Starting April 1, 2020, participants in the FBA New Selection Program can qualify to get free monthly storage, free removals and free returns processing on eligible new-to-FBA ASINs. In addition, participants who are new to FBA can qualify to get a $100 discount on Amazon Partnered Carrier shipping.

If you want to participate, you must enrol in the program.

After you enrol, Amazon will determine whether you qualify for the fee waivers based on the eligibility criteria below. (Participants in the monthly storage and removal fee promotion ending March 31, 2020, are included automatically in the new program.)

FBA New Selection program

By participating in the FBA New Selection program, you agree to Amazon’s terms and conditions.

FBA New Selection Program Details

  • Limited to new-to-FBA parent ASINs: Sellers enrolled in the program can take advantage of the fee waivers on up to 500 new-to-FBA parent ASINs that they create. The 500-parent-ASIN limit will be reset annually on January 1.
  • Free monthly storage and free removals: No monthly storage fees for the first 50 units of each new parent ASIN for 90 days after the first unit is received at an Amazon fulfillment center. Sellers can remove any of those first 50 units within 180 days after the first inventory-received date with no FBA removal fees.
  • Free returns processing for five product categories: For Apparel; Shoes, Handbags & Accessories; Jewelry; Luggage; and Watches, Amazon will waive return processing fees for up to 50 units of each parent ASIN. Returned items must be received at a fulfillment center within 120 days of the first inventory-received date.
  • $100 inbound transportation charge discount (new FBA sellers only): For eligible sellers who are new to FBA and who enrol in the FBA New Selection program, we will waive the first $100 in inbound transportation charges through the Amazon Partnered Carrier program. ASINs do not have to be new to FBA to get this discount.

Seller Eligibility

Professional sellers with no inventory storage limit, in accordance with the FBA inventory storage limits policy, will be eligible to receive program benefits.

When the program starts April 1, 2020, Amazon will review the storage limit status of sellers who have enrolled in the program to see if they meet the eligibility requirements. For sellers who enrol after April 1, Amazon will assess their eligibility at the time of enrollment.

The eligibility status of enrolled sellers will be updated on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 each year, based on their storage limit status. Once an enrolled seller is confirmed as eligible for the program, that seller will remain eligible until the next January 1 assessment even if their storage limit status changes before that date. However, enrolled sellers who have a storage limit as of the next January 1 assessment will be removed from the program.

Sellers who have enrolled but who are not eligible to receive program benefits because they have a storage limit will become eligible on the next quarterly assessment date if they no longer have a storage limit at that time.

Enrolled sellers must be eligible for the program on the date that their first new-to-FBA ASIN is received at the fulfillment center in order for that ASIN to qualify for the program’s free monthly storage, free removals, and free return processing benefits.

ASIN Eligibility

  • Only small standard and large standard-size items are eligible for the program.
  • Parent ASINs must be new to FBA.
  • ASINs in Media categories and used items are not eligible. Media categories are Books, DVDs, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video, Video Game Consoles, and Video Game Accessories.
  • To be eligible for free returns processing, an ASIN must be in the Apparel; Shoes, Handbags & Accessories; Jewelry; Luggage; or Watches category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I limited to sending 50 or fewer units to fulfillment centers?

No, you can send in as many units as you like. However, only the first 50 units of each eligible ASIN that are received at fulfillment centers will qualify for the fee waivers.

If I create more than 500 new-to-FBA parent ASINs, can I remove some from my eligible ASINs list?

No, only the first 500 new-to-FBA parent ASINs that you create will qualify for the fee waivers. Any new ASINs you create after the first 500 will not qualify. However, the 500-parent-ASIN limit will be reset on January 1 each year.

I’m a new FBA seller. If my first inbound shipment charge is less than $100, will the rest of the discount be applied to later shipments?

Yes. We will waive the first $100 in Amazon Partnered Carrier inbound shipment charges for sellers new to FBA. For example, if a discount of $75 is applied to your first shipment, the inbound transportation charge for your second shipment will be discounted by $25. The discount applies only to inbound shipment charges through the Amazon Partnered Carrier program.


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