Independent RepricerExpress Review by Amazon FBA Seller Jeff Roth

RepricerExpress review

This independent RepricerExpress Review was done by Amazon FBA Seller Jeff Roth


In running our part-time Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business and blogging along the way I had always considered trying a repricer when the time was right.

Two weeks ago we began RepricerExpress’ 15-day free trial (followed by a competitor’s trial period) and want to share some initial thoughts as someone new to this idea:

  1. RepricerExpress is very smart in that they don’t require any credit card information for the trial period and from what I can see they allow full access to all of their repricing tools.
  2. To start things off we had 1,150 items in our inventory. On day 1 alone, we sold over 35 items when our normal rate had been 4-5 items in a given day. Day 2 and 20 more items sold off. What I realized quickly is that it felt pretty good to get those sales even at the cost of a few dollars per item that we may potentially be losing by repricing those items. Once we were able to recoup over $1000 from selling those items on the first two days alone I will never lose sight of this again.
  3. With 1,150 items in stock it’s virtually impossible to stay on top of pricing and maintain consistent sales. In fact, we’ve been selling some items from Christmas that frankly, I had forgotten we had in stock. This reason alone is why I will be sticking with a repricer once our trial periods for both platforms are complete.
  4. We played around with the settings in terms of allowing up to a 20% drop in our price from our Day 1 (pre-trial) prices. We changed that to 10% and back to 20% along the way just to see how sales would be affected and clearly the 20% settings garnered increased sales at a price. Since we didn’t go off of any rules of thumb there were struggles determining the proper % since we have such a wide variety of items at varying price ranges and sales ranks. Going any higher than 20% would have ruined margins on a lot of items so there is certainly a limit.
  5. Even though it’s a very simple process of editing the general pricing settings, we learned quickly to remove automatic repricing for a number of items simply because the loss of margins of those items wouldn’t be a desirable outcome. We sold a few items for prices that basically made us break-even which is clearly not our goal so you still need to be very aware of individual unit prices that may not fit the overall general settings.

To wrap up our trial period thoughts, any FBA business that intends to grow their inventory and have consistent sales flow should strongly consider using a program like RepricerExpress. Is it a must-have for smaller FBA businesses? Not at all but it’s certainly worth a try at a cost of $0. The numbers don’t lie and having money to put back into the business wisely was desirable on our end.

We had no preconceived notions of what to expect from this process and came out very impressed at the ease of use and backend controls and the power of matching prices to get consistent sales.

Amazon Repricer Tool

Final Thoughts

No preferences were given to us by RepricerExpress during this trial period so rest assured your experiences will be similar to ours if you chose to try their service. Once our other trial period is complete we will be strongly considering sticking with RepricerExpress for the long haul.

Interest in trying out RepricerExpress, Amazon repricing software? Start your FREE 15-day trial today, no credit card needed.

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