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One of the smartest ways you can capitalise on bigger sales is to bundle products together. However, you can’t just throw together lamb and tuna fish and expect everyone to go crazy about it. There are a few ‘rules’ to follow, so read on to find out what RepricerExpress has to say.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Categories Considered

It’s tempting to want to bundle anything and everything together and call it a day, but there are a few Amazon categories you can’t make work to your advantage and they are:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Videos
  • DVDs
  • Video Games

However, there is a neat way to sort of skirt around this rule and that’s by making sure the primary item in the bundle doesn’t belong to one of the aforementioned categories.

For example, you’re allowed to include a DVD or book so long as the bundle has a ‘primary item’ that belongs to another category, like Tools, Patio & Garden.

So, you could theoretically make a spade the primary item, and then bundle it with a gardening book and/or DVD so long as the latter two are not the primary items. Neat, eh?

How to Sell Bundles on Amazon

Now, before you go looking at your inventory and start bundling things all willy-nilly, Amazon does have a few rules in place so here are some things to consider.

1. Bundles Have to Consist of Separate Items

As nice as it may be to consider a multi-pack of goods, like batteries or dishware, separate items that can be bundled, they cannot. A pack of things — no matter how many items are contained in that pack — is considered one item by Amazon and should never be listed as a bundle. But making that pack of dishware and a set of dish towels can be a bundle, and a good one at that.

2. Measure Twice and Cut Once before Creating a Bundle

Once you’ve created your bundle, you’re not allowed to go back and change the contents of it. But not to worry — if you need to change anything, you can simply delete the listing and create a new one. After that, you have the option of either assigning it a new UPC or matching it to one already in existence that’s the same as the new, revised bundle.

3. Each Bundle Needs to be Very Clearly and Explicitly Named

This is a really easy rule to remember. Any time you create a bundle, it needs the word ‘bundle’ in the title. And when it comes time to write the product description, use the first bullet to describe that it’s a bundle and what’s in it.

4. Each Bundle’s Contents also Need to be Clearly and Explicitly Shown

Finally, you’ll need to create a new image for the bundle instead of using separate ones (although you’re still allowed to have sub-images be separately shown if you want to highlight their features). You must have the primary image show all the contents of the bundle, as Amazon will not allow you to have a representational photo.

Final Thoughts

There are so many pluses that come along with bundling (i.e. extra attention and traffic, increased sales, ability to move stale products, etc.) that listing them all would require a separate post. But one of them, increased sales, means you’ll have to be ready to meet the demand. And what better way to do that than with RepricerExpress? When you get easy-peasy software to take care of the details for you, you can work on increasing your business to gain even more clients. All you have to do is sign up for your 15-day free trial first.

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