10 Ways to Improve Your eBay Listings

6 Ways to Beat Your Ecommerce Competition

Forget about combing through countless articles to annex the best tips on how to improve your eBay listings. RepricerExpress has done all the heavy lifting for you!

Tip 1: Research the Market Worth of Your Product

Remember the Tickle-Me-Elmo doll from about 15 years ago? If you’d managed to get your hand one of those, you could have sold it for pretty much whatever you wanted. Now, you’d have to consider what the market demand (low) is like. Conversely, you don’t want to sell popular items for less than they’re worth, so research the market value of each item in your inventory.

Tip 2: Don’t Jack Buyers with Shipping Costs

It’s impossible to overstate how much we hate when sellers do this. Sure, you need to make a profit on your product, but never do it at the expense of overinflating your shipping costs to pad the profit margin. Keep the options reasonable, or else you’ll quickly lose consumers — and your good reputation.

Tip 3: Outline What Your Return Policy Consists Of

Allow returns? Say so. Allow them, but with conditions? Specify that, too. And if you absolutely won’t take items back under any circumstances, then make that crystal clear. Make sure to differentiate details if you have separate policies for separate items.

Tip 4: Don’t Overthink Your Listings

When it comes to your listings, use the KISS method: keep it simple, sweetie. Be objective about what the product’s highlights and uses are, as buyers don’t really care how in love you are with something.

Tip 5: Avoid Stock Photographs

Worried about not having superstar photography skills? Work on changing it, instead of downloading stock photos. Shoppers much prefer seeing real photographs instead of stock images because it makes them feel like the whole experience is authentic.

Tip 6: Use All the (Right) Keywords

If you want to drive more traffic to your listings, then padding them with the right amount of (right) keywords is one of the top ways to go. Just make sure you’re using relevant ones and the writing flows naturally, and you’re good to go.

Tip 7: Put Yourself in Your Buyers’ Shoes

One of the best ways to truly understand the eBay buying experience is to actually be an eBay buyer. That’s one thing to think of. But when it comes to selling, you’re only as good as your reputation. And when you start off as a seller, unless you’ve been a buyer first, then you’ll have zero reviews. Buy a few inexpensive items and build up a little arsenal of feedback as a way of establishing a strong, reputable foundation as a good person.

Tip 8: Use the Power of Bulk

There are two kinds of eBay sellers: those who either don’t know what they’re doing or deal in very niche items and list products as singles, and those who take advantage of listing them in bulk. If you choose the latter, then buyers can easily see what else you have for sale, thus avoiding the possibility that they’ll just search on another seller’s page.

Tip 9: Make Customer Support a Priority

You might think that once an item is sold, you’re done with that buyer. You’d be wrong. Customers might want to contact you long after they’ve hit the ‘buy’ button, whether it’s for additional clarification or for negative feedback. Treat each one as though your livelihood depends on it (it does), and you’ll have the right mindset in place.

Tip 10: Stick to the Letter of the eBay Law

eBay has a detailed set of posting guidelines and it’s in your best interest to become as familiar as possible with them. This’ll help ward off problems, whether it’s with nefarious buyers or composing an awesome listing. Plus, knowledge is power and you’re only stacking the chips on your side when you read and reread their guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Hey, what about a bonus tip on how to improve your eBay listings? Okay! RepricerExpress can once again do all the heavy lifting for you by looking after the details of your eBay pages, leaving you to sip a margarita on the beach focus your attention on compounding and growing your business. Can’t wait to get in on the action? Don’t — sign up here and get your first 15 days free.



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