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If you had to do a load of laundry right now, would you use one of those old-fashioned wringer machines? Or would you just plop the load in a machine, press a few buttons, and get back to watching your TV show? Using an Amazon repricer is the same thing. Why go through all the unnecessary trouble of repricing your products when something like RepricerExpress can just do it for you?

Say Goodbye to Countless Hours Lost on Manual Pricing

We’re not going to devote too much time to explaining just why using a repricer is a plain awesome idea. It’s like the difference between mailing out for DVDs and just streaming a movie on Netflix. There’s no comparison.

One way takes oodles of time and increases the chance for human error, while the other minimises risk of error and gives you one of the most precious gifts in lifetime. But, how do you make the choice on actually settling on a repricer?

Look at What Your Business Needs Are

Okay, so you might be able to get away without using an Amazon repricer, but merchants like that are few and far between. Generally, it’s when you’ve got a small amount of SKUs and can easily do it yourself it very little time, or if you’re dealing in very specialised goods and you want to do everything by hand.

So what’s the magic number of SKUs before l need to stop manually repricing and move to an automated repricing solution? According to FBA Seller Jeff Roth, 50 is the magic number… If you have more than 50 SKUs you’ll want to look for a repricer that can easily handle large batches of items. Most repricers will be able to sort between repricing individually and in batches, anyway, but check first that this is the case.

Another factor to consider is what your revenue and profit streams are.

As much as we’d love to wave a magic wand and make repricing free, a good Amazon repricer will be an investment. Brands come in different prices (*ahem* RepricerExpress is one of the better-valued ones *ahem*), so figure out how much you want to spend each money on repricing.

As a very general rule, you probably don’t want to exceed 10-20% of your revenue on repricing. An exception to this is in the beginning when you want to draw a lot of attention to the sheer awesomeness of your product line, so pricing really aggressively with a great repricer can be one way to go.

RepricerExpress pricing plans start at £39, just over £1 a day.


Look at What YOUR Needs Are

One of the biggest differences between repricers is whether they’re software-based or downloadable programs. This really just comes down to personal preference, but we’d recommend going with the cloud option because that’s where Amazon is, too.

One of the biggest benefits towards going with a software repricer is that you can do whatever else with your computer (i.e. turn it off) and it won’t affect the repricing process.

Also, ask yourself if you’re more of a ‘Mac’ or ‘PC’ person: would you rather go with something simple that requires minimal set-up, or do you want a product that lets you completely customise every single setting? The former has the benefit of just plugging in and going, but the downside of limited options. On the other hand, the latter lets you tweak things down to the atom, but the learning curve can be a lot steeper.

Have you also thought about whether or not the repricer can be integrated with your current software and programs? Not everything is compatible (just look at HDMI cables for either an Apple or PC laptop), and sometimes they are — but require a bit of work to get it going. If that’s the case, is there decent customer support to assist you with the tricky bits? And keeping with the Apple/PC theme, consider which platforms are compatible with certain repricers. The good ones will integrate with both.

Final Thoughts

We’ve tried to be fair, partial and unbiased, but hey, RepricerExpress is like peering into your stocking on Christmas morning and finding a chocolate bar, tickets to a concert, a pair of snuggly socks AND a gift card to your favourite store. We’d add on more, but a) we don’t want to appear boastful, and b) you can just see for yourself with a 15-day free trial.

Amazon repricing software free trial


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