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In case you missed it, back in January 2018, Amazon introduced a new beta program for Sponsored Products called the “Amazon Extended Ad Network”. RepricerExpress will take a look at the relevant bits and outline which sellers from whom it could work.

What’s Involved With Amazon’s Extended Ad Network

In a nutshell, this program will allow you to widen your network net when it comes to targeting users. You’ll be able to show ads to more buyers, as the Extended Ad Network will feature ads on more websites than just the ones featuring Sponsored Products ads.

For a long time, the breadth and reach of Amazon’s Sponsored Products were limited in their scope but this program seems to be the latest step the marketplace is taking to go head-to-head with the advertising done by Facebook and Google. Amazon still has quite a ways to go, but this latest action shows it’s definitely gaining ground on the giants. And just as with everything else Amazon has done, we expect that this will also look and feel quite different from the rest of the stuff that’s already out there.

What You Can Expect

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The biggest difference you’ll notice right away is all the new places your Sponsored Products ads will appear. Right now, those ads only appear on Amazon, in different locations on the marketplace. But with the Extended Ad Network, you’ll be able to place your ads on sites independent of Amazon (along with those sites’ mobile, desktop and app versions).

Although the program was already rolled out in beta earlier in 2017, that version didn’t last long, presumably because Amazon still needed to work out a few kinks. This time, the program seems to be more ready for widespread use. However, one thing that isn’t available to the masses is which sites are partnering up with Amazon. They’ve said they don’t have a site exclusion list, but haven’t actually put out in black-and-white where your ads will appear. It’s probably a safe assumption that they’ll use your algorithm to pair ads with relevant websites, and it’s also probably a safe assumption that you’ll be given this information in the future.

Another current feature that may (probably will) change in the future is the type of campaign. Right now, only auto Sponsored Products campaigns are allowed. As you know, there’s also a manual version sellers can use, too. But not yet when it comes to the Extended Ad Network. The downside is that you have less control over the clicks, but Amazon has promised that they won’t exceed your max default bid. And the upside of this is that because it’s in beta, you likely won’t face much competition.

Interested in Joining? Here’s How

Unfortunately, you have to have been selected by Amazon to join. They sent out emails to sellers at the beginning of December. If you were one of the lucky ones to get one, all you have to do is click on the link they included. This gives your consent to enrol in the program so you can test-drive an auto campaign into the Extended Ad Network. And if you find, after a while, that you don’t like it, it’s really straightforward to opt-out. All you have to do is toggle off this option in your Campaign Settings under Campaign Manager.

Seller Questions

  • Will this apply to my SP automatic campaign? By default, it will re-target ads both on and off the company’s site for your SP campaign.
  • What about the formatting of my ads? Don’t worry! You won’t need to update your format. It will still link to the product page using the same CPC bid
  • Does this also work for my manual campaigns? Not yet, but foreseeable projections say eventually!

Final Thoughts

Usually, when Amazon introduces something new, it almost always works and sticks around for a while. We think this won’t be any different. As you wait to get started or wait for your email to arrive, now’s the perfect time to get acquainted with RepricerExpress. The best part is, you don’t pay anything for the first 15 days when you sign up now.

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