How to Write Winning Amazon Product Descriptions in 2023

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Writing in any area of life is most definitely an art and it’s an art form that separates the grinders from the creators. And while Amazon may constrain you a little bit in terms of how product descriptions should be written, that definitely can’t stop you from making the most of what you have.

You may not be able to write amazingly catchy copy in a banner across the top of your page and you may not be able to be as visually creative as you’d like, but there are still 26 letters in the English alphabet and they’re just begging to be rearranged in ways that can grab the attention of even the most hardened soul.

At RepricerExpress, we’re fans of simplicity and straightforwardness, but we’ll be taking a look at some of the different methods you can employ to suit your own personality.

Know Who You’re Selling To

Say you’re in the business of selling surfboards: that product in and of itself inspires a certain demographic of users and you have to adjust your language to suit them. You’ll be turning off a large portion of your buyers if you start using stiff, formal, grammatically correct “banker” language, as opposed to speaking to them in the lingo they understand. Remember, it’s not who you’re selling to, it’s to those interested in your product and being able to have them understand why your product is better than everyone else’s will help move your inventory.

Talk about the Biggest Benefits of the Product

You don’t have to be a writing whiz to be able to complete this step successfully, just really familiar with your product. For example, if you’re selling baseball mitts, then the features you want to highlight should include colour, make, model, material, size, what position it’s used for, webbing, if it’s been mechanically broken in, and if there’s a pro baseballer’s signature on it. Things like mentioning there’s a stitched logo by the wrist or it’ll match every jersey just aren’t important, so make sure to stay on track and describe only the major features and benefits of the product.

Eliminate All Unnecessary Words

Strunk and White were spot on when they advised writers everywhere to eliminate all unnecessary words, as your buyers can smell you padding space from a mile away. By inserting “yeah, yeah” phrases like “top-notch quality” or “excellent construction” (two examples of phrases that make readers think yeah, yeah — they all say that), you’re wasting valuable space on words that can actually boost your product’s appeal. Instead, either use that space on really promoting what you’re selling, or just stop writing. There’s no shame whatsoever in not filling in the maximum word count if you’re convinced what you have more than suffices. Remember, buyers will tune you out if you start rambling, but they’ll sit up and take note if you can deliver a short, punchy product description (but just don’t take this as advice to make all your product descriptions only two sentences long).

Write from Left to Right

This may be a harsh truth to some, but the vast majority of your buyers just aren’t going to read the majority of your product description. They’ll have a quick glance at your images, check out what the main features are, see how much it costs and either buy it or move on. So with that in mind, what we mean by writing left to right is to put target keywords at the beginnings of your sentences instead of burying them later on. This gives you the best chance possible of telling your consumers exactly what they need to know, but still giving the minority of your full readers the chance to win them with your writing prowess.

Final Thoughts

In the last point, we’d briefly mentioned that price is one of the things your buyers are looking for when they come to your page. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how well you’ve written your product description if what you’re selling costs five times more than your competitors’, you just won’t be moving your inventory. Luckily, RepricerExpress has just the tools to help you succeed, with our repricing software available for a free 14-day test run for you to try out.


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