5 Amazing Amazon Seller Marketing Strategies

Amazon marketing stratgies

It is that time again, coming towards the end of another when we start to finalise our budgets and priorities for the upcoming twelve months of selling on Amazon. Whilst everyone will have a wishlist of new initiatives and ideas and strategies to try, budget constraints will often do their best to water down our best plans to the point of mediocrity and ineffectiveness. Much better then to recognise your existing constraints and do some things really well within those limits.

So without further adieu, here’s five of the best Amazon sellers marketing strategies you can do on a budget to maximise your Amazon sales this year.

1. List on More Marketplaces

So, you’re selling on Amazon! Great, it’s a very big marketplace that will return a lot of sales, but you can easily list and reprice on other sizeable marketplaces too. For RepricerExpress customers, being competitively priced on these marketplaces is just a few clicks away.

Link your accounts and listings, start repricing in Safe Mode to see and refine your pricing strategy without affecting live listings, and when you’re happy with your competitive set-up, simply enable your account and have inventory price checking on live listings.

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2. Include Mobile in your Advertising

The smartphone juggernaut continues unabated with figures in key markets showing healthy numbers. Increasingly smartphone users are interacting with retail sites from their mobile phones and lesser from their desktops. Marketers now have to pay more attention to their mobile paid search bidding and committing to a mobile strategy.

With Google’s recent – Enhanced Campaigns, the mobile bid is now an extension to the tablet/PC bid. This change requires careful consideration on the marketer’s part, to neither bid same on all devices, nor on aggregate device performance. Set up keyword performance for all devices. This will help you monitor the performance and measure the ROI you are getting with each device, making it easier to make your yearly budget plans.

3. Google Shopping

You sure have some plans for your business to include Google shopping in it. But are you really utilizing its potential to the fullest? Studies by Forrester have revealed that retailers spend 6% on Google Product Listing Ads (PLA’s), and the number of PLA’s listed has increased by 71%. This is due to the boom in visual commerce. Sites like Pinterest have a huge user-base and are growing in popularity. Similarly, Google shopping uses the concept of visual commerce as well as attracting visually motivates shoppers.

4. Go Responsive for Mobile Users

All your ‘Enhanced Campaign’ efforts will result in enhanced traffic, but you need to optimize this traffic. Data reveals that about 97% of mobile shoppers abandon the mobile shopping cart, and that it takes about 21 steps to complete a sale on mobile devices. How can you enhance the experience for users?

Earlier, optimization and creation of separate websites for different devices were common. However, this method is expensive and requires constant hands-on management. You can opt for a responsive design for the website, wherein the website detects the device of the visitor and accordingly the design and resolution of the website downloads. This makes your website work seamlessly across different platforms, and you only pay once.

Ecommerce sites work on visual enhancement. The images on your webpage need to be properly sized. Rich Media solution can automatically resize images for different devices enhancing your responsive website.

5. Go International

So, are you selling on Amazon? Great, it’s a very big marketplace, but you can easily list and reprice on other Amazon marketplaces and up your international sales efforts.

Going international is always a dream for marketers. While it is not as easy, there are programs that can help you test the international waters in terms of demand for your product.

You can use marketplace fulfilment programs like Fulfilment by Amazon. They make the products listed available to international markets so that marketers can test the demand and then based on that sell directly on marketplaces like, etc.

Final Thoughts

That’s our five cost-effective marketing strategies for Amazon sellers. One more tool you’ll want in your box is amazing repricing software to help you optimise your prices and outsmart your competition. Join thousands of successful Amazon seller and start repricing today with your free 15-day trial.

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