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83% of all sales on Amazon occur through the Buy Box. Real-time price optimization is critical to winning the Buy Box.
RepricerExpress automatically optimizes your pricing in line with your desired strategy to ensure you win the Buy Box at the right price.

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The Amazon repricer tool trusted by leading sellers across 20+ Amazon and eBay channels

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Repricing features for all types of seller

24/7 Automation

Maximize your visibility, secure the Amazon Buy Box, and boost your sales thanks to RepricerExpress. RepricerExpress tracks competitor price changes across your complete inventory and strategically adjusts prices based on various factors such as seller ratings, stock availability, location, and your goals. Learn more.

Win the Buy Box and sell more at higher profits

Whether you have fifty listings or five million, you can have full confidence that RepricerExpress is working on your behalf to get you the Buy Box more often.

Powerful repricing strategies

Choose from a wide range of the industry’s most effective repricing strategies or create your own strategy for needle-point precision against the competition. Quick and easy setup makes it a breeze to get started ensuring a swift boost in sales. Our expert pricing team is on hand to help you get started.

Replicate your prices wherever you sell

Ensure your pricing is consistent across your diverse platforms, including eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and more, with our multi-channel replicator tool. Need a different strategy for different sales channels? Only RepricerExpress can help you maximize your profits across all your marketplace and webstore channels.

14-day trial | No credit card required | Guided setup

Setup is a breeze

Steps 1-2-3

You can be up and running within 10 minutes of creating your RepricerExpress account. We have super helpful customer support staff on hand via live chat, in-app help videos and guides to make the process easy.

Test in Safe Mode

RepricerExpress has a Safe Mode that allows you to simulate repricing without ever uploading them to your live account. Test different settings and repricing rules to see what works before you go live.

Fast results

Begin by selecting one of our pre-designed repricing rule templates to get started quickly or create your own and boost sales fast.

14-day trial | No credit card required | Guided setup

Safe and secure

RepricerExpress and Amazon have robust safeguards in place to prevent any potential pricing errors, ensuring that you can have full confidence that your products will be accurately priced.

Price boundaries

Always sell within a price range that is profitable for you. Set your minimum (floor) and maximum (ceiling) prices per product. RepricerExpress won’t set or upload prices to Amazon or eBay outside of these.

Amazon’s safety net

Amazon calculates its own minimum prices for products. Any price change that goes outside of Amazon’s price range gets de-listed before it can sell, ensuring data entry mistakes don’t negatively affect your account.

Amazon partner

As an official Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, RepricerExpress is hosted on Amazon’s servers and infrastructure, ensuring we can respond to price change notifications instantly and upload new prices within seconds.

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