6 Secrets About Amazon Product Listings

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If you’ve been selling on Amazon a while, you may think you have it all figured out. But RepricerExpress has opened the vault on a bunch of Amazon product listings secrets, some of which may surprise even the most seasoned of sellers.

1. Keywords Are Easier to Mess Up Than You Thought

Ask any Amazon seller, and they’ll tell you that keywords are one of the most important parts of any product listing. But just being aware of this isn’t enough, as you also have to be a master in how to implement them properly. One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is treating Amazon like Google and repeating keywords, as opposed to simply researching the most popular ones and using them once each.

2. The Title is a Playground

We’ve already gone over how repetition is an unnecessary waste on Amazon, but did you know it also transferred to the title field? What’s neat about Amazon is they’ll match individual words to search terms, so think of the product title as a way of playing around with luring, even more, buyers in. Go with the assumption that because you’ve already listed the product’s name elsewhere in the listing, you’re free to be more creative in the title.

3. Don’t Slip in Either Area

Quick Amazon secret: keywords and product titles hold equal importance, so you can’t let yourself slip in either area. We think misuse of this came from Google fans, who know that more importance is attached to title tags on Google, but Amazon doesn’t differentiate. Again, the key here is to avoid repetition and losing valuable space in which you could be using other, novel words.

4. You ARE a Special Snowflake

Whether you’re selling iPads, Xbox games or dog leashes, you have to start thinking of yourself — and your products — as being uniquely your own. So what if the market is full of stuff that’s the same as what you’re selling? Other people may think that, but if you ever want to boost your inventory’s popularity, you have to convince others that it’s not, starting with you. We don’t mean that you should tell buyers that your iPad or puppy sweater is different from the rest when it’s not, but that the experience you’re selling is. Say you always have free shipping or can bundle better than anyone else — let that be known!

5. Careful of the Company You Keep

In the above point, we talked about how to set yourself apart through various techniques, despite selling exactly the same thing. Sometimes, there’s only so much you can go before you come up against a wall, but resist the urge to paint yourself with the same brush as your competitors. One of the biggest things to look out for is called ‘keyword bombing’, the practice of using competitors’ keywords to lure in more buyers to your page. Not only is it misleading to consumers, but it’s dishonest and Amazon might delete your listing if you keep using keywords that don’t accurately represent the product you’re selling.

6. Watch Your Commas and Stems

If you haven’t realised by now that Amazon doesn’t care much for repetition, then we’re going to hammer it home just a bit more. One instance where sellers make mistakes is by adding commas and stems to root words when they don’t have to. If you think having a keyword and then adding the plural will make it count as two separate words, it won’t. Just stick with the most basic keywords, and then get creative with others to set you apart. Oh, and drop the commas — you can make do fine with just a space between words.

Got your product listings in fine working order? Awesome — next you’ll want to take things to the next level with RepricerExpress. After all, it’s not enough to just draw people in, as you’ve got to give them the kind of competitive pricing they’re hungry for. But this step is easier than all of the above because the only thing you have to do is sign up for your 15-day free trial. Yep, it’s that easy.

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