How to Create Facebook Ads for Your eCommerce Business

Social Media for Ecommerce

It’s been a long time since Facebook went from niche site to hipster locale. Today, it’s where more than a billion people in the world meet and socialise — and it’s where you need to turn to in order to boost your ecommerce business, as shown by RepricerExpress.

You Need to Login Before Telling the World How Awesome Your Business Is

Before you can get your horses past the finish line, you have to march them up to the gate first. Or, in other words, create a Facebook account for your business. Remarkably, it took three years after Facebook’s inception before business pages could be created, and still another two before their style was more formalised.

Either way, you definitely want to create a business-centric Facebook page instead of just a regular page with a business name. There are just more tools and options available to promote your brand.

Spend a Little, Spend a Lot

The downside of creating a business page on Facebook is that you probably have to pay if you want to advertise. But instead of being sad about this, look at it as just another marketing and advertising avenue you’d normally spend money on.

And just like other avenues, Facebook has a huge variety of pricing models that allow any business owner on any budget to advertise. Plus, you’re not locked in as you would be with a mortgage, giving you the opportunity to change streams as they correlate with your advertising metrics.

For the Right Eyes Only

When it comes to ads, there are essentially two ways of going about it:

  • Throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks
  • Being really precise and only targeting the demographic(s) you think will be interested

Both have their merits, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re going to choose the second method. In that case, you need to do research to determine which types of Facebook users you should be targeting.

Looks ARE Everything

At RepricerExpress, we believe in looking deeply below the surface to find the beauty inside — except when it comes to ads. Then, everything hinges on how shiny and glossy and pretty the package is. But apart from that, how you place the ad matters. Will you have it in the sidebar, or user feed? Each one has a different price, as well as varying rates of engagement.

Of equal importance is the type of ad you select. A tiny ad may not get the results you want if you’re just breaking in to the business, so decide if you want:

  • Page Post
  • Video
  • Multi-Product
  • Carousel>

Then make the magic happen!

The last step is to finally create your ad! We’re assuming that you’re already following the best practices of professionally-shot images, catchy copywriting and excellent product spotlighting, so we’ll only say that the last step is reviewing Facebook’s policies to make sure your ad is in line with what they say.

Your ads, if done correctly, are going to start generating some serious interest and you have to be ready for the potential onslaught of business. And if you haven’t guessed one of the best ways to prepare for that, is RepricerExpress, fastest Amazon repricing software. But to get there, you have to first sign up for your free 15-day trial. Go forth and prosper, little one!

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