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Guest post by Amanda O’Brien, Amazon and eBay Expert

The success of your online business depends on the success of your products – and the success of your products initially depends on – YOU! Now is an ideal time to ensure you are maximising the sales potential of your items.

The success of your online business will obviously depend on your products and the fact that they do need to be in demand – that’s’ the first point. But also, there is the matter of the success of your individual product listings.

To back this up, all you need to do is a tiny amount of research into ‘Completed Listings’ and ‘Sold Listings’ on eBay using ‘Advanced Search’ as this will swiftly show you that the product descriptions lacking in information or images are selling for significantly less than their competitors, even if the item is exactly the same.

Creating optimised product listings that actually sell products can be daunting, but there is a process to it, which if you follow correctly, will help you tweak your own product listings, whether for eBay, Amazon or on your own website, ultimately allowing them to stand out in the search results.

So, with this in mind, here are three ways to make your product descriptions the very best they can be:

1. Write Your Product Title Carefully

It’s important to make every word count here. This is your opportunity to choose the most relevant and effective keywords that a prospective customer will be searching for. Not words that you guess should be there. Think about what you would search for if you were looking for your product and be as descriptive as possible.

It’s vital you look at the keywords top sellers of similar items are using in their titles to get ideas. You can do this using the default ‘Best Match’ search on eBay or ‘Best Sellers’ on Amazon. Look for similar products that appear high in the searches – and the keywords being used to promote them.

Breville product title from Amazon

Product title

2. Create a Compelling Description of Suitable Length

Did you know that the first 200 words of your product description are the most important? This is particularly useful in eBay product descriptions as their search engine Cassini, scans and indexes, based on this optimum amount of words.

On Amazon, it’s your bullet points that should be keyword rich. Make sure your main keywords are used to give you maximum chances of your products being returned in the search results. The more relevant the information you provide, the more you will set your customers minds at ease, as they realise that you know exactly what you are talking about.

Breville product description from Amazon

Bullet points

3. Add Multiple Images to Your Product Description

Every product description should come complete with images of the item. This will be shown in search results and will help a prospective customer see, at a glance, what your product looks like. Your images should be sharp with a plain background and showing as much of the product as you can fit into the frame. My advice is to add as many images as possible to fully show off your product.

Breville product images from Amazon

Breville product image

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Finally, a Bonus Tip: Build a Solid Reputation

A good reputation is vital for any business. Always put the needs of your customers first, offer free delivery, answer questions quickly and knowledgeably, dispatch orders as fast as possible and offer money-back guarantees…and honour them. This excellent customer service will, in time, earn you an excellent reputation, inspiring more and more people to buy from you on a daily basis.


In a nutshell, your product descriptions should follow the format of:

  • Relevant, keyword-rich title
  • Compelling, keyword-rich description of at least 200 words
  • Multiple sharp images from all angles
  • Free delivery and a money-back guarantee

But, if you’re still confused, unsure or struggling to create engaging product descriptions, I can help you, whether for Amazon, eBay or your own site.

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