6 Best Amazon Landing Page Generators

Amazon Page Generators

There are plenty of reasons why your Amazon listing might not be generating much traffic. But like a car that won’t start, it’s best to work backwards. If your analytics show activity but low traffic, your landing page might be the culprit. RepricerExpress has six tools you can use to generate a winning Amazon landing page and get traffic numbers where you want to see them.

Why Would You Use an Amazon Landing Page Generator Instead of Creating Your Own?

Again, like a temperamental car, there are some things you can do yourself and some that are worth the cost of getting a professional to handle. Unless you’ve got the time and skills on your hands, this is why using an Amazon landing page generator can really help you out.

  • There’s less work on your part. Type in the product’s ASIN number from Amazon, and the rest of the fields, including media, will be auto-generated so you don’t have to manually fill them in yourself.
  • You get access to valuable metrics, like being able to track traffic and their sources, as well as monitor the health of your ad campaigns so you can make any necessary changes in time.
  • You don’t have to worry about syncing up with customers, like making sure to send them a promotion or coupon when they sign up via email on your landing page.
  • And if you get their email, you get access to an increasing customer base you can use to market in expanding and customized ways.

Having said all that, how do you settle on the right Amazon landing page generator? Here are the six best ones currently out there.

1. LandingCube

Landing Cube

LandingCube has a really generous free trial period of 21 days so you’ll have plenty of time to test-drive all their features. These include a custom URL generator, Facebook Messenger bot campaigns, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking, promo codes, capture emails and, of course, its main attraction, generating a visually appealing landing page.

Once you’ve entered in your campaign name and URL for the Amazon product, LandingCube will generate a page for you. You can choose to keep it, or tweak it with modifications like a countdown time, call-to-action and more. One of the biggest attractions of LandingCube is how simple, fast and easy it is to use, with setup taking less time to finish your cup of coffee.

After the trial period is over, you’ll have to sign up for one of their pricing plans, which start at $15/month for the basic plan when paid yearly.

2. Amzpromoter


Another really fast and easy landing page generator, Amzpromoter is also really simple to use. They’ll generate snappy-looking landing pages for you that are optimized for all devices, allowing you to hone in on users no matter what they’re using. And out of consideration for users with short attention spans, Amzpromoter has invested in their hosting capabilities so pages load quickly.

Landing pages come equipped with cool features like a scarcity timer, email capture, automated coupon distribution, quality product images and videos, and integration with email marketing software. While their free trial is a bit shorter at 14 days, you can save 25% on subscription costs if you pay annually, with plans starting at $19/month.

3. Amzlead

Traffic doesn’t count for much if it doesn’t convert, and this is where Amzlead really shines. Their base features lean heavily on communication with users, starting with email or direct coupons (email coupons go in a queue, ensuring those on the waiting list get it within a few days) and going the distance with follow-up emails.

Good communication is also not limited to just the users, as Amzlead has excellent support in place for you, with professional plan members getting priority email support. But landing pages are really easy to set up and generate that you’ll likely be flying on your own. Top features include social media integration, basic pages with the ability to customize without needing to know HTML, detailed stats on campaigns and advertising in local marketplaces (DE, UK, FR, IT, ES, US) with local language used.

4. ZonPages


What’s the difference between a Toyota and a Camaro? One technically gets the job done, while the other gets the job done in serious style. ZonPages is like the Camaro, offering gorgeous landing pages that turn heads and are easy to generate.

All you have to do is input the product’s ASIN number, and ZonPages generates that just works. It incorporates plenty of images, informative and easy to read bullet points, clean design and text, and efficient use of screen real estate.

If you decide you want to change a few things here and there, doing so is really easy, with no coding required. Once you’re happy with the finished product, set it free with benefits in place for yourself, like an inventory protector that limits user purchases on coupons and email marketing list integration.

5. Discount Coupon Sender

A 28-day free trial period with no credit card required for it? Why not sign up and take Discount Coupon Sender for a spin? When doing so, you’ll get introduced to plenty of great features at your fingertips. These include 14 supported Amazon marketplaces, templates customized to the type of product you’re selling (with the ability to tinker the design on each), coupon delivery and analytics, and the ability to display other products on the landing page to cross-sell them.

You can also select the type of URL that gets sent out, allowing you to target campaigns for specific purposes like increasing rankings or having the product becoming an Amazon Choice item. If you like what’s in front of you, you can sign up for a monthly or yearly plan, with the latter giving you 12 months for the price of 10.

6. My Seller Pal


Last but certainly not least is My Seller Pal, a landing page generator that stands out by keeping things simple: a super quick setup to generate a landing page that uses responsive design and fast page load times, compliant email and coupon ability with features that convert, analytics measuring, and affordable prices.

In terms of pricing, they have a 14-day free trial on all plans, with an option to use free features like access to beta tools and Amazon listing optimizer tool. The other plans run the gamut in terms of prices and features and really offer something for every seller.

Final Thoughts

If you use an Amazon landing page generator, you can reasonably expect traffic to spike. But knowing what to do with those increased visits is the next thing, and you’ll need to make sure you have aggressive product pricing in place to keep users there (and entice them to check out other products). RepricerExpress will take you the rest of the way home with the rules and features you need to really get the most out of your higher traffic. The best thing is, when you sign up now, you start off with a free trial to master everything you need.

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