3 Top Ways to Attract New Ecommerce Customers

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No matter how long you’ve been selling online, you should always be looking at how to attract new customers. But with the online selling landscape changing seemingly every year, how do you find a consistent approach that keeps working? RepricerExpress is here to help with three essential tips you can use to get new customers to take notice of you in ecommerce.

Tip 1: Spend Some Time Designing an Awesome Website

Your website is the first point of contact between you and your buyers. And if it doesn’t sparkle, then odds will be really low consumers will spend enough time on there to make a purchase. You don’t have to be an ace web developer to create a good site, especially with sites like Weebly and Squarespace in existence.

If you want to go beyond the templates offered and really put your own stamp on things, remember to pay special attention to these points:

  • Functionality: Are users able to navigate your site quickly and easily? Do you employ best practices when writing code, like including your Javascript script tag at the bottom so that the site loads first and doesn’t keep your user waiting? Do you have mobile versions for phone and tablet users? And do you have an SSL certificate available to ensure your users’ security on the site? Think of your site as an escalator. If the ‘power’ on your site goes out, will the site still be usable the way an escalator can be used as a set of stairs? Focus on getting the core basics of functionality down and then add on the fancy details later.
  • Simplicity: Remember when everyone created sites on Angelfire and how bad they looked? A big reason was most pages were too cluttered with non-necessary items. Now, compare those old sites to Google’s landing page. It’s simple, yet has a consistent design that makes it easy for people to use. Don’t overload your buyers with too much or else you run the risk of them clicking off. When you make things as easy as possible for your buyers, you increase your chances of attracting new ones.

Tip 2: Keep Your Content Concise Yet Informative

There’s little worse than visiting a site, reading through a wall of text, and having no idea what it’s about. If you can’t describe your business and what you’re selling in a simple paragraph, you’re doing it wrong. Heck, even medical articles are able to summarise their findings in a paragraph before explaining more further down.

Once you’ve got the homepage down, it’s time to work on the other areas. Product descriptions should have the following:

  • Keyword-rich title
  • One or two paragraphs describing what the item is about
  • Three-to-five bullet points about the product’s most important features
  • Quality, hi-res photos

And then onto the third part of great content! To rank high in Google searches, you’ll want to keep adding novel content. One of the easiest ways of doing this is with blog posts, and another awesome way of supplementing this approach is to guest blog on related sites. And if you can work in influencer marketing, then you’re really off to the races.

Tip 3: Get Your Name Out There

If nobody knows who you are, then you’re not going to get any new customers and the potential sales they bring with them. To that end, dive into social media like your business depends on it. Create a professional Facebook page, start tweeting and Instagramming, and engage with your target audience as much and as efficiently as possible.

But when reaching out to new customers, avoid the easy way out of just using email marketing campaigns and take things up a notch. Create how-to videos and infographics to create a higher level of excitement right off the bat. Your goal is to generate as much interest and interaction as possible and sticking to just using blog posts and market-y emails won’t do the trick.

Lastly, make sure your site is full of great SEO so that when new customers do search you out, they’ll find you in no time.

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Attracting new customers in ecommerce is a matter of casting a wide enough net in the right waters. And once you figure out the tricks that work for you, the next step is to use a repricing software that’ll handle the increased load. For that, there’s nothing better than RepricerExpress. While we won’t be able to brew your coffee in the morning and change lightbulbs for you, we will be able to do just about everything else. So, go ahead and sign up now to start your 15-day free trial.

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