Interesting Product Trends for Amazon and eBay Sellers

Amazon Product Trends for 2016

Did you know that eBay publishes a weekly update on what products that are trending that week? You can keep up-to-date with what people are viewing and see the top five hottest products that week. The weekly list includes the most-watched, the most tweeted and the highest priced.

Product trends on Amazon and eBay

Products trending on eBay this week include a “Ferrari 458 engine gearbox” for car enthusiasts, “hot buns”, a product which helps females (mainly) put their hair in the perfect bun and on the back on the recent darts coverage on TV, a signed Word Championship dartboard.

Amazon also produces a handy list of bestsellers, which is updated on an hourly basis, covering the most popular products across all categories.

How to identify the next big thing?

Google Trends, Trend Hunter, Pinterest and Twitter are some tools which may help in your quest to find the next big trend. The difficulty comes when trying to distinguish what is a trend and what is a fad.

Finding hot products was also covered in-depth in our guest blog by seller Amanda O’Brien. If you can identify trends on the horizon, you can benefit and build a successful e-commerce business.

Selfie sticks and vinyl

Judging by Christmas presents, those sellers flogging the marmite (love it or hate it) of new products, the selfie stick, will have benefited from anticipating high demand from consumers. I also recently discovered a new seasonal product which combined the increased popularity of beards and Christmas to form decorative beard baubles!

And I’m guessing with summer holidays just around the corner, many of us including myself, fitness products such as DVDs, clothing and protein powder, are currently in high demand.

Another recent trend in the world of music is the comeback of vinyl with sales in the US alone reaching 9.7 million in 2018.

Wearable technology

Wearables is a rising consumer trend that was covered in the most recent series of The Apprentice, with the teams producing two questionable products that l doubt many consumers would purchase.

The growing market and demands for wearable technology, which is attracting the attention of many companies including Ralph Lauren, who have released a biometric smart t-shirt, Apple, who have released the Apple watch, and Google, with the smart eye-wear, Google Glass.

Other popular wearables include the Pebble Steel smartwatch (£150), the blue-tooth fitness wristbands, Fitbit Flex (£80) and the Jawbone UP24 (£125).


So there you have it, some food some thought about helping you find a product that could boost your sales and profits on Amazon and eBay. Selecting the right product is a key success factor, as is the price.

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