What are the Advantages of Automated Repricing on Amazon?

Competitive advantage

If you don’t want to use automated repricing on Amazon, the biggest thing you can look forward to is a lot more work for yourself. RepricerExpress knows that it’s far better to go down the automated route, with the advantages far outweighing any disadvantages.

Here are the advantages of using automated repricing on Amazon.

1. Logic Rules Over Emotion

You know how stockholders panic during recessions and sell at rock-bottom prices, which is the worst time to sell? You won’t make that mistake with an automated repricer because it doesn’t experience human emotions like panic or anxiety. All it will do is follow the rules you set out for it, and not fall prey to impulsive decisions that could hurt your bottom line.

2. Lack of Human Error

You don’t hum along perfectly every day — a short night’s sleep, not enough coffee, a bunch of stress, or a million things to do all at once can make you prone to oversight and error. But the lovely thing about a repricer is it doesn’t need sleep, it can’t drink coffee, and its code makes it capable of handling its processes. Because of this, it’s not prone to the same errors as you are.

3. It’s Faster Than You

How much time would it take you to set prices if you have to pore over competitors’ sites, comparing their prices to your own? And how much time would it take you to manually adjust your prices to stay competitive? All that time spent on it means you’re losing out on sales, while a repricer won’t suffer the same effect.

It’ll always be faster and more efficient than you.

4. It Frees up Your Time

Time is one of the most valuable resources you have. All those hours you previously lost to comparing, analysing, and manually repricing can now be spent on other, better areas of your work, whatever they may be.

Give yourself the option of being able to meet whatever goal you want — faster and more efficiently than before.

5. More Visibility in Searches

It’s incredibly low odds that a new buyer will type in your business name and go right to your product. Instead, they’ll search for an item, then filter based on price and reviews. If you’re using a repricer with eBay, then having the best price leads to better search placement.

And even if you’re selling on Amazon or other marketplaces, repricing also matters. It’s part of Amazon’s A9 algorithm and will help you get noticed.

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6. Better Chance of Winning a Buy Box

Because price is one of the criteria in Amazon’s search algorithm, having a competitive one helps your chances of winning a Buy Box. And if you have the Buy Box, then you get rocketed ahead of the list of those in the ‘Other Sellers on Amazon’ category.

Because pricing changes happen so frequently on Amazon, it’s almost mandatory to use a repricer to help you capitalise on having the right price at the right time. Set the rules and let it take care of the details so you can focus on sharpening other areas of the algorithm that matter in winning a Buy Box.

7. It Gives You a Competitive Edge

There are so many ways you need to be competitive and so many ways in which competitiveness matters. One of the best ways you can set yourself apart is with repricing.

Because price is one of the biggest motivators in a purchasing decision, presenting the best package can be what causes a buyer to go with you instead of someone else.

Or think of it this way: because buyers have so much information at their fingertips about what brands are doing, sellers have to work harder at presenting quality products and service. There’s not as much of a chasm between them anymore, so price ends up being the difference-maker. And wouldn’t you want to be on the winning side?

Final Thoughts

We could talk all day about why automated repricing like Repricer is the best, but it’s far better to experience it for yourself. Check it out and see for yourself how much easier it’ll make your life, freeing up time you can spend improving and scaling your business. Plus, when you sign up now, you start off with the first 15 days absolutely free.

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