Amazon FBA Reddit communities, known as subreddits, can be a fantastic place to learn more about Amazon FBA and get tips from seasoned sellers. It’s a real-life look at what’s going on right at that moment, but it also blends a personal touch with sellers talking about their own experiences.

RepricerExpress takes a look at some of the top subreddits you can visit and what you can expect to find in them.

The Best of FBA Reddit (6 Subreddits to Follow)

1. /r/FulfillmentByAmazon

With close to 50,000 subscribers and hundreds active at any given time, this subreddit is a great source of the latest Amazon news, updates and articles, along with plenty of personal posts from sellers on just about every topic imaginable. There’s also a weekly Q&A thread where you can ask your ‘simple questions’, giving you an opportunity to get your feet wet without being scolded for not knowing basic answers.

And while you should also use Amazon’s own site as the go-to for policies and rules, /r/FulfillmentByAmazon is a really user-friendly way of learning about the general concepts first. It balances out that technical side with the creative, helping you think up content and product ideas, too.

2. /r/AmazonFBAHelp

Although much smaller in size, /r/AmazonFBAHelp has an incredibly dedicated mod(erator) who diligently posts links and articles geared towards specifically helping you with all things Amazon FBA. There are personalised posts, like the mod’s best listing optimisation strategies, updates on their products successes and failures, how to generate product ideas and crucial mistakes you can and should avoid.

The mod also posts links to interesting articles designed to get you thinking about concepts you normally wouldn’t, giving you a well-rounded FBA education with a from-the-heart approach.

3. /r/Entrepreneur

Reddit is case-sensitive, so remember that when visiting /r/Entrepreneur. This sub with the capital ‘E’ has over half a million subscribers and more than a thousand active Redditors when you visit, with a carousel of the month’s hottest posts at the top. You can search through posts the old-fashioned way, too, with submissions on topics that range the spectrum on all things entrepreneurial. With so many active users, you’re bound to either get an answer to your question or happen upon a post with plenty of comments, so there’s no shortage of information there.

Every Wednesday, there’s a pinned thread called ‘Wantrepreneur Wednesday’ where aspiring entrepreneurs super new to entrepreneuring get to ask whatever questions are on their mind. Just make sure to check if your question has been answered before posting, as the popularity of the thread and subreddit means the questions and answers pile up quickly.

4. /r/AmazonUnder25

The AmazonUnder25 subreddit can be an amazing source of ideas if you’re looking for products to sell, as buyers really tend to gravitate towards items $25 and cheaper. It gives you an instant look into what buyers are interested in, with specific product names for you to add to your list. You won’t find yourself boxed in by genres, as users submit products across all genres.

5. /r/wtfamazon

If you’re looking to branch out into niche categories where you won’t face too much competition or you just need a mental break, then /r/wtfamazon is a subreddit to check out. The only criteria are items should be weird, crazy or unique, or, as the description says, ‘Anything that you think would make a reasonable person go “WTF?”, really’. The subreddit is worth a visit if only for the really creative post titles.

6. /r/AmazonSeller

Last but not least, add /r/AmazonSeller to your bookmarks. It’s a subreddit designed around discussions on all things involved with selling on Amazon, whether you’re there to gripe about a bad experience, ask for advice or want to learn from others who are either totally different or really similar to you.

User posts are pretty well-written and detailed, with users responding in kind by commenting on posts so that you get a good idea of the personal side of selling on Amazon. You’ll be pretty hard-pressed to find a topic not being discussed on there.

Final Thoughts

While you’re visiting all the best subreddits on Amazon FBA, make sure to have your favourite repricing tool, RepricerExpress, running in the background. Once you’ve set your rules, all you have to do is let it do its thing, freeing up your time for more fun things, like Redditing. Plus, you get a 15-day free trial when you sign up now, so let the fun begin right away.

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