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Unlike other eBay repricing solutions, RepricerExpress supports
competition-based rules and formula-based rules—so you can reprice both your
catalogue and non-catalogue products.


Reprice against competitors
using multiple filters.

Competition-based rules

These will alter your eBay price (for Buy It Nows only) by analysing competitors selling the same catalogue items on eBay (using Barcode, EAN or UPC to match products). Competitors listed above or below your minimum/maximum prices would be ignored. You can also choose to filter out competitors using inventory quantity, feedback rating, country, Top-rated Seller status etc. You can have different competition rules for different types of products—and can choose to beat, match or price above your competitors as required.
Typical examples:

  • Beat Lowest Top-rated Seller Competitor by 5c – who is within my Min/Max – from the UK
  • Match Lowest Competitor – who is within my Min/Max – from the US with Qty > 10

Keep your Amazon and
eBay prices in sync.

Formula-based rules

These will alter your eBay price (for Buy It Nows only) using a price calculation which you can base on your Min Price (could be cost price or cost plus fees etc.), your Max Price or Amazon prices (using any Amazon channel you are subscribed to). You can have different formulae for different types of products. If the price you have based your rule on (e.g. Min Price, Amazon UK price etc.) changes—then the formula rule re-adjusts to calculate a new price and keep your eBay listings super competitive 24/7.
Typical examples:

  •    eBay Price = Amazon US Price + 10% + $1.99
  •    eBay Price = Minimum Price + 10% + $1.99

N.B. All products can be repriced using formula-based rules.

RepricerExpress is a member of the eBay Developers Program
RepricerExpress is a proud member of the eBay Developers Program. The eBay Compatible Application logo means RepricerExpress passed the Compatible Application Check process to work directly with the eBay Platform. The eBay Compatible logo is provided to members of the eBay Developers Program who have certified their applications for use with eBay Web Services.

Amazon and eBay repricing
that works seamlessly together!

Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro, join other Amazon and eBay sellers seeing significant growth through maintaining competitive prices 24/7 without constant attention.

of users report higher sales
gross sales increase
Buy Box share increase
saved every week

“There’s no doubt in my mind that 90% of part time (and 100% of full time) FBA sellers should be using Amazon repricing software in their business model.”

Jeff Roth from Scan on the Side, on ‘Why you should be using Amazon repricing software’.

Your pricing overview, detail and history,
at the touch of a button.

Click on any product to see its pricing across all your channels,
its position against other sellers and its repricing history.

Plumbing Bits & Bobs Testimonial 

“Since signing up to RepricerExpress I only need to spend about 10 minutes a day on the very intuitive dashboard. Most importantly I have seen a 40% increase in sales which has covered the cost of the monthly subscription many, many times over.”

Chris Richards, Plumbing Bits & Bobs

Increase sales on Amazon arrows up

3 ways to increase your Amazon sales!

3 ways to get Amazon.com sales

RepricerExpress offers Amazon FBA and Featured Sellers the flexibility to compete for spots in the Buy Box and More Buying Choices Box. 

Our super-fast automated repricing allows all sellers to aim for higher positions in the Offer Listings pages, ensuring more and more buyers see your products.

RepricerExpress is a member of the Amazon Technology Partner Network
RepricerExpress is a proud member of Amazon’s Technology Partner Network and works closely with Amazon and its newest Subscriptions API to offer one of the most sophisticated and accurate automated pricing solutions for Amazon on the market. When pricing related events happen on Amazon, we are notified and respond immediately.
Amazon Web Services and “Partner Network” are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

Trusted by more than 2,500 happy Amazon sellers across eight international markets.

RepricerExpress Supported Amazon Marketplaces

“We’ve been using these guys for over eight years now. We’re a top 100 Amazon list seller and RepricerExpress is awesome for helping us stay there!”

RepricerExpress customer testimonial
happy customers & counting
listings repricing & growing
custom repricing rules in use
years of repricing experience

Target Amazon sellers

Compete with different sellers in different ways.

Not all competitors are created equally, so RepricerExpress offers the
flexibility to compete with Amazon differently to FBA and other merchants.

Reprice differently against specific sellers.

Set different strategies for Amazon, FBA and MFN (merchant fulfilled)—compete with or ignore specific sellers and choose how you wish to compete.

Amazon compete settings

Target Featured Sellers exclusively on Amazon

Compete only with Featured Sellers.

RepricerExpress allows you to easily and exclusively compete with Featured Merchants, excluding all those who cannot qualify for Buy Box placement and who may need to reduce prices considerably to place highly within the Offer Listings Page.

Exclusively compete with and target the Buy Box.

You can focus solely on the Buy Box offer with additional options that allow experienced sellers to compete exclusively and aggressively for Buy Box placement, ignoring all other seller settings if necessary (with the click of a button).

Target the Amazon Buy Box exclusively

Amazon repricing compete with settings

Sheer simplicity and ease of use.

RepricerExpress delivers a host of competition settings within a beautifully simple and easy to navigate user interface. Customise your repricing settings in a flash.

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Include/exclude specific sellers.

Now you can exclude competitors that you don’t need to compete against or who drive prices too low, or include competitors that you know are major sellers.

Include/Exclude Sellers from your competition

Multiple features for filtering your competition.

RepricerExpress offers unlimited flexibility in how you filter your competition according to their
Seller Rating, Seller Feedback, shipping location and dispatch time.

Seller Rating.

Choose the minimum seller rating you would like to compete with. As an example, if you choose a Seller Rating of at least 90% then all sellers with ratings below that number will be excluded from your competition.

Seller Feedback.

Choose the least number of Seller Feedback your competition must have. As an example, if you choose Seller Feedback of at least 500 then all sellers with Seller Feedback under that number will be excluded from your competition. This can be a great way of ensuring you don’t compete with very new sellers.

Shipping Country.

RepricerExpress will allow you to include or exclude sellers based upon the countries the item is shipped from. For example, if you’re selling on Amazon UK and shipping from there also, you may want to exclude from your competition those sellers who are shipping from the US or Canada, as many of your potential buyers will prefer a faster shipping time that you may be able to offer.

Dispatch/Ship Time.

Exclude sellers with dispatch/ship times above a certain number of days. Typically sellers will change their dispatch times to 8 or more days if they are out of stock (allowing time to restock and dispatch if a sale is received) but on most occasions an Amazon buyer will choose to buy the item that ships fastest (depending upon what you’re selling). RepricerExpress now allows you to filter out such sellers so that you’re only competing with those who can sell and dispatch in a similar timeframe to you.

Auto enable profit increases

Auto-enable competitiveness and profitability.

RepricerExpress has default options (which you can change) to increase your opportunity for
sales and higher profitability when common scenarios arise.

Common scenarios.

Default options are set to increase your competitiveness and profitability under common repricing scenarios.

Amazon repricing common scenario options
Increase profits in Buy Box

If you’re the Buy Box winner.

If you are the current Buy Box winner, then your sales will undoubtedly rise, however, RepricerExpress goes further, giving you the option of  increasing your price incrementally to achieve higher margins whilst still retaining the Buy Box.

Push prices up!

RepricerExpress will allow you to stop automated repricing for a period every day (normally the late evening and early morning when sales are lowest) and reset to maximum (if preferred), as this can often help drive prices back up across all competition.

Increase profits in Buy Box

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Ark Stores UK Testimonial

“RepricerExpress has helped us win more Buy Boxes so we can focus more on providing great customer service.”

Luke Bennett, Ark Stores

See automated Amazon pricing in action in 90 seconds!

What have you got to lose?

RepricerExpress Padlock — Safe and Risk Free

Safeguard against potential pricing errors and deactivations.

Want to try repricing but are worried about potential pricing errors that could result in you accidentally selling your products too low or too high? No problem—RepricerExpress and Amazon have new safeguards in place to avoid such errors occurring.

Try and test repricing
in Safe Mode…

…without affecting live listings in any way. Use our template rules that have all settings ready to try out or tweak them to create your own. See what’s working before you commit them to your live prices.

Want to just try repricing out on a subset of your products? No problem—you can turn off repricing on a SKU level, so only products you want to reprice are actively doing so, whether that’s one, ten, 500 or 10,000.

Amazon’s safety net
is now in place.

By adding your Minimum and Maximum selling prices to Amazon, you’ll engage the marketplace’s own safety net which will ensure none of your products ever price below or above the limits you set. This will ensure you avoid potentially negative customer experiences and feedback.

We highly recommend all sellers use this feature. Our support team can assist you to set these on Amazon—RepricerExpress never updates this information.

Avoid deactivation
of your listings.

If you haven’t set your Minimum and Maximum allowed selling price for each product on Amazon then any new prices will be checked against Amazon’s default potential error rules and possibly deactivated if they fall outside Amazon’s thresholds. By using RepricerExpress to create your Minimum and Maximum prices (which you check and upload) you’ll have a repricing solution that knows each one of your product’s ceiling and floor prices and hence avoids deactivation of listings on Amazon.

What can I see from my dashboard?


A beautifully simple navigation and interface that allows you to reach all functions and information with only 1 or 2 clicks.


Quickly filter your dashboard data for all your active marketplaces or drill down into each country account for finer detail.


View important stats at a glance: SKUs price checking, needing min/max, at fixed price, at lowest price, at min and at max.


View as a chart, your low, min and max repricing history over the last seven days.


View as a chart, the percentage breakdown of your SKUs at min, max, lowest etc.


Quickly jump to filtered searches of the SKUs that are at lowest, min, max, at best price etc.


View how many Buy Boxes you’ve won, how many listings are in the top 20, are repricing, not repricing and newly added.


Quickly gauge your repricing activity and view what has repriced in the last hour, last 24 hours and last seven days.


Stay informed with system statuses letting you know when your last reprice and your last listings import took place.

Repricing Dashboard

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Features to help sellers increase sales and profits, yet save valuable time every single day.

Reprice faster than your competitors.

RepricerExpress continuously monitors your Amazon competitors 24/7, so the minute any of them change price or go out of stock, RepricerExpress will react according to your rules and reprice your products for higher visibility and sales.

Repricing Performance
RepricerExpress Rules Setup

Set up and apply your rules in a snap.

Whether you’re a novice or expert repricing user, RepricerExpress has pricing rule options suited to all sellers. You can choose tried and tested templates to get up and running with one click or create and edit advanced rules for complete granular control of your repricing strategies.

Easily filter and bulk edit your listings.

Quickly find and bulk edit your listings directly within RepricerExpress with advanced filtering. Those with very large numbers of SKUs can export filtered results as CSV files for amending in their favourite spreadsheet program and re-import back into RepricerExpress.

Filter and bulk edit fast
View inventory prices across all marketplaces

View inventory prices across all marketplaces.

RepricerExpress’ unique presentation of your inventory allows you to see the status of all listings across each and every active marketplace from one unified screen. Switching repricing on or off and viewing a SKU’s history—among other functions—are just a click away!

Quickly set Min and Max prices.

Need to set Min and Max limits based upon your existing prices on Amazon? No problem at all. Add or subtract fixed values and percentages to create floor and ceiling limits for each and every one of your products automatically. You can also choose to set new values via spreadsheet if preferred.

Set Min and Max Prices

RepricerExpress 5 Star Rating

When we asked sellers what they like about
RepricerExpress, here’s what they said…

Extremely fast.

“We found other companies charging more to match the repricing frequency of RepricerExpress. Competitors were repricing every hour, however, we pretty much have continuous repricing for only £30 per month!”

Philip Murray

Channels: 1, SKUs: 1,983

Sales increasing.

“RepricerExpress has helped our sales increase by more than 170% during the 3 weeks we have been using it. Setup was very quick and simple—it now runs without the need for constant attention which saves us a lot of time.”

Jose Puyol

Channels: 3, SKUs: 8,074

Reliable and safe.

“We moved repricing out of our multichannel software for greater speed and flexibility. Integration with our systems was seamless and their team handled our 2 million + SKUs without any problems at all.”

Brad Newell

Channels: 7, SKUs: 2 million +

Keep up-to-date with industry news.

Nobody knows repricing on Amazon like we do.

We’ve been here for over 12 years, since the ‘e’ came into ‘e-commerce’ and are one of the first companies to develop and run repricing software for Amazon sellers, so we’re in a good position to keep you up-to-date about the latest developments in the industry.

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