How to Get Great Reviews on Amazon

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Getting good reviews on Amazon is so much more important than a good review at an ordinary desk job, as your livelihood is directly tied to what people say about you. While the same general argument could be made about a regular 9-to-5 job, what makes Amazon reviews different is everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve can quickly be undone with a nasty paragraph. Conversely, regular jobs will give you a couple of chances to pull up your socks before sending you on your way. RepricerExpress will take a look at how to get great reviews on Amazon and some of the things you should avoid.

Set up Amazing Product Descriptions with Beautiful Pictures

You’re already a master at getting people to click on your Amazon page, but for some odd reason, they don’t seem to stay there very long. And if they hop off quickly, that means they’re not buying anything. Consumers are obviously interested in your inventory line, so what’s keeping them from clicking “buy”?

If you have no problem attracting numbers but can’t convert them to sales, take a look at your product descriptions and images. Chances are, you’re either not telling your buyers enough about the products or visualising it efficiently for them, and they’re turning to a seller that can. You’ll never be able to ask for reviews if you have no sold products, so work on moving your items at a faster pace.


Whether you prefer the old maxim of the squeaky wheel gets the grease or the Nora Roberts quote of If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place, the result is always the same: ask and ye shall receive.

It sounds blindingly self-evident, but it’s true: people often won’t give you what you want not necessarily because they enjoy withholding it, but because they don’t know. Your buyers aren’t mind readers, and all you have to do is tell them what you need them to do. Often, they’ll be happy to fill out a short survey or leave some feedback if they’re happy with the results, and it’ll help you progress further ahead.

Deliver Your Products on Time

We know that once a product leaves your hands en route to your buyers’, a lot of things can happen: customs officials can be in a bad mood and hold up your package, the post office employees can be having a mass “oopsie daisy! day. However, these cases are exceptions, not the norm, and you should always being doing your utmost to ensure your delivery dates are as accurate as what you posted. Few people will be pleasant after their package is a week late, and fewer yet will leave a cheerful review to say thanks for the wait. Whatever’s in your power to do, do it.

Avoid This: Fake Reviews

Two years ago, Forbes wrote an article about the “dark underbelly” of Amazon, detailing how authors paid others to leave a plethora of great reviews for their books. It’s neither a new nor small practice, and it’s one of the cheapest, sleaziest ones you can employ as an Amazon seller. Recently, Amazon has taken action to try and close sites offering fake reviews for cash, as it undermines the company’s review system.

We can understand the temptation to do so is great, as it’s awfully difficult to single-handedly garner a healthy collection of good reviews. Big companies have publicists who are solely responsible for this, and you don’t. But hard as it may be, it’s dishonest and can land you in a lot of trouble, jeopardising everything you’ve worked so hard and carefully to build.

To this, we counsel patience and hard work. It may seem as though you’re making no progress at all while everyone else around you is swimming light years ahead, but just take your time. If you keep doing an awesome job in all areas and asking for reviews, you’ll get there.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering what else you can do to help bolster the number of great reviews you have, the answer is simple: repricing software. By using RepricerExpress, you can price your items as competitively as everyone else, ensuring it’s your quality, timeliness and attention to detail that really gets everything moving. Instead of waiting around, though, try our 15-day free trial today.


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