Amazon Third Party Sellers Boost Sales Via Mobile Services

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Year on year, mobile commerce at Amazon continues to see strong growth with the company reporting that its 2013 holiday season alone attracted over 50% via mobile. Whilst it’s generally accepted that the giant etailer has created a very compelling experience for shoppers on mobile devices, the offering for its third party sellers who sell a large percentage of goods on Amazon has been somewhat lacking—until now perhaps…

Third Party Seller Application

Mobile Commerce Daily reports that Amazon is driving sales via mobile services for its third-party sellers, citing the launch of the Amazon Seller app and Mobile Product ads as two major developments for third party sellers.

The Seller app aims to help third party sellers create listings quickly, either with their own data or via text searches or bar code scanning—sellers can even estimate the profitability of the items before deciding to sell them or gauge the room for dynamic pricing. They can also respond to customer messages which may be particularly useful for smaller sellers who don’t operate their business full-time but want to stay connected with their customers on a regular basis.

Mobile Product Ads

With more and more buyers searching and completing purchases via their mobile devices, Amazon has extended its Sponsored Products ad programme and placement to smartphones and tablets and although sellers don’t have to do anything extra to avail of the mobile experience, Amazon is keen to advise you to review your budgets on campaigns.

Gain A Huge Mobile Selling Channel Quickly

Whilst there is no wrong way or right way to start an online business, we have often argued that starting that journey on Amazon, eBay or Rakuten’s affords you access to a huge infrastructure that supports a mobile selling experience, fulfilment services, ads services—to mention but a few. Indeed, industry experts like Andy Geldman at WebRetailer go into great detail about the many pros of such an approach.

And if the recent additions to its mobile services for Amazon third party sellers are anything to go by, choosing to sell within such a well-oiled machine could be the best way to capture your slice of the ever-growing mobile ecommerce cake.

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