5 Reasons To Use Repricing Software for Amazon and eBay

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If you know us here at RepricerExpress, you’ll know one of our most favourite topics in the whole wide world is the excitement of repricing software (no need to laugh, please). We admit we’re a bit dorky with it, but when it saves you this much time, energy and money, that’s something to get pretty darn excited about. And if you have an Amazon or eBay store, we’re about to give you five reasons to get hot and bothered yourself.

1. The Control’s Squarely in Your Hands

Know what sucks about selling online? When you have to abide by someone else’s rules, even though you know better and more efficient ways of doing so. But oh hey, a little piece of magic known as repricing software lets you customise and control your products’ prices exactly how you want. And when that happens, you can compete more strongly because you can fine-tune aspects that work for you instead of your competitors.

2. Higher Sales

This one’s one of the most popular reasons for using repricing software, because it’s also one of the ones that shows itself most prominently. When you’re able to set prices more competitive, your buyers will notice—and respond with their wallets.

3. Better Understanding of Final Profit Figure

When you’re the buyer, the only three numbers you care about are product price, tax and shipping. And when you come across a good seller, all that is wrapped up into one. But when you’re on the other side being a seller, you’ve got to worry about lots more numbers than that. A-ha, and repricing software can eliminate a lot of that worry!

You can use RepricerExpress to factor in every aspect of the net margin (i.e. listing fee, tax, shipping costs, storage fees, etc.) and work that into the final price.

4. Instant Results

Remember ye olden days of pre-internet? Those memories are pretty fuzzy, but one thing that sticks out is the luxury of time. That’s not there any more because everything happens almost instantaneously, and you’ve got to make sure you react just as quickly to when your competitors change their prices so you can do the same. But trawling their pages means you’re wasting valuable time on your own work, especially when there’s software that can just do it for you.

5. Choose Quantity as Well as Quality

We can’t deny that one of the biggest benefits to not using repricing software is you get to control each and every single listing. But what about when you have multiple items that can be priced the same, such as t-shirts, books or gardening supplies?

Then, it doesn’t make much sense to do it by hand. No no, you’ve got to use repricing software to upload and tweak prices in batches, not singles.

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There are plenty of decisions in life that require careful thought and consideration, but opting to go with RepricerExpress is not one of them. It’s something that’s simple, fast, quick and easy to use, and takes a lot less thought to use it than even tying your shoes. Don’t believe us? Test-drive it for free for 15 days and see for yourself.

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