This week, Amazon banned sellers from offering discounted products in exchange for reviews. Those sellers who continue to do so which is against Amazon’s Terms of Service—run the risk of getting their seller account suspended. With this in mind, in this blog we’ll be looking at ways you can avoid an Amazon suspension with some expert advice from Amazon and ecommerce consultant, Chris McCabe.

Chris states that account suspensions have increased in 2016 as Amazon have become more stringent and strengthened its policy enforcement—as a result of buyer complaints about counterfeit or fake items. If you’ve had an Amazon account suspension, here’s a great blog full of useful advice around what steps to take including how to make an appeal.


How to avoid an Amazon account suspension

With an increase in the number of seller suspensions, many sellers want to know what they can do to keep their account safe from suspension. Here’s a list of five things that all sellers can do to minimise the risk of an Amazon account suspension:

  • Keep an eye of your listings.
  • Monitor metrics aggressively, including on-time shipping and customer response.
  • Respond to Amazon policy notifications/warnings about item quality complaints.
  • Track notice warnings on specific ASINs and contact Product Quality teams.
  • Research Amazon contacts in category or account management before anything bad happens.


Chris’ four Amazon account suspension myths

#1. Suspensions are waived or less common for Top Sellers

MYTH—Big sellers can be suspended too.

#2. Amazon tells you the reason(s) why they suspended you

MYTH—Amazon’s Product Quality team will only give you the ASIN tied to the problematic order, not the order number.

#3. Suspensions happen because you ignored warnings

MYTH—Suspensions often happen even if you heed warnings. However, ignoring any warning is likely to increase the chances of your seller account landing in the sin bin.

#4. Suspensions are rare

MYTH—The number of account suspensions is unlikely to decrease in the near future. All sellers need to be vigilant when it comes to inventory accuracy.

Read the full blog post on WebRetailer.

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