Just about every merchant is regularly thinking up ways they can sell more on Amazon. And the answer is no huge secret: generally, it’s about sourcing products people want, at the prices they’re willing to pay. To understand how that really works, RepricerExpress has 17 ways for you to get there.

1. Use the Best Images Possible

We regularly talk about the importance of having multiple, hi-res images, as they’re one of the first things buyers notice.

On our sister site, FeedbackExpress, we mention how poor images are one of the most common seller mistakes, as well as how to shape your images for the best SEO results. If you don’t want to shoot your own products, we have an article on the best free stock image sites you can use.

2. Use FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon makes your products Prime-eligible, plus also increases your odds of landing a Buy Box. People flock to Prime. You should flock to FBA. And besides, it frees up your time to spend on other ways to sell higher and make more money.

3. Invest in Inventory Management Software

Two of the worst things that can happen to you on Amazon are running out of inventory and having slow-selling stock. Two problems that can easily be reduced by having inventory management software to keep tabs on products so you don’t have to run high or low.

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4. Feature Vendor Powered Coupons

Vendor Powered Coupons are available to those third-party sellers on Amazon who sell right to buyers. And buyers love coupons.

5. Get on Top of Negative Reviews

While you’ll want to avoid negative reviews in the first place, if you sell enough and for long enough, it’s inevitable you’ll get a few of them. Ignoring them is not the way to go. FeedbackExpress has endless articles on how to deal with them effectively.

6. Reprice Your Way to Buy Boxes

The majority of Amazon sales come from Buy Boxes, and the majority of Buy Boxes are won with competitive prices. But price changes happen super fast on Amazon, so the best way to keep up is with a quality automated repricer.

7. Make Product Listings the Best They Can Be

We said in the first point images are one of the first things buyers notice. Listings come in close behind. Sell your products with the power of convincing copy by writing descriptions that are accurate, compelling, thorough, instructive, clear, concise and unique.

8. Know Thy Competition

The better you understand your competitors, the better you can best them. Figure out the secrets to their success, then mimic and exceed them. Remember, it’s all in the details.

9. Get External Feedback to Assess Your Performance

There’s the feedback left on your Amazon page, and then there’s the feedback you actively seek that communicates in more detail how you’re doing as a seller. Find out what issues buyers have, then address them to improve. It’s also a great way to increase communication and trust with your audience.

10. Grow Outside of Amazon

While this post details how you can sell more on Amazon, you should also look outside of it. Expanding to other marketplaces can help your bottom line, but it can also give you important techniques to transfer back to Amazon to get more sales there.

11. Get Social

In most workplaces, spending time on social media is what employees do when they’re bored or not challenged. But in your line of work, it’s almost a necessity for reaching buyers across multiple platforms and convincing them to shop with you.

12. SEO Your Way to the Front Page

Amazon has unique SEO requirements to tap into its algorithm. Learn the fundamentals of Amazon SEO and how you can rank higher.

13. Join Subscribe & Save

The best customer is a repeat customer, so join the Subscribe & Save program if you’re eligible. This way, buyers can auto-reorder products at regular intervals, making it easier all around for everyone.

14. Go For Feedback in Every Way Possible

The most straightforward way is to use a feedback app, like FeedbackExpress, to automate the process for you. But that’s only one way. You can also get creative, like with product inserts.

15. Add Videos to Your Listings

Videos are one of the top ways buyers engage with products. Although you can’t add them to product listings, you can use them in other areas — and you should. Use the magic of moving pictures to create user tutorials, show what happens behind the scenes, describe how the product is made and used, and anything else that’s off the beaten path that’ll capture users’ attention.

16. Draw Attention with Sponsored Listings

Amazon wields a mighty hammer and one of the ways it uses it is with Sponsored Listings. Once you make sure you meet the eligibility requirements, hand it over to Amazon’s advertising capabilities and watch your product’s traffic grow.

17. Protect Your Brand

It’s hard to make sales if other sellers are ripping off your brand. But by protecting yourself by enrolling in Brand Registry, you can help prevent that. You’ll also be able to use their storefront builder and implement Enhanced Brand Content features, too.

Final Thoughts

In point #6, we showed how using an automated repricer can help boost sales. But even if you aren’t interested in making more money, you should be into reducing human error and the number of hours spent on manually repricing products. All you have to do is use RepricerExpress to see how much easier life becomes. Sign up right now to get your free 14-day trial started.

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