RepricerExpress has compiled a list of great ecommerce tools that can help you grow your online business.


1. Facebook advertising

AdWords has traditionally been the main pay-per-click (PPC) driver of website traffic and it’s still a great place to start. However, with the increase in social media usage Facebook advertising has risen in popularity. You set your budget and target audience and then measure effectiveness. If you’re getting a good return on your investment, you might want to consider increasing your budget.

Price: Free + whatever you want to spend


2. RepricerExpress

According to FBA Seller Jeff Roth, 90% of part-time FBA sellers and 100% of full-time sellers should be using repricing software. Repricing software such as RepricerExpress will save you time (no more manual repricing), optimise your sales and profits and help you win the Buy Box more often. With plans starting at £39, it’s a no-brainer for any serious Amazon sellers.

Price: 15-day free trial then plans starting at £39 per month with no commission


3. Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is the most accurate estimate of traffic out there. It’s ideal for keyword research when thinking about what terms to go after for SEO, what keywords to focus your PPC on and even for research into a new niche.

Price: Free


4. FeedbackExpress

Amazon feedback software, FeedbackExpress, is a tool to help Amazon sellers automate communication with their buyers. Sellers can pro-actively email buyers to ensure a smooth experience, and ask them to leave positive feedback. The service also monitors seller feedback and can alert you right away when a customer leaves a negative feedback, allowing you to address the issue quickly and work to restore your reputation.

Price: Free 30-day trial then plans starting at £14.95 per month


5. Terapeak

Terapeak empowers sellers to grow their businesses. It helps sellers by offering insights into how products perform and how shoppers behave online. The software makes sense of some of the biggest data sets around to tell you about trends and selling opportunities that matter right now.

Price: Free or plans ranging from £4.99-£9.99 per month


6. Omnisend

Omnisend is omnichannel marketing automation tool. It helps ecommerce business to communicate with their customers at the right time and channel. The software allows you to send messages to your customer via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Web Push Notifications.

Price: From $60 per month


Final Thoughts

There are a plethora of tools available for ecommerce sellers. Obviously, we’re biased but the one which we champion is RepricerExpress, Amazon repricing software. Many of our customers continue to benefit from time savings whilst also gaining a spot in the Buy Box more often. The best bit?—there’s a free 15-day trial so you can try out the software without it costing you a penny.

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