Smarter Repricing with New Features from RepricerExpress

Tips on how to win the Amazon Buy Box

We have released some really exciting features for all customers in RepricerExpress that we’re sure will make managing your pricing on Amazon and eBay even easier.

#1. Buy Box Information on Dashboard

Yip, for those of you selling on Amazon, you can now see detailed information about your Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including what’s:

  • Buy Box eligible
  • A Buy Box winner
  • A Buy Box winner but with low stock
  • Eligible but not winning the Buy Box
  • Not Buy Box eligible
  • Recently lost the Buy Box

At a glance, you can also see your Buy Box percentage over the last 30 days from a tidy little chart!

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#2. Identify Your Own Price Wars, Best Sellers and More

We’re rolling out a super new feature called, Product Status Preferences where you can define what is flagged as being in a Price War, a Best Seller and what’s Low Stock. Values are in there by default but you have the option to enter your own, per marketplace. These will be super useful in helping you identify products that may need different pricing strategies to perform better.

You’ll be able to see icons relating to any product statuses directly from My Inventory screens as well as a new much-requested feature—RepricerExpress will now show products that have FBA Long Term Storage Fees due. This will give our sellers plenty of time to reprice and move stock quickly instead of incurring more storage fees from Amazon.

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#3. Much More Detailed Product Information

Click on any product now and you’ll see a new streamlined product popup showing much more information relating to:

  • Pricing detail
  • Buy Box performance
  • Who you competed with
  • Sales performance
  • Repricing history

Just go click any product to see this in action!

#4. Filter Products According to Sales, Sales Rank, Category, Buy Box Performance and lots more!

#5. Automations Are Coming!

With all this new information, we think it’s important that your products should be able to automatically move to various rules according to sales performance, Buy Box performance etc. In the next few weeks, we intend to roll out our automations functionality which will allow you to do things such as:

  • Auto-detect long-term storage fees due and move to be more aggressive repricing rule to sell stock before Amazon charges its fees
  • Auto-detect low stock on Buy Box winners and move to a very high-profit strategy until more stock is available
  • Auto-move products to a more aggressive repricing strategy if sales have been non-existent for six months.

We’re excited to see how creative our sellers become with this functionality. It’s really down to you how you wish to filter products and trigger movements from repricing rule to repricing rule to manage your stock, sales and profits. Here are the triggers you’ll be able to use:

  • Stock quantity
  • Available since date
  • Sales rank
  • FBA long term storage fees due (6 and 12 months)
  • Sales value
  • Sales count
  • Price War
  • Best Seller
  • Haven’t won Buy Box in last x days
  • Repricing result (at Min, at Max, Lowest Seller etc.)

We hope these updates and the ones planned for the coming weeks help you achieve more sales and profits on Amazon and eBay in 2017.

Thanks for reading. If you have any queries, just reach out to our support team.

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