Want to Know the Amazon Buy Box Secret Formula?

If you’re confident that you’ve done everything you can to be in a position to win the Amazon Buy Box as per our overview of ‘How to Win the Buy Box‘ then it’s time to start adjusting the rules within your repricing software to further maximise your chances of landing that elusive right-hand position on Amazon’s product detail page and seriously increase your sales.


Many of our RepricerExpress users have suggested many formulae that they report as bringing in higher sales through winning the Buy Box more often, but as sellers’ inventory and prices vary widely there simply isn’t a magic formula that can guarantee winning the Buy Box. That said, we have seen commonalities across price brackets so we recommend the following setting as a starting point if you’re new to repricing your inventory but have Featured Merchant status and good performance history.

Update your price rules fields to:

Lowest Selling Price – £0.01 and – 2.68%

Basically, if you take a penny (or cent) off your lowest selling price (including postage) and 2.68%, you can increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box dramatically. Our RepricerExpress users’ experience of using this formula bears out what we’ve recommended as a company for over ten years—you should review and tweak your pricing rule settings to find the sweet spot for your inventory. If you have a wide variety of stock that sells across a range of prices, then separate adjustments and rules may be required to reflect your selling price brackets.

Give it a go on one or two products and see if it works to your benefit.


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