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Whilst customers on Amazon can add products to their shopping cart in various ways, the most widely used is via the ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ button, often referred to as the Buy Box. Having your listing placed in the Amazon Buy Box will certainly increase your sales of that product, but with only one Buy Box available to win for any product detail page, just how can you increase your chances of winning the elusive blue box?

Repricing is the single biggest Buy Box factor you can address right now to increase your sales on Amazon.

Are you Eligible to Win the Buy Box?

Your eligibility to win the Buy Box is tied to your performance as a seller and when you consistently exceed Amazon’s standards you’ll obtain the Featured Merchant Status, which is also a prerequisite to becoming eligible for winning the Buy Box. As Amazon sell on their marketplace too, they expect sellers to live up to their reputation for excellent customer service, value for money and delivery.

Factors for the Buy Box

  • Featured Merchant Status — How trustworthy you are based on past account history.
  • Price — Your low total price including shipping.
  • Availability — Can you quickly and consistently fulfil orders?
  • Volume — Do you consistently sell many of the product?
  • Refunds — Have you a low refund rate?
  • Customer Feedback — Do you have low negative feedback?
  • A to Z Guarantee Claims — How often do you get returns (Low A to Z claims)?
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) — if you choose Amazon to fulfil your orders then Amazon will heavily promote its FBA sellers and only substantial price differences will push FBA sold merchandise out of the Buy Box.

So what if you exceed Amazon’s standards, run your business with amazing customer service, offer great prices, but still find the Buy Box elusive? Well, with all things being equal, it’s likely your competitors are doing the very same thing so you need to get a competitive edge…

Getting the Competitive Edge

  • Keep enough inventory in stock. If you’re out of stock, you simply can’t win the Buy Box.
  • Customer service, customer service. Ship fast, keep customers happy and respond super quick to any queries or complaints. Use automated feedback management software such as FeedbackExpress to protect your seller rating and fight off negative feedback. Multichannel solutions like SellerExpress can ensure you keep inventory management, listings and order processing within one easy-to-use system to help you be the best seller possible.
  • Keep your pricing competitive — by repricing your inventory continually with solutions like RepricerExpress, you can stay ahead of the competition. You can choose to beat FBA, the Buy Box and competitors against specific conditions that suit your business. And because an intelligent repricing solution like RepricerExpress is fully automated you can set it up with your minimum and maximum prices and let it run on its own, ensuring you are in total control of your margins and profits.

Amazon is a great marketplace, but a competitive one—it stands to reason that those merchants who consistently offer the best customer service, price, shipping options and speed will win more customers and sales. As price is the one key element that can fluctuate, being able to monitor competitors’ prices and react automatically just might be your biggest competitive edge.

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