The Sales Differences Between Mother’s Day Vs Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is on 18 June, which means you, our faithful ecommerce reader, are likely already in the thick of things. Although it’s not as busy as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas, Father’s Day is still one of the top shopping days of the year. And when it comes to the biggest shopping days, you need to be prepared to meet the demand or else your consumers will turn to someone who is. Here at RepricerExpress we take a look at the statistics of Mother’s day Vs Father’s day so you can plan to maximise your profits on Amazon come 18th June.

How Do Different Countries Spend on Each Holiday?

Overall, Mother’s Day takes the cake when it comes to how much each person spends on average for each holiday. Perhaps this is the result of Mother’s Day being more heavily advertised or perhaps it’s because we feel guiltier about everything we put our mothers through as children, but there’s a definite discrepancy at play.

  • Brazil: By far the biggest spenders on both holidays, Brazilians shell out £112 each for Mother’s Day and £59 on Father’s Day.
  • United States: There’s only a £40 difference between the two holidays, but which one takes top spot? The answer, just like the previous entry, is Mother’s Day at £94 per person and £54 per person on Father’s Day.
  • France: In the country whose capital is the City of Lights, citizens spend, on average, the same amount on both holidays: £34.
  • Austria: We’ve come to the only country where people spend more on Father’s Day (£34) than they do on Mother’s Day (£32)
  • United Kingdom: Tsk, tsk, tsk. While the amount each Briton spends (£30) is on par with the other European countries on this list, a figure of £10 for Father’s Day pales in comparison.
  • Germany: We’re not sure if recognising your parents with gifts once a year just isn’t that popular in Deutschland, but an average of £21 for Mother’s Day and £11 is the lowest by far on this list.

Types of Gifts Bought

Just as there’s a difference in how much people are spending on average for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there’s a difference naturally in the type of gifts bought, too.

Mother’s Day: Lavish, Memorable and Appreciative

  • In what’s likely not a surprise at all, jewellery was the biggest purchase last year, with $4.2 billion spent.
  • Dinners were a close second with $3.5 billion, but its counterpart, flowers, didn’t crack in until the fifth spot with $1.9 billion spent. Meanwhile, services, like spa or hairstyling appointments, took last spot with $1.5 billion.
  • In what’s a study in contrasts, people spent $2.3 billion on electronics last year, and $1.7 billion on clothing.
  • Finally, gift cards, those ubiquitous gifts we hand out when we’re not quite sure what to buy but disguise that confusion as letting the other person retain all control, are exactly in the middle with $2.0 billion spent in 2013.

Father’s Day: Practical and Traditional

There aren’t many surprises when it comes to the kinds of gifts bought on Father’s Day, with both this one and Mother’s Day spending the least on services ($0.7 billion).

  • Children like to take their fathers out to dinner, spending a total of $2.5 billion in 2013. It turns out they’d much rather enjoy one-on-one time with their father than be surrounded by thousands at a sports game ($0.7 billion).
  • It may be cliché, but electronics are the second-most popular choice at $1.8 billion. But it looks like the necktie or fleece sweater is still a common choice, with clothing taking the third spot at $1.8 billion. Also tied with $1.8 billion are gift cards, once again putting this choice in the middle spot.
  • The last entry is home improvement, but there’s a big drop-off between gift cards in the #4 spot and the latter in the fifth spot with just $0.8 billion spent last year.

Final Thoughts

We know you’re a smart enough retailer to be able to take information and do your own thing with it, so we’re happy to provide the data for you. What we’re also happy to hand over is the most top-notch repricing software available, which is essential to you getting to the next level on Amazon. Try our 15-day trial today, and see how quickly your results change.


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