8 Tips to Create Great Ecommerce Product Descriptions

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You might have noticed that we here at RepricerExpress tend to write extensively about how to awesome-ify your product descriptions. It’s sort of like when you’re in a university lecture and the professor repeats a point and underlines it on the chalkboard — it’s an important lesson to learn! So if you’re looking for a new, concise way to make your product descriptions pop, here it is.

1. Make Them More Interesting by Telling a Story

Think about politicians’ speeches for a second. They’re usually pretty boring, aren’t they? But every now and then, a politician will stray from the script and tell a story and hook their listeners. That’s because storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool that taps into people’s imaginations and lets them relate to the concept in their own unique way. To translate that into selling online, write the description to show (not tell!) how it would be used in real life.

2. Get on Board the Hashtag Wagon

Instagram is one of the most popular places to get super creative with hashtags (so is Twitter, but Instagram isn’t limited by a character count so you can use more hashtags). And there are basically two ways of using hashtags:

  • Spam the reader by including every relatable hashtag so it reaches as broadly as possible, or
  • Use a few relevant hashtags, and a few funny/oddball/goofy hashtags that capture attention

3. Don’t Leave any Relevant Bits Out

When you’re dealing with your own items, it’s easy to get blind to seeing the forest for the trees and know what’s crucial and what’s fluff. In this case, we recommend writing a wish list of five or so items you’d like to buy, but don’t really need. Search for them on Amazon and take note of the most common bits of information merchants include. Also, use a critical eye to see what’s missing by asking yourself exactly how it’d fit into your life. Then, apply that checklist to your own product descriptions.

4. Matching the Writing Style to the Site Style

If you’re selling high-end wristwatches, then you’re not going to be using Angry Birds language to write the product descriptions. Find a voice that’s consistent across the board and deliver on that. If you’re confused at all, just think of how you’d speak differently to a child, a doctor and a priest, and use that concept on your own items.

5. Put Links to Your Products in Content Spots on your Page

Writing regular blog posts is one the best ways to keep novel content on your site and rank higher in Google searches, but only if you’re smart about it. And how do you be smart about it? By writing about the products you’re selling, or the latest innovations in the field. No matter if you choose the former or the latter, include links back to products and pages as a way of subtle, subliminal subterfuge (we’re in repricing, okay, forgive us for our spy-like fantasies).

6. You Can Include Pop Culture for New/Hip Products

If you’re selling something that’s super cutting edge, like the iPhone 7, then go ahead and drop a line or two with relevant pop culture quips. Nobody will be buying this phone in 5+ years, so the pop culture references, as outdated as they’ll be, won’t matter.

7. And Keep Things Timeless for Non-New/Hip Products

At the opposite end of things, if you’re dealing in evergreen products (those that maintain the same fresh-y appearance season after season), then stick to timeless language. Chances are, they’ll still be around in roughly the same form for a number of years, so you don’t want your product descriptions to sound cheesy or outdated (or to have to rewrite them regularly).

8. Get Fresh Eyes to Edit Them Once You’re Done

You’re done, and convinced the product description is something that Shakespeare would have written. But hold on, not so fast. Before you hit the upload button, have someone with no ties to the product (i.e. nobody who works for you) to look it over and offer their opinion. You might think your product description is grand but if the general public doesn’t, then you’ve got some rewriting to do.

Final Thoughts

Do you know what amazing product descriptions tend to translate to? Increased page hits and interests. And to translate that into increased sales, you’ve got to have an awesome little app like RepricerExpress to automate things for you. We want to make life as easy as possible for you, which is why all you have to do is take the 10 seconds needed to sign up now for your first 15 days free.


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