What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business provides the selection, convenience, and fast delivery that customers love about Amazon with exclusive features for business including access to Free-One-Day delivery on qualified orders of £30+, Pay by Invoice, downloadable VAT invoices and more.

Whether you are a sole trader, a buyer in a mid-size company or a procurement executive in a large multi-national firm, Amazon Business has the products and services to serve your online shopping needs. Register for a free account today and save time and money while buying over a hundred million products

It is available in the UK, US and Germany.

Benefits of Amazon Business

Reduce your business costs

  • Competitive marketplace: Competitive prices for specific products, and easy to compare alternatives across different price ranges.
  • Improve cash flow: Purchase now and pay in net 30 days after shipping with Pay By Invoice.
  • Reduce delivery costs: Free One-Day Delivery on qualified orders over £30, or for all qualifying orders for customers using Amazon Prime.
  • Easy returns: Reduce wasteful spend with hassle-free returns, only keeping what your business actually needs.

Save time

  • Simple supplier management: Spend less time searching for, negotiating with and managing suppliers – find them in one competitive marketplace.
  • Easier VAT invoice management: Compare VAT-exclusive prices and filter sellers with downloadable VAT invoices. Find invoices automatically populated in your account, available to download in bulk.
  • Quicker replenishment: Add frequently purchased products to purchasing lists and re-order items in a single-click. Set up different lists for different categories, departments, functions or branches.
  • Speed up approvals: Implement your offline approvals directly on Amazon, with the ability to approve multiple orders, either in bulk or individually at item level.

Greater visibility and control

  • Consolidate team spending: Replicate your company’s organisational structure through creating buying groups, and implement your sign-off process with approval workflows. Add your whole team to gain full visibility over team spend.
  • Control purchasing: Set spending limits and auto-approve purchases below your chosen threshold. Guide your company spend and implement policies through Catalogue Curation, setting restricted categories or preferred products as you wish.
  • Evaluate and optimise buying: Customise spending reports to track procurement metrics. Identify purchase trends, opportunities to consolidate and reduce wasteful spend.
  • Create purchasing lists: Influence what your team purchases by creating lists with preferred products, making it easier for them to buy.

Easy reconcilation

  • Line-item detail: Simplify reconciliation through detailed invoices when using Pay by Invoice, or enhanced transaction data on eligible commercial credit cards.
  • Add PO numbers to orders: Add PO numbers and other business information for easier approvals, tracking and reconciliation.
  • Download reconciliation reports: Use Amazon Business Analytics to download detailed, customisable reconciliation reports.
  • Seamless integration: Use your existing procurement systems to purchase on Amazon, including Coupa, JAGGAER and SAP Ariba.

Source: Amazon

Final Thoughts

After less than four years, Amazon’s Business site is on course to pass $10 billion a year. That’s faster than the growth of its consumer retail or cloud business units. Some analysts believe Amazon Business could become bigger than the consumer marketplace.

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