Pros and Cons of Amazon’s FBA Global Export Programme

Increase your ecommerce sales

Selling online is all about how to get more eyes on your site (and then converting those glances to sales). And given that there’s about seven billion people on this planet, wouldn’t you want to try and get as many of those people on your site as possible? RepricerExpress shows you how to attract those international buyers, and how to make the process as easy as possible for both of you.

FBA Global Export: Making Things Easier Worldwide

It’s really very simple to get started with FBA Export, especially if your main goal is to look outside the United States in terms of customer expansion. While the bulk of Amazon buyers are Americans, narrowing yourself to just that country is unnecessary and can mean losing out on extra dosh.

But first, you have to get set up, so — insert facetious tone here — read very carefully at these oh-so-tricky steps to get started.

  • Go to your Seller Central account and log in.
  • Find the ‘Inventory’ drop-down list and select ‘Manage FBA Inventory’
  • From there, you’ll want to head to the top-right corner of the page and click on the ‘International Shipping’ link
  • You’ll want to select the ‘Enable FBA Global Export’ option to keep moving forward and upload a signature file to go through with it
  • After you’ve read through the Amazon Business Solutions section and clicked that you agree with it, all that’s left is to press submit to finish up

Pros and Cons of Signing Up With FBA Global Export

So far, we’ve covered how to get started with the FBA Global Export Programme and we’ve touched briefly on why it’s a good idea (so many more eyeballs around the world!), but let’s dive into some of the specifics — on both sides of the fence.


  • It’s free. Buyers pay the extra fees, and they’re told about this beforehand
  • It’s ridiculously easy to sign up for and use
  • You can sell your merchandise to people in 65 countries around the world
  • The potential addition of millions more lookers and browsers
  • Higher sales from increased site traffic
  • Amazon takes care of the customer support side through FBA, like product returns


Now, keep in mind, with a programme as awesome as this, these cons aren’t actually negatives or drawbacks. They tend to fall along the lines of subjective things individual buyers might not like, but that’s more of a personality thing.

  • Perceived potential buyer fraud (i.e. buyers might claim they never got an item, even if they did)
  • More unknown variables involved because of factors like shipping costs, distance the product has to travel, etc.
  • Possible increased returns, although really, your percentage should stay the same. Buyers tend to have the same buying habits, no matter where in the world they’re buying from. And it really comes down to your savvy as a seller to keep returns to a minimum (although should they occur, Amazon will handle this through FBA).
  • Increased negative feedback, although again, this comes down to how hard you work as a seller to minimise negative experiences and what you do to make things right

The biggest thing we want to draw your attention to is that the FBA Global Export programme is really, really low-risk and high-reward. One of its biggest selling features is that you don’t have to pay for it (the buyer assumes the cost), so what have you got to lose? And with signing up taking only minutes, it’s so super easy to start up and take advantage of.

You know what else is super easy and takes hardly any time at all (and we’re talking seconds, not even minutes)? Yep, that’s right — RepricerExpress. You’re going to want it on hand for when you get all those extra buyers from all over the world, and need an efficient way to handle your increased sales. But to make the seamless transition, you’ve got to first sign up for your 15-day free trial.


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