 Top Ecommerce Inventory Management Stats

Mastering your inventory management strategy is hugely important for ecommerce retailers. Over 70% of online shoppers would search for an item elsewhere if it was unavailable, rather than wait any length of time for it to come back in stock. Selling out of a product in your warehouse can be massively harmful to your overall sales especially at this time of the year. But keeping too much inventory on-hand can be a massive drain on cash and resources. Being able to manage inventory effectively and efficiently is massively important to cash flow. It's also a great way for retailers to save money. With that in mind, our friends at Veeqo have produced this handy infographic outlining four inventory management stats that every ecommerce retailer should know. Inventory management is a large and complex subject - but if you're serious about growing your ecommerce brand, it's something you need to master. Click here for a complete guide to inventory management. Related: 5 Insider Tips To Help You Grow Your Amazon Business

7 11, 2017

4 Last-Minute Tips to Increase Amazon Sales Before Black Friday

Selling on Amazon allows you access to millions of their customers including 63 million Amazon Prime customers but it's a hugely competitive market with all third-party sellers trying to grab a slice of the pie. The Buy Box is the Holy Grail for Amazon sellers but getting it and staying in it, is a lot easier said than done. Like most things in life, if you want something, then you need to work hard to achieve that goal. Here's four tips which can help boost your sales this holiday season, if you're not afraid of a bit of hard work!   #1. Competitive Pricing Repricing is important all year round but even more so at the holiday season. Take advantage of hot products or competitors' selling out by increasing your prices at these times to maximise your profit margin. With repricing software like RepricerExpress, you can keep an eye on your competitors' prices and boost your Buy Box chances. Ensure you have ample stock of hot products in order to meet the inevitable increase in demand. And, don't worry if you have stock left over