The Top 5 Amazon News Stories of the Week

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the top five Amazon news stories of the week.

Amazon Private Label Brands now open to sellers in Europe: Chris Dawson at Tamebay reports that Amazon has announced that they are opening up their own Amazon private label brands to sellers for the first time in Europe. Amazon private label brands are products manufactured or packaged for sale under an Amazon brand rather than that of the manufacturer. Products for particular Amazon private label brands may be manufactured by multiple suppliers rather than all coming from a single source, so you may be interested in supplying a range of products or a single product line. Continue reading… falls by wayside as Walmart focuses on its website, online grocery: Nandita Bose at Reuters reports that Walmart has announced a sweeping overhaul at after it failed to live up to the world’s largest retailer’s ecommerce ambitions. Walmart said it will integrate’s retail, technology, marketing, analytics and product teams with its own online business. Continue reading…

Branding is the key to more ecommerce sales: Pamela Hazelton at Practical Ecommerce reports that positive branding is critical for any business. It takes a lot of work over time, but the benefits make it worthwhile. The products you sell, interactions with shoppers, transparency — all impact branding. Continue reading…

Petition calls on Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime’s ‘blasphemous’ Good Omens: Shelby Brown at CNET reports that more than 20,000 people have signed a petition by the Return to Order campaign demanding the series Good Omens be removed from Netflix. The trouble is the show is streamed on Amazon Prime. Continue reading…

Amazon wants to sell “surveillance as a service”: Alsion Griswold at Quartz reports that recently received a US patent to provide “surveillance as a service.” The patent is for an “unmanned aerial vehicle”—the technical term for a drone—that “may perform a surveillance action at a property of an authorized party” and could “image the property to generate surveillance images.” Continue reading…

Quote of the week:

My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.”
Francine Jay, author

Have a great weekend!

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