The Best Ecommerce Conferences to Attend in 2020

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Ecommerce conferences can be a great place to learn about the latest news and industry trends. You’ll be able to network with other ecommerce professionals and gain valuable insights into how you can improve your online business. To help you we’ve compiled a list of the best ecommerce conferences happening all over the world in 2020.

Please note that due to Covid-19 many of these dates will have changed. Please check out the relevant event websites for more details.

Ecommerce Conferences 2020


NRF 2020 (Retail’s Big Show)

When: January 12-14
Where: New York City, United States
Tagline: NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show is where the industry unites to get a whole new perspective. NRF convenes the largest community of movers, shakers and industry makers who come together to see beyond what is, to reveal what could be. NRF 2020 is where visionary talent meets visionary tech and the latest and greatest becomes the here and now!

AI Masters

When: January 24-25
Where: Berlin, Germany

West Coast Ecommerce Summit

When: January 29-30
Where: Long Beach, California, United States
Tagline: The West Coast eCommerce Summit brings together 300+ retailers and brand professionals to share their knowledge, learn and evolve their customer acquisition strategy.

Future of Retail & Ecommerce

When: January 30
Where: Paris, France


eTailing Summit 

When: February 11
Where: London, United Kingdom

eTail West

When: February 24-27
Where: Palm Springs, California, United States
Tagline: Transforming Retail. Together.

eTail West is a four-day retreat designed to help you increase the profits from your business. You’ll get action-packed strategies and make connections with the top mind’s at America’s most successful retailers. No commercials. No egos.


eTail Asia

When: March 3-5
Where: Singapore

eTail Germany

When: March 9-11
Where: Berlin, Germany

Prosper Show

When: March 23-25
Where: Las Vegas, United States
Tagline: Learn best practices to better build your Amazon seller business.

Prosper Show – now in its fifth year, continues to be the trusted source to filter out the noise. Among the 39 speakers are former Amazonians and Amazon solution providers.

Alibaba Ecommerce Expo

When: March 27-28
Where: Melbourne, Australia
Tagline: Connecting Australia and New Zealand local brands and businesses to the growing market in China.

Imagine 2020

When: Mar 29-Apr 2
Where: Las Vegas, United States.



Internet Retailing Expo

When: April 1-2
Where: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Social Media Week New York

When: April 20-May 2
Where: New York City, United States
Tagline: Social Media Week brings together marketing, media and technology professionals from more than 50 countries with a curiosity and passion for new ideas, innovations and emerging trends in social media.


eTail Canada

When: May 4-6
Where: Toronto, Canada
Tagline: This is the largest eCommerce conference in Canada, not just in size, but by the quality of the speakers and its organization.


eTail Europe

When: June 23-24
Where: London, United Kingdom


When: June 9-11
Where: Chicago, United States


eTailing Summit 

When: July 7
Where: London, United Kingdom
Tagline: The eTailing Summit is specifically designed for ecommerce and digital managers from online retailers to find inspirational ideas and gain up to date knowledge from leading solution providers.


When: July 28-29
Where: New York, United States
Tagline: The Summit for Next Level Customer Acquisition. 100+ Speakers from leading retailers, DTC brands and innovative tech companies.


Paris Retail Week

When: September 15-17
Where: Paris, France
Tagline: Paris Retail Week will propose a global offer for all the retailing ecosystem.

Retail Global Las Vegas

When: September 20
Where: Las Vegas, United States
Tagline: The conference for retail professionals.

Ecommerce Expo London

When: September 30-1 October
Where: London, United Kingdom
Tagline: Actionable Insight Derived From Data.


Internet Retailing Conference

When: October 8
Where: London, United Kingdom

eTail Nordic

When: October 21-22
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
Tagline: The event for Scandinavian eCommerce and Multi-Channel Retail Innovators.

How to Get the Most Out of an Ecommerce Conference

Ecommerce conferences help you stay up to date with the latest trends across the sector. Here are five tips to ensure you get the most out of a conference if you choose to attend.

  1. Review the agenda.
  2. Come prepared – adaptors, business cards, chargers are a must.
  3. Plan your time wisely to get the most out of your visit.
  4. Visit a mixture of big brands, startups and medium-sized businesses.
  5. Meet new people and send follow up emails post-conference.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ecommerce conferences happening in 2020, it would be near impossible to include them all so instead we have chosen some of the most popular. We’ll keep updating this when more get announced throughout the year.

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