The Top 5 Amazon News Stories of the Week

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the top five Amazon news stories of the week.

Netflix and Amazon score billion-pound revenue in battle with UK broadcasters: Mark Sweney at The Guardian reports that Netflix and Amazon made £1.1bn in revenues from UK streaming customers in 2018. Netflix is estimated to have made £693m in revenues from its 10 million UK subscribers last year, while rival Amazon notched up £400m from an estimated 7.7 million subscribers to its Prime Video service, according to research from media regulator Ofcom. Continue reading…

Ex-wife of Amazon boss pledges to give half her $36bn fortune to charity: Sky News reports that the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has promised to give away to charity half of the reported $36bn (£28.4bn) she received following her divorce. MacKenzie Bezos finalised her split from the world’s richest man in April and it is claimed she received a 4% stake in the online shopping giant. Continue reading…

Amazon 75% off storage fee discounts incentive for ‘Prime 1-day shipping’: Sasha Fedorenko at Tamebay reports that this week Amazon announced a discounted storage fees incentive for sellers willing to use FBA and hold stock levels according to Amazon’s suggested levels which will make the products available to consumers with Prime 1-day shipping. Amazon merchants can find out which items are entitled for the incentive on this page.

Amazon is poised to unleash a long-feared purge of small suppliers: Spencer Soper at Bloomberg reports that two months ago, Amazon halted orders from thousands of suppliers with no explanation. Panic ensued until the orders quietly resumed weeks later, with Amazon suggesting the pause was part of a campaign to weed out counterfeit products. Suppliers breathed a sigh of relief. Continue reading…

A frustrated Amazon customer tried to return her package directly to Jeff Bezos: Chris Matyszczyk at Inc reports that at last week’s shareholders’ meeting, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had more than one unexpected person demanding his attention. How he dealt with those people was quite fascinating. First was a customer and shareholder so frustrated with trying to return an unwanted package to Amazon that she brought it to the meeting in order to deliver it to Bezos personally. She said she’d tried to return it four times without success. Continue reading…

Quote of the week:
“Lost time is never found again.”
Benjamin Franklin

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