Selling on Amazon isn’t a perfect process and you’re bound to screw up every now and then. But with advice from RepricerExpress, you can minimise the common Amazon listings mistakes you make and streamline your experience as much as possible.

Mistake 1: Forgetting How to Configure Keywords for Amazon

Google’s the most popular search engine and it’s easy to think that what works there will work everywhere else. But that’s not the case, as Amazon uses their own special algorithm when it comes to searches. And the way in which this is manifested is through keywords.

Because Google is so vastly used, almost everyone’s familiar with their formula: repetition is the key to success. On Amazon though, the opposite is true. All you have to do is discover unique keywords relevant to your products — and use them once.

Mistake 2: Inaccuracy in Prices and Quantities

The Q&A section on your products page is where potential buyers can ask you more detailed questions than may appear in your listing, but there are some basic areas that should never need more queries.

Price is one of them. It’s tempting to put in a low price to gauge buyers’ reactions, but on the internet, word travels fast. If you don’t want to sell your items for rock-bottom prices, either double- and triple-check before posting (because it goes live immediately!) or use a repricer to handle the work for you.

And when it comes to quantities, the same applies. Your listing goes live as soon as you hit the proverbial ‘enter’ button, so don’t list inventory you can’t pack and ship. It’s okay to start off as a newbie seller with zero inventory (but don’t keep it that way for long), just list it as having no products — yet.

Mistake 3: Taking Too Long to Respond to Questions

If consumers are taking the time to post a question on your page, it’s because they’ve narrowed their search into a shortlist that includes you. So if you take more than a day to respond to their questions, not only will you get reprimanded by Amazon, but your shopper will lose interest — and you’ll lose a sale.

Mistake 4: Product Titles That Include Coupons/Sales

Sales and coupons are awesome things, and they’re definitely great strategies in convincing customers to shop with you. However, there’s a time and a place to use them, and the product title isn’t one of them. Although it’s tempting to lure buyers in by telling them about your great details as early as possible, Amazon will just delete that information because it’s not directly relevant to the product’s description.

Mistake 5: Not Knowing What Sets Your Product Apart

You’re selling pyjamas, camera lenses or terrariums — great, so are plenty of other Amazon sellers. When dealing with a non-exclusive product, you’ve got to convince buyers they’ll have a better experience and package if they turn to you.

This is when you want to push all the perks you’re offering, like free or fast shipping, a lower price, bundles or packages, Prime-eligible, specific-demographic-friendly, and so much more. If you can’t figure out at least a handful of ways you’re different from your competitors, then you’re not ready to be convincing and selling to your buyers.

Mistake 6: Marching to Your Own Beat

This is closely related to the above point, but with one key difference: you’re selling items that are pretty similar but not exactly alike. Let’s say you’re listing sunglasses, which is a pretty popular item on any Amazon marketplace. Instead of just writing in a product title that tells of the bare minimum, use extra detail in your language to really set it apart, like writing, “Women’s black sunglasses with green-flecked arms”.

Mistake 7: Using Photos Other Than Your Own

Want to know a quick way to tick off Amazon and tell buyers you don’t really know what you’re doing? Use copyrighted or watermarked images to accompany your product descriptions. It’s not that difficult to take your own photos and by doing so, you’ll be staying in Amazon’s good graces and showing buyers you’re a truly professional seller.

Back with the second mistake, we briefly talked about how a repricer can help simplify your life greatly. But don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself! All you have to do is click here and sign up for a free 15-day trial to get started. Go on, give yourself a well-deserved break from all the hard work you’ve been putting in.