Today’s post is a compilation of the most popular Amazon repricing questions we are asked by new customers and those considering signing up for our free 15-day trial. If you need any further information or have an additional query not covered below, just jump on Live Chat or send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What does RepricerExpress do?

RepricerExpress is an automated repricing tool for Amazon and eBay sellers.

You set your Min and Max prices for each SKU and a repricing rule to decide how you would like it to compete.

Then as soon as a competitor changes price we will automatically reprice your product between your Min/Maxs and according to your repricing rule (you can choose to Beat by X amount or %, Match or Price above by X amount or %).

Our repricing is continuous and instant, which means that each time a price change occurs under the ASIN we will calculate your new price and send it to Amazon for upload. The software reprices up and down 24/7, even when you’re asleep!

RepricerExpress dashboard

What channels does RepricerExpress support?

The software can be used for the following Amazon marketplaces: US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX, AU and IN.

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Is RepricerExpress safe to use on Amazon?

Yes, of course. RepricerExpress is 100% Amazon compliant and is available on the Marketplace Appstore within Seller Central.


Amazon also offers a safety net feature that we recommend you use. It enables you to set upper and lower sale price limits for each SKU and if your price ever goes below or above these limits, Amazon will automatically deactivate the listing and alert you of a potential pricing error.

How exactly does RepricerExpress help me increase my sales?

With our automated repricer tool, your Amazon and eBay products will be repriced 24/7, without the need for constant supervision.

RepricerExpress will optimise your product’s price based on the pricing strategy you have chosen. This strategy will be based on your products minimum and maximum price range and the rule you have assigned it.

Using all the features, options and scenarios available, you will be able to reprice exactly the way you want against other sellers on Amazon or eBay.

Match Amazon

Remember that price is the biggest Buy Box factor you can address, therefore RepricerExpress will not only help you secure them, but you’ll stay in the Buy Box longer and at a better price.

By winning more Buy Boxes and staying in the Buy Box spot longer, your sales and profits will get a healthy boost.

There are many great success stories with RepricerExpress. Here are some of our favourites.

How often and how fast will you reprice my products?

Unlike some other Amazon repricers, our repricing is in real-time and continuous. Plus, we don’t charge you extra for this.

Instant repricing means that each time a price change occurs under the ASIN we will calculate your new price and send it to Amazon for upload (note, the upload to Amazon can take up to 15 mins which is a limitation on Amazon’s side applied to all third-party software).

RepricerExpress offers unlimited uploads per hour, so you will never be limited on our end.

Do you offer rule templates?

Absolutely! Whenever you start with RepricerExpress, you might not be sure about what strategy to go with, so feel free to experiment with our templates.

These templates have been fully tested and approved — they will give you a solid base and you can then fine-tune them until you get the perfect repricing strategy for you.


Can I set up different rules with different strategies/different products?

Yes, you can create as many rules as you like and apply them to different products.

The most popular choice with RepricerExpress is to create one repricing rule for FBA products and one for MFN products.

That way both your product types will reprice differently.

Our super intuitive interface allows you to change the repricing rule assigned to a product with just one click.

Different rules


Why choose RepricerExpress?

RepricerExpress is the best and fastest Amazon repricer on the market and offers a wide variety of amazing features. You can sign up in 60 secs and complete setup within 15 minutes.

The software is super easy to use and our support team is here to help you on the way.

With the free 15-day trial, you get access to all features in the software and you don’t even need your credit card.

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Do you have any hidden features/fees?

Unlike some other repricers, there are no hidden fees or commissions with RepricerExpress.

You can view our pricing plans here — knowing this is exactly what you will pay each month.

How do the packages work?

The packages we offer include all the listings you want to reprice within your RepricerExpress account.

Adding more marketplaces is completely free — you simply add your new marketplaces, set your Min and Max prices and a repricing rule and that’s it.

My Plan

Also, if you need to upgrade/downgrade your package you can do so at any time.

For example, you might have one Amazon US account, one Amazon FR and one Amazon UK account with 500 SKUs on each. This would be a total of 1,500 listings repricing so you would be able to use 2,500 listings plan.

Please note: If you own two Amazon accounts in the same region (such as Amazon US), you would require a second RepricerExpress account. However, you would be eligible for a discount on your additional account.


Why should I use your service if Amazon offers a free tool?

Amazon’s free repricing tool is very basic. Their focus is on buyers getting the lowest price — not sellers getting the best price for their products.

RepricerExpress, on the other hand, is focused on getting Amazon sellers the highest possible sale price whilst retaining the Buy Box.

Our users quickly realise that Amazon’s free repricer does not provide all the benefits granted by RepricerExpress.

This is what you get with Amazon’s own repricer:

  • No Live Chat and dedicated support team to deal with pricing queries.
  • No ability to reprice against Amazon differently to other FBA sellers.
  • No ‘Best Price’ options. Not just lowest (e.g. price against 2nd/3rd seller).
  • Lack of sophisticated include/exclude options on rules.
  • Lack of import/export features. The ability to bulk import min/max values, export pricing info etc.
  • No eBay integration. You can’t map your eBay prices to your Amazon prices.
  • No pricing up features for better margins such as RepricerExpress’ Sleep Mode, Reset to Max, Increase price if Buy Box winner etc.
  • No support for multiple Amazon accounts, sharing Min/Max prices, replicating rules etc.
  • Lack of fine control on Beat By features. RepricerExpress allows fixed values and/or percentages (Amazon allows one or the other).
  • No facilities to cater for currency fluctuations.
  • No bespoke repricing solutions available. RepricerExpress remains open to customers who want bespoke methods/features which we can develop.
  • Lack of filtering. RepricerExpress offers quicker segmentation of products based on pricing.
  • Lack of information. RepricerExpress offers a much better UI and graphical information experience, is easier to use and is completely focused on a sellers’ needs.

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What if I want to cancel?

If you want to cancel, that is absolutely no problem at all.

There are no long-term contracts with RepricerExpress, we work on a month by month basis so you can cancel at any time.

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