RepricerExpress New Features

New features

The RepricerExpress team has been working hard recently to make our Amazon and eBay repricing even better. Here are four new features available to use right now at no extra cost. If you have any questions about implementing the new features, just get in touch.

Inactives to Max – New

Profit Protection

When your product goes out of stock, you can now have it go to its max price automatically. This means if your min price fluctuates when the product is out of stock you don’t need to worry when it comes back into stock. Once it’s back in stock, RepricerExpress will get it repricing and competitive again in no time. You can set this in your Amazon pricing rule under “Profit Protection”.

If Buy Box Winner Increase Price – New

Buy Box

We’ve tweaked our “If BuyBox Winner Increase Price” setting to make it even better. You can now control how often to increase your price and by how much. For example, increase by 1c every 5 minutes, $1 every hour or 1% every 20 minutes.

eBay Import Changes – New

The new import includes Min, Max, Rule, Current Price and the ability to switch repricing on and off. You can download and upload your file on the Bulk Imports screen.

eBay Competitors Below Min – New

Ever wanted our eBay repricer to be able to control what your price does if competitors are below min, just like Amazon? Well, now you can. Using our eBay repricer you can now control how your product will be repriced if your competitors are below min. You can see this under the “If Competitor below min” on your eBay pricing rule.

What’s Next?

We have a few ideas about new features we would like to add to make our software better for you. If there’s anything you’d like us to add to the software, please let us know.

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