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No problem—we routinely reprice over 75 million listings daily and cater for sellers with 50,000 to 5 million + listings. If you want to avoid throttling limits on Amazon and need an AWS certified partner that can listen to your individual needs….

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Plumbing Bits & Bobs Testimonial

“Since signing up to RepricerExpress I only need to spend about 10 minutes a day on the very intuitive dashboard. Most importantly I have seen a 40% increase in sales which has covered the cost of the monthly subscription many, many times over.”

Chris Richards, Plumbing Bits & Bobs

Reprice across 11 Amazon marketplaces

Thousands of successful Amazon sellers rely on RepricerExpress every day to keep their
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RepricerExpress 5 Star Rating

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Extremely fast

“We found other companies charging more to match the repricing frequency of RepricerExpress. Competitors were repricing every hour, however, we pretty much have continuous repricing for only £39 per month!”

Philip Murray

Channels: 1, Listings: 1,983

Sales increasing

“RepricerExpress has helped our sales increase by more than 170% during the 3 weeks we have been using it. Setup was very quick and simple—it now runs without the need for constant attention which saves us a lot of time.”

Jose Puyol

Channels: 3, Listings: 8,074

Great support

“We moved repricing out of our multichannel software for greater speed and flexibility. Integration with our systems was seamless and their team handled our 2 million + Listings without any problems at all.”

Brad Newell

Channels: 7, Listings: 2 million +

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