I have been reading recently about how to obtain good customer feedback as well as funny customer Amazon reviews which inspired us to put together this post with some helpful advice. One of the benefits of selling on marketplaces such as Amazon is the ability to tap into their vast customer base. The aim for most organisations will be to build customer loyalty and hope these customers come back for repeat purchases or tell their friends on social media or over a coffee (old school) how happy they are with your product and customer service.

How to Get Top Feedback

The Amazon Services Europe team kindly offers some advice on this area.

Sellers should provide product descriptions which are accurate and which specify product details. Good quality images will help consumers see what the product looks like and help increase sales.

Communication with customers and timely communication is important, we all hate it when we contact a friend by text or email and they respond two or three days later, or maybe that’s just me! Best practice for sellers would be to respond to all messages promptly and hopefully within 24 hours.

The packaging is an issue for a number of marketplace consumers. Ensure you receive the thumbs up by packaging your items appropriately and using effective shipping methods. If you’re selling goods of high value, then go with a delivery option which requires a signature to minimise the risk of goods going missing.

Finally, another tip, which may seem obvious, is to make sure your contact details such as address, email and phone number are correct. I once called an organisation and got a “this number is no longer available” which gave me negative cogitations of the company as a whole. I never purchased anything again from them despite this being a minor issue.

How to Deal with Negative Feedback

Hopefully, you’ll never need this advice and you’re customer satisfaction levels will be 100%. However, if you do get a negative review, here is some advice on how to deal with it.

Firstly, contact the buyer directly and try to resolve the issue. Whilst buyers can’t edit an Amazon feedback, they can delete it and add new reviews.

Negative feedback may be justified and may highlight an area of improvement you can make so future customers do not experience the same issue. Take a positive out of a negative and learn from your mistake.

As with getting top feedback, ensure communication is both timely and polite. It is nice when to get a personal response showing empathy when a problem arises rather that an automated response.

One for the Road

One final way you can ensure customer feedback is by being priced competitively. RepricerExpress is a valuable tool which will help you price competitively and profitably. You can win the Buy Box more often, keep customers happy and sell more… And it comes with a free 15-day trial so everyone is a winner!