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Guest post by Maulik Patel is Founder & Director of

We all want traffic for our website. For sure, there is no better way than blogging to do so. While running any ecommerce store the most thing you need to focus on is to increase ecommerce traffic. One golden rule is that the more traffic you drive to your website the more sales and revenue you will generate. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to drive more traffic to your website is through blogging.

Websites that have blogs are likely to be more trusted by visitors and have more credibility. Relevant and helpful content will also help you acquire significant social media as well as website traffic. Having a blog improves your SEO and it tells people that your brand exists which ultimately helps your brand to reach a relevant audience. Your website also has increased chances of getting featured on another website or blogging should be taken seriously and you should also make sure to post influential posts which your audience might actually find worth visiting.

In this blog, we will have a look at how blogging can help in online marketing and sales of your website. Let’s get started!

1. Blogging and SEO

When you have just started your business or if you have a small business then you might not be that tempted by the idea of blogging. This is because you might think that not a lot of people will read your blogs. However, not blogging at all is the reason why you are not attracting more audience. Blogging even when you have a minimum audience will make sure that your website looks good in the eyes of SEO.

You need to understand that blogging means more pages for your website. There will be more internal links pointing to your homepage. Internal links are great but links that are derived from the other websites are much better. When a blog from your website gets shared or published on some other platform such as Facebook there will be more links associated with it and more people will be able to reach out to you.

This will also mean more link generation back to your site and help you climb higher on the search engine. Regular blogging also means keeping your site updated which thereby provides an opportunity to rank around the keyword that you are targeting. Any product that you link to your blog will also be beneficial to increase sales. When someone simply searches for a product that you already sell, there are better chances that they will come across your website due to the published blog linked to the product.

2. Using Blogs as a Marketing Platform

One of the most significant reasons to use blogs is so that you can build an audience of loyal buyers. Sometimes you need more than Facebook and Pinterest to promote your products. When you want people to understand something that will have an impact, it is best to choose mediums like videos or blogs.

Breaking down the anatomy of blogs, there is a headline which conveys what the content will comprise of which is why readers and the audience know what they should expect. Blogging allows you to have your own space to tell a story and you can include a lot of visuals to make the message even clearer. You can even include tweets or videos in your blog post as it can prove to be a very good medium for telling your story.

Talk about your products and why they are so unique which will ultimately compel the users to go through the entire product range o your website. Every startup or business has an interesting story behind it. You might have your own story as well, make sure that you share the story with your audience to make our website more engaging and adding a personal touch as well.

The best way to marketing your products is via a blog by sharing with the audience and describing how they are made, the special features and what is so interesting about them. You can also add some testimonials of what customers have to say about your products.

3. Promoting Your Digital Presence

It is very natural that when you are writing a good blog a lot of people will be engaged and keen to read it. This will help your business in ranking high. Updating your website by posting regular blogs will help you in linking your website to other blogs which ultimately provides signals to Google that your site is legitimate.

A lot of ecommerce stores make the mistake of simply promoting the ‘ about us’ page. This is why it becomes hard to craft more than a few tweets about each one of your products on Facebook or any other social media platform. A blog post will also encourage other people to link to your website. When your blogs get reposted on social networking they are bound to bring organic visitors to your website.

Blogging certainly develops a trust factor in the eyes of the audience and allows you to demonstrate your expertise even outside your industry. This may include getting noticed by reporters or any other high profile websites and you might get the opportunity to get featured on those websites. Blogging needs innovative ideas and content. You cannot simply keep posting the same piece of content with little tweaks every weak.


By now you must have known how important blogging is for boosting your ecommerce sales. If you have the time to handle more than one social media platforms you need to make sure that you utilise the power of blogging on every such platform. You never know, your post can cross a million views and shares over time.

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