How to Win the Walmart Buy Box


Amazon’s Buy Box has become so synonymous with success and increased sales, other retailers are using the concept. Walmart is part of that group, rewarding strong sellers with their own Walmart Buy Box that appears as a blue “Add to Cart” button on product pages.

Using RepricerExpress to competitively price your items is one of the top ways of getting sales and winning the Buy Box on Amazon, but how can you nab one on Walmart? Let’s find out.

Competitive Pricing is Your Best Bet

Walmart is known for its low prices, so it’s no surprise they use competitive prices as one of the most direct ways you can win a Buy Box.

However, when it comes to the best and most competitive price, it’s important to remember that it’s the total price as it appears to the buyer, which factors in both product price and shipping costs.

But when it comes to figuring out your pricing and pricing rules (if you’re using a repricer), one thing you need to watch out for — if you’re an omnichannel retailer — is potentially having your Walmart products delisted because of price parity.

This means that your Walmart product price isn’t as competitive as it can or should be, such as if you list the exact same product on your Amazon site, but for a lower price.

Your product can also be delisted if shoppers can find the same product from someone else or some other store, or from Walmart itself, for a lower price)

But Don’t Forget About How Fast You Can Ship Orders, Too

Another factor in the Walmart Buy Box algorithm is how quickly you can ship ordered products. This is in direct aim at Amazon’s Prime two-day guarantee, with Walmart wanting to pick up as many Amazon customers as possible.

If you make your orders eligible for two-day or next-day delivery and your competitors don’t, you’ve just gained a huge advantage over them for winning yourself a Buy Box.

And if you combine this with competitive pricing? You’ve made an incredibly strong case for yourself.
But in your hurry to cover both these angles, don’t forget about…

Keeping a Full Inventory

Having good inventory management is a must at the best of times, but when it comes to being awarded a Buy Box, it’s even more important. That’s because having one tends to mean a big spike in sales, and Walmart wants to ensure you’re able to meet that new demand.

Maintaining that balance can be tricky. You want to make sure you have enough stock to handle higher conversions thanks to the Buy Box, but not so many you’re left with stuck items.

But if you’re already a strong seller, you…

Regularly Maintain Healthy Account Metrics

Account seller metrics are pretty similar to Amazon and measure how good of a seller you are. Not only do they show an overview of your history as a seller, but it also grades you on things like order defect rates, shipment rates, customer feedback and more.

These metrics tell a story of how well you’ve been able to meet orders in the past and respond to customer queries and concerns. And if you’ve got good numbers and an extensive history, it’s likely because you…

Take the Time to Build Quality Product Listings

Having good product listings tends to be the same across the board, but here’s a quick refresher on how to optimise your product listings just in case you’ve forgotten.

There are a few things to do differently when it comes to optimising your Walmart product listings, and they include:

  • Using RichContext (Walmart’s equivalent of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content/A+ listings).
  • Walmart Performance Ads, their version of Sponsored Product Ads.
  • Signing up for Walmart-approved endorsed review companies to get product reviews on your page.
  • Following pricing parity rules.
  • Having more freedom with keywords, like a greater character count and being able to use competing brands or indirect correlations.

Final Thoughts

It’s so very important to have competitive pricing, but especially if you’re selling on Walmart AND trying to win their Buy Box. Low prices are as much of a Walmart hallmark as customer service is with Amazon, so getting the lowest, most attractive prices will help you greatly when going after theBuy Box.

But if you’re not ready to branch out there yet and want to stick to Amazon, RepricerExpress has your back. Want proof? When you sign up now, we’ll start you off with a free 14-day trial.

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