According to reports, Amazon is working to shorten its promised two-day shipping on Amazon Prime to one day.

The ambitious move was revealed by Amazon’s Chief Financial Officer, Brian Olsavsky, at the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

Olsavsky said, “Our goal is to evolve the two-day free shipping program to a one-day free shipping program. We’re trying to take advantage of the fulfillment capacity and transportation capacity . . . that we have.”

It’s going to cost Amazon about $800 million, which will eat into Amazon’s bottom line in the upcoming quarters.

As for a timeline, Amazon wouldn’t give too many specifics.  “We expect to make steady programs quickly and through the year,” Olsavsky said.

The change will take place in North America first but is design to expand globally across all countries that offer Prime. Amazon has over 100 Prime members worldwide.