Top 10 Ecommerce Influencers to Follow in 2020

Love them or hate them, it’s impossible to deny the visibility and reach that the world’s top ecommerce influencers have. In particular, the top tier of influencers can offer valuable tips and insights to help you grow your own business. Because old dogs can learn new tricks, RepricerExpress has these top ten ecommerce influencers, in no particular order, you should take a second look at.

1. Andrew Youderian, @youderian

If you use Amazon and/or Google Shopping but want to branch out further, Andrew Youderian (the founder of eCommerceFuel) is an excellent place to start. He gathers and curates content for online store owners, but not just for any store owners — the ones who pull in six-to-seven figures.

2. Sarah Carroll, @growglobal

Want to cross international ecommerce boundaries? Sarah Carroll is an influencer you should bookmark. She’s one of the top resources out there for what it takes to scale up and globally, offering information about international ecommerce trends and how they take shape.

3. Steve Chou, @MyWifeQuit

For a successful bootstrapping story, turn to Steve Chou. When his wife was thinking about going back to work after the birth of their first child, they started the online store Bumblebee Linens in 2007. That turned out to be successful, so he built on that with his website MyWifeQuitHerJob where he shares his experience and success tips with others starting out in ecommerce

4. Tracey Wallace, @tracewall

Everything that has to do with being online has now become about relevant and insightful content and information, and few people know this better than Tracey Wallace. As the Editor-in-Chief of BigCommerce, she’s up-to-date on the ecommerce trends and “rules” you need to know. Plus, she shares a lot of her own experiences as well for a personal twist.

5. Connor Gillivan, @ConnorGillivan

Connor Gillivan has been in ecommerce since he was 16, starting his first business, Portlight, on Amazon when he was just 20-years-old. Since then, he’s grown two companies to more than $10 million a year, as well as started FreeeUp to combat the frustrations he’s encountered with online hiring sites. If that isn’t enough, he also partners up with our next influencer, Nathan Hirsch, to form a formidable tag team of ecommerce influencers.

6. Nathan Hirsch, @realNateHirsch

Nathan Hirsch isn’t just a business partner with Gillivan, he’s also the CEO of FreeeUp. One thing that sets him apart is he’s available for ecommerce clients who want an actual consult with him, specifically in the area of how to best hire various employees for their business. You can dip your toes into the water by getting started with his podcasts.

7. Zia Daniell Wigder, @zdwigder

Maybe you’ve heard of — or even attended — Shoptalk, a yearly conference where thousands of ecommerce retailers and individuals gather to meet, network and learn. If you have, you’ve no doubt heard of Zia, who’s the Senior VP and Chief Global Content Officer. Go straight to the top with her if you want to learn all the latest trends and technologies in ecommerce.

8. Tim Peter, @tcpeter

Who better to learn from than one of the OGs of ecommerce? That’s where Tim comes in, the founder of Tim Peter & Associates, a consulting firm for businesses. If you’re ready to take the next step, get help from one of the oldest experts in ecommerce to craft the best strategy that’ll work for your business.

9. Marsha Collier, @MarshaCollier

You’d be hard-pressed to look around and not see something with Marsha’s name on it, whether it’s one of her 40+ books, Forbes Top 10 Futurist articles, various online blogs or podcasts. Simply put, she has content in just about every corner you can think of, making it super easy for you to soak up her learnings and recommendations.

10. Peep Laja, @peeplaja

Many retailers struggle with conversions, which holds them back from the sales that can take them to the next level in commerce. But with Peep’s help, you can start turning things around today. He’s the founder of ConversionXL, one of the smartest and most trusted sources for how to maximize your conversions.

Bonus: RepricerExpress, @repricerexpress

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Final Thoughts

There are plenty more ecommerce influencers out there that can help you with your own business needs, but these 10 should get you off to a good start. They cover all sorts of aspects with buying and selling online, ranging from the small individual to the big-time sellers.

Whichever influencer’s style you click with the most, use their tips in conjunction with RepricerExpress to hit a home run on your profits. One of the best parts is you start off with a free trial, so waste no time in signing up right now.

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